Day 7: Thanks to First Evangelical Free Church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Ancient Order of Hibernians

This is a picture of the crowd that participated in the National Day of Prayer and Repentance in Washington, D.C. this past Saturday September 26, 2020.

(Photo: Virginia Allen/The Daily Signal)

“America and much of western civilization was founded on a biblical foundation stone, but it has turned away from that foundation,” says Jonathan Cahn, author of theNew York Times bestseller The Harbinger, in a video introducing The Return event. “We have not only driven God out of our public life, and have called what is good evil and what is sin good, but we have sacrificed the lives of over 60 million unborn children. And America’s fall from God is not only progressing—it’s accelerating—to the point that it is no longer just a falling away, but a war against the purposes of God.” Cahn continues, “We have a window of time, and the purpose of that window is return and revival. Without that return, America will be lost.”

The goal was to get the attention of our Father in heaven. Only He can turn the hearts of a nation. And only He can hold back His judgment and wrath.


Diane and Tom were putting the finishing touches on the display when Kathy and I (from Steubenville, OH) showed up at 7. The van bringing parishioners from First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport arrived, supplying a steady stream of prayer warriors for the next four hours.

The morning was uneventful, mostly staff arriving. I only noticed a few young ladies going in, and none responded to any offers of alternative help. The weather was kind – only an occasional light rain. Our prayerful presence numbered 13 warriors from 7 to 9 by the time lovely ladies, Claudia and Claudia, relieved me at 9.

Thank you Kathy, Kirk, Lisa, Norman, Carolyn, Nathaniel, Abigail, Jane, Dean, Rick, Dan and Timberly!
God is good!

Beth and Claudia


The sidewalks and streets were quiet today but, unfortunately, the doors of PP were somewhat busy.  Witnessing today from 11-1 were faithful Sidewalk Advocate Elsie, her son Gerard and myself.  Strategically positioned in a triangular formation around the semicircle, everyone would have to pass by at least one of us.  Ellen put her whole heart into offering hope and alternatives to abortion-bound women, but, unfortunately the women had been well coached by the staff of PP. 

  Midway through the shift, my heart was touched when I saw a familiar face approaching.  I have seen this gentleman very many times during previous campaigns: He never speaks and he never walks through the forbidden zone ~ he always steps out onto the street, turns to face the doors of the clinic, stands with his toes at the edge of the yellow line, raises his eyes to heaven and prays for a short time, before he goes on his way.  After he went on his way today, my mind wondered: How many other people might be offering a prayer as they drive by or maybe those who wanted to be with us today, but couldn’t, might be praying right now from wherever they are.  Although we cannot know the answer, our faith tells us that all of our prayers are offered together on behalf of the Innocents.

Mike, Kim and Michael

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel of North Hills: Ron, Joann, Diane, Dot, Libby, Sandy, Jim, Mary, Guy, Rita, Ed, Bobbi,

Croatia 40 Days For Life tote bag, feeling solidarity with our Croatian brothers and sisters


What a blessing it was to be used as an instrument of God‘s goodness on the sidewalk today! Even though we had a mixup and the group that was scheduled was not there, we have such a great pro-life family here in Pittsburgh that even though it was a last-minute email that Donna sent out, Claudia and her husband Anton, from Saint Rosalia Parish, rushed into town to be with me so that I wouldn’t be alone. It was wonderful to pray and talk with them!

While I did have some time alone, it was very peaceful and I prayed. It was sad to see a few women leaving who were obviously post abortive. One very young woman was walking very gingerly, she looked as if she was in pain. A car was waiting for her and before she came out, the young woman sitting in the passenger side saw a brochure that somebody had left on the sidewalk and she actually went over and picked it up and took it back into the car. At that time, I did not know they were waiting for somebody to come out so I went over and gave her even more information, about postabortion healing and also about abortion pill reversal. I told her I was there to help if she needed any help, she took the information and said thank you. Soon after that, the young woman who was obviously in pain came out. I told her that God will forgive her if she asks and not to close her heart against God, to not be afraid to ask for forgiveness. She nodded and said she would. When I saw she was going to get in the car, I told her that her friend had postabortion healing information for her and she said thank you.  No matter what happens during our time on the sidewalk, God uses it for his purpose, and his purpose is always good!

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