Day 11: Thank you to Bellevue Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Sidewalk Advocates, Selfless Volunteers, and our Terrific Team!


I admit it – I am a “lifer” in the pro-life movement.  I have a picture of myself and my cousin 1976 in front of the US Capitol in DC at the March for Life.  I am carrying a homemade sign that had been rolled up under the seat of the  schoolbus we rented to leave from my Church that morning.  

And . . . 40 years later on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh, standing with others outside of an abortion center, I am a part of the same movement! 

And my story is NOT unique.  We pro-lifers have this constant, nagging in our hearts to DO SOMETHING.  We are called to different tasks within the movement: Some are writers, great vote organizers, some are daily prayer warriors, others open homes to moms in need, more counsel women in crisis, others provide material help for new babies, others work to find permanent housing and decent employment for families, others ensure food gets to those in need…..   AND THE LIST GOES ON, day after day, moment by moment.   

Want to hear about a life spent loving?  Get to know the person standing next to you at PP! 


The great part is, we are ENERGIZER BUNNIES FOR LIFE, powered by a source of Energy that is beyond human comprehension.  And this is because each of us knows:

About GOD

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it

If God had an Instagram Account, your photo would appear there

If God used Facebook, you’d see yourself on his Homepage

He sends you Flowers every Spring, Colors in the Fall, Snowflakes in the Chill

When you want to talk – 24/7 – He  will listen.

God will not “Unfriend You” – – EVER

He could live anywhere in the whole Universe but he chooses your Heart

And that Christmas Gift He sent you in Bethlehem?

Face it, God is Crazy About YOU

The Bad news for Planned Parenthood (and abortion advocates) is that PRO-LIFERS will not STOP because GOD NEVER STOPS. LOVE ENDURES and GOD loves each and every beautiful little life he sends to Earth. 

PRO-LIFERS WILL NEVER STOP LOVING BECAUSE WE PLUG INTO GOD.  We pray that all those in the darkness of abortion will find this same sustaining, loving, enduring POWER!

Sidewalk Reports

Tim and Sidewalk Advocates, 7-9 AM

The predawn darkness was erased by the light of Christ as we were blessed with prayers ringing out from Tom and Carol with the Bellevue Knights of Columbus. And then we were joined by Jill and Betsy with the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram offering a welcome alternative to the clinic.  Year round faithfuls Bill S. and Bill H. added to our visibility with their praying and signs. Later, lots more prayer warriors came to join Sue for the next shift.  It was a blessed beautiful morning and the light of Christ shone brightly.


Sue M. & Judy, 9-11 AM

I arrived Saturday morning to a large group of folks on the sidewalk, and that number only grew as the shift continued.  Libby and Dot represented Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, and Gloria was there from St. Catherine of Sweden.  Members of the Guardians for Life were praying, as well as a group of students from Grove City College, who had also been there last week.  Isaac came down from Butler. Tina and Brenda, from Ohio and West Virginia respectively, came to pray.  It’s always so inspiring when people drive a good distance to come to the sidewalk!  Bill S. prayed his weekly Rosaries, and Bill H. was there for a short time.  And the wonderful Choices free-ultrasound van was across the street for the majority of my shift.
For the entire shift and beyond, a large group not associated with 40 Days for Life was present with a loudspeaker.  The members took turns quoting Scripture and, unfortunately, using it to loudly intimidate those entering the clinic as well as the clinic escorts who were present.  Others who were not on the speaker system would shout out things like “Don’t kill your baby!”  Other members held signs of dismembered babies.  I offered the individual members of this group 40 Days brochures and other pamphlets regarding direct help for abortion-bound folks.  I found it sad and ironic that I was able to give that information to members of that group, but not one clinic-bound person – those who would benefit from it the most – would accept it from me.
The group’s loud intimidation sent those approaching the clinic running into the clinic for the perceived protection that being inside would offer them.  I stayed a bit past my 9-11 shift for 40 Days to serve as a Sidewalk Advocate.  At one point during that time period (which was Dean’s shift), members of that group shouted down the male partners of two women whom they had dropped off for an abortion.  One of the exchanges became very heated, ending with the male partners walking away and refusing to converse.  A few minutes later I walked down the street toward these men and, thankfully, was able to engage both of them in conversation and to get literature into their hands.  They both were calm at that point, easy to talk to, and really seemed to appreciate a calm, compassionate approach.  Please pray for these men and their women partners, for healing for them.  The events of the shift were testament that the peaceful, prayerful approach of 40 Days for Life is what is most needed and also most effective.
Please continue following the peaceful, prayerful approach – not only of course is it our pledged duty within 40 Days, but today shows that it is the only way we can connect with people who need our and the Lord’s help!

Dean & Sue M., 11 AM – 1 PM

Our kind security guard, Isaac from Butler, and John from Bellevue K of C, who came to pray with us.

A note to those who protest abortion but aren’t identifying with 40 Days for Life: If you’re not conducting yourselves civilly, then you’re doing a disservice to the many people who pray as part of the 40 Days for Life campaign.

At the start of my shift today there were two protesters who were engaged in a shouting match with a man who had dropped off his girlfriend at P.P. It was loud and antagonistic on both sides. I seriously doubt that the protesters changed this man’s opinion. More importantly, I believe anyone who witnessed this thinks that they were part of 40 Days for Life. This is how we get branded as a group that is confrontational and intimidating.

We are conducting a Christ-like prayerful vigil. We don’t shout. We don’t harass. We pray for all who are affected by abortion.


Kathy and Jim, 1-3 PM

Jim, Beth, and Charlie

Beth, Jim, Jim, and Charlie prayed as the sidewalk was busy. Highlight was when 2 young men passed and one called out: I am with you, you are doing the right thing. I  answered, come pray with us sometime. He stopped and prayed:

“God thank you we can all be together in prayer, please unite us, and help us walk in the Light of Your Word, in Jesus precious name. Amen.”

In the turbulence of these times, God gave us a Wow moment.


Jeff and Billy, 3-5 PM

Billy, Jeff, and Charlie

It seemed eerily quiet during the 3 to 5 shift, almost desolate. I did not see anybody leaving the clinic, I guess their grizzly work was done for the day and they had all gone home. I was praying on my knees, I could pray softly and still hear my voice because it was so quiet, when I noticed some comments directed at me from a group of young people across the street. I turned my head and I heard them say, “yes, we are talking about you!“ I got up and left my prayers to walk across the street to have some dialogue. They were all young, probably 18 or so. They immediately had their defenses up, I asked them if they wanted to have a discussion, one of them said, “not if it’s about ending abortion, we don’t want to end abortion.” I started off by telling them that we were not there to condemn or judge anybody, and, suspecting that some of the angry young ladies may have had abortions, I told them right up front that all human life is eternal and from the moment of conception a person has a soul, so if anyone has had an abortion, we do not judge them but we want them to know that their child is in heaven and they can ask their child to pray for them. That seemed to soften some of them up. They had questions about why would we bring children into a world if they were going to suffer. I told them how good and merciful our Lord is and that he loved us and created us to live according to his good and holy laws, and if we do so, we will have happiness in this life and the next, but if we use our free will to go against his commandments, it will bring pain and misery. I told them that as young people, he will have much mercy on them because they live in a storm of immorality, and they have not been taught what is truly good, so he will have much mercy on them. Although the most angry of them seemed pretty hardened, maybe I am naïve, but I think that a few of them were listening and that maybe some seeds were planted. Maybe they have never heard that God is good and that he loves them before.  It is always worthwhile being there, we never know how God will use us.


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