Day 9: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St. Agnes Parish (North Huntingdon) and to all our other faithful volunteers!

Today, October 1, Catholics around the world celebrate this holy woman, Therese of Lisieux. Her simple and childlike way of life and trusting the Lord Jesus is something we can ALL imitate in our daily lives, and particularly as we pray on the sidewalk

“Unless you turn and become like children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven.” The saint we celebrate today, St. Thérèse the Little Flower, understood and lived this teaching of our Lord.

Jesus himself explained what he meant; he goes on to say that it is childlike humility that we must imitate.

This is the way that St Thérèse lived and experienced God’s loving presence. She did not stand out in the convent for unusual supernatural phenomena or great tangible achievements. On the contrary, she lived her community life with simplicity and humility and great trust in and love for God, seeing herself as a child in God’s arms.

This path of childlike humility and trust led her to great holiness. She died at the age of 24 from tuberculosis, and was canonized 28 years later in 1925. Although she did not perform miracles in her lifetime, she is known to have obtained many miracles through her intercession after her death.

Becoming like a little child full of trusting humility is not easy for most of us.

Today, let us ask St Thérèse to intercede for us, that we may be given the grace of being truly childlike in our souls, recognizing our limitations but also rejoicing and trusting in God’s infinite love and providence that accompanies us through all our tribulations, and promises to comfort us, make us flourish, and find in God our peace.

Excerpts taken from the following website:

A photo of Therese as a Carmelite sister.

A few select quotes from this beautiful saint of God:

For those of you who are praying on the sidewalk:

“You know well that Our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, as at the love with which we do them.”

For those of you who work in the abortion industry:

“The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.”

For those of you who might be considering abortion:

“Love can accomplish all things.  Things that are most impossible become easy where love is at work.”

Reports from the Sidewalk:


This morning, as I was driving into town, there was the most beautiful full moon on the horizon! It was bright yellow and was hanging right at the tree line in front of me as I was driving on Route 28. Praise God for his magnificent creation! His beauty is all around us! His goodness was evident on the sidewalk today as well. I prayed with my dear sister in Christ, Peggy, for the first hour, on our knees much of the time. We prayed the Glorious Mysteries as part of a 54-day novena for our nation, and then we prayed the Joyful Mysteries in thanksgiving for the life that was saved yesterday.

John arrived for our second hour. I remembered him from the last campaign. He came often, and it was good to see him again. He had signed up for the 8 AM hour. He carried a sign and walked back and forth in front of the circle, witnessing to the cars.

We had some excitement this morning! It was quite entertaining, although a little frightening at first. I noticed a man across the street dancing vigorously all by himself. He had headphones on, so maybe he was listening to music, but he was really letting it all hang out and giving it all he had. We tried not looking at him, hoping he would not notice us and come over, but alas, to no avail. He danced his way across Liberty Avenue and stood right in the middle of the circle, right in front of Planned Parenthood’s doors, and continued to dance with all his might. His arms and legs were pumping, he was jumping and spinning; he was really dancing with all of his heart, although we could hear no music. I have to admit, I silently prayed a Saint Michael prayer. Then he began to dance towards the baby models, and I wondered if he was going to kick them or damage them, but he simply reached out and touched them with one hand, then he went back to his dancing. Then, a beautiful thing happened. He stopped dancing and he began singing the Christian hymn, “Lord of the Dance.” He had an amazing voice! His voice projected loudly and was so beautiful! He knew every single word and sang all the verses of Lord of the Dance. Even as he walked back to the other side of Liberty Avenue, he stood on that side of the street and continued to sing. It seemed like everybody was silent, listening. When he finished, I gave him the thumbs up sign from across the street. Immediately, he walked back over to our side. I wasn’t sure what to expect. He said to me, “I am very much against what you are doing here, but, since I have the right to sing and dance in public, I guess you have the right to do this as well.“ I told him that God had blessed him with a beautiful voice, and asked him if he sang professionally. He said he sings in pubs. I asked him how he knew a Christian song then. He said that his mother had been a Christian; she was an Episcopalian. I thanked him for the music and said that we had enjoyed it. I still have that song in my head now! I tell you what, pro life work is never boring! You never know what you are going to see when you come to the sidewalk! God is good!

Peggy, Nikki, and John started us off this morning! Thank you!!


Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene for your joyful and prayerful witness!

Thank you to Meredith, Judy, and Chuck!!

Lisa K.:

A cold and windy shift this afternoon– but a beautiful time nonetheless! I am always so thankful for those who come to pray during their busy week and busy lives. Thank you especially to Nancy, Anita, Tony, and my wonderful Shift Buddy Beth Ann! You are all wonderful!!

If I had to think of a “theme” for today’s shift, I’d say it was “Spiritual Warfare.” But surprisingly, it was not at all as ominous as that sounds. Without going into detail- but I will tell you in person!- I believe that there were saints and angels there with us on the sidewalk today!!!!!!! Thank You, Lord, for giving us such a wonderful and powerful family in heaven who prays for us, and helps us in fighting our spiritual battles!! Evil is alive and well at Planned Parenthood, but GOD HAS THE VICTORY, and we are NOT ALONE!!!

Thank you to Anita and Nancy- beautiful women of prayer!!
Thank you to Beth Ann and Tony!!


Thank you to those who came from St. Agnes in the Greensburg Diocese, as well as Tony and Bob who stayed to pray with us!

Thank you to the parishioners of St. Agnes in North Huntingdon!
Thank you to Shift Manager Carolyn, along with Fr. Jim, and Patti from St. Joseph in Cabot!
Thank you, Bill, for your witness!
More parishioners from St. Agnes. Thank you all!!
Thank you for your prayers and witness, ladies!


I am amazed at how little foot traffic there was at this time.  PP was very quiet, no abortions today and only employees exiting……that’s a good thing.  Judy and I were joined again by Glenn from Most Precious Blood of Jesus, and Cathy from St. Thomas More who was with us from 3-4.  We did distribute 25-30 copies of the “Watch Me Grow” pamphlet.  It’s interesting that most of these were accepted by men and not women.  A group of four young women made multiple angry and foul remarks….. Lord, we pray that they may come to know the TRUTH and walk in it.  The sign that Judy holds continues to turn heads mostly in a positive way.  This week, in which we celebrate the Feast of the Archangels, we continue to call on Michael to be our defense as we battle the forces of evil present at PP, and as we begin the month of October, the month of the Rosary, we pray to Our Blessed Mother to crush the head of satan and all the evil spirits involved with abortion.

Let us strive for the same childlike joy and trust in God in imitation of St. Therese,

as we continue to pray for an END to the slaughter of His littlest ones in the womb.

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  • October 1, 2020 at 9:31 pm


    That blog post, with the pictures, the quotes, and your words, was so beautifully put together.

    And Nikki,

    You represented us all so well by the way you interacted with your interesting visitor. (And I’m glad it was you and not me.)



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