Day 5: Thank you, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish; Saints John and Paul Parish Respect Life Group, Franklin Park; Corpus Christi Parish; Shift Buddies Vince P., Andy L., Mary M., Jim and Cathy S.; Volunteer Matthew J.; and all the people who joined us in prayer today!

I will share with one person today that I believe abortion will end.

No matter the reaction, I will ask him or her to pray for it to occur.



I love you, LORD, my strength.

In my distress I called out: LORD!

He rescued me from my mighty enemy,

from foes too powerful for me.

They attacked me on my day of distress,

but the LORD was my support.

He set me on a rock I could not reach;

he rescued me because he loves me.

PSALM 18 1:1, 2:7, 18-20

Waking up at 4:30 Wednesday morning to be on time for the 6am Mass felt like an adventure.  When you see us gathered on the sidewalk do we look like a bunch of crazies?  The workers going into pp either look away or give us stony looks.  Those seeking “health care” sometimes hurry past, sometimes stop for a moment … and then go in.  But … occasionally people linger, listen and CHOOSE LIFE FOR THEIR BABY.    

Are our “SAVES” worth all the time and energy we spend?

INDUBITABLY!  We are adventurers. When you look at us you see an infinitesimal bit of the reality God creates using our effort. Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life is one of an estimated 588 pro-life gatherings in communities worldwide. Using the hour of prayer offered by 4 people at the Texas crisis pregnancy center in 2004, God sparked the fire that became this gigantic gathering of love.

Abortion continues to weave itself firmly into American politics, its schools and in the hearts of millions of our women. It is a $2 billion presence in our economy. No worries. We cling to God He will not give us a stone.


Consider how God wove the lives of Pope John Paul II, SOLIDARITY leader Lech Walesa and the Communist leaders of Soviet Poland into goodness. As SOLIDARITY got under way, people warned Walesa. Don’t even try. You won’t stand a chance.
Pope John Paul II visited Poland. The spirit was so contagious that even some party members and militiamen genuflected in public! The Pope ‘organized’ millions of people into praying together. The communists were pulling their hair out. Walesa said, “We were all amazed and also stopped fearing them.” 

In WITNESS TO HOPE, George Weigel notes that it may seem that Wojtyla’s role in this story is of interest solely to Christians, perhaps only to Catholics. However, history has shown that to tens of millions of people, many of whom are not Roman Catholics, he is the great figure of our time, the defender and principal embodiment of a moral force that led humanity safely through its bloodiest of centuries.


ENJOY “BLESS THE LORD, O MY SOUL, Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943), “All-Night Vigil” / Vespers, op. 37, 2.” Irina Bogdanovich is the soloist.

It is full to the brim and overflowing with the good things surrendered by Soviet injustice and won by God for Karol Wojtyla, Lech Walesa, and SOLIDARITY. Notice the ancient beauty of the Cathedral icons and trimmings. Enjoy the beauty of the contemporary Polish performers. Beauty is always new and always ancient, suffered for and won in the today and in the yesterdays by generations of the people of God … since the beginning. 

The video was recorded at the Cathedral of Saint Mary Magdalene, the Cathedral for the Diocese of Warsaw-Bielsk, whose address is ul. aleja SOLIDARNOSCI 52, Warsaw 03-402 Poland. This Cathedral is on a street named in honor of SOLIDARITY.





It was good to get back to the sidewalk this morning for the first Sunday of our Fall 2020 campaign!  So grateful to Diane & Tom for setting us up for success, to Vince for leading us in a beautiful Scriptural Rosary, to the other volunteers for their prayerful presence, to our very comforting security guard, and to the interesting people who stopped to politely engage with us.  

Shift Buddy Vince and Shift Manager Andy


Borrowing from today’s Gospel, about the faithful son who went to work in his Father’s vineyard, I pray that our time on the sidewalk will bear much fruit in time. There was not a lot of foot traffic today and only a few discernible comments in support of our efforts for life and none against. A sunny fallish day brightened by the fact that PP is closed on Sundays. I was very glad to have as a faith partner today shift buddy Andy. His prayers and insights were much appreciated. We were joined by a few good men from Saint Sebastian’s Knights of Columbus and the faithful from Our Lady of the Lakes Parish. May Almighty God heal our land and end the genocide against life in the womb.     

Shift buddy Andy, Security Guard, Pat and Bob from Our Lady of the Lakes, George and Rich from the Knights of Columbus

Sunday morning pro lifers gathered in prayer hoping they will let us “love them both!”


We had a great group of people present on the sidewalk today. It was nice to see some old friends and meet new ones all coming together for God’s purpose. We got to meet our security guard, who told us of his conversion. I love to hear those conversion stories. Everything was calm and we said our prayers. We had a couple of drive- by remarks and some positive feedback. They loved Nikki’s artwork of the Virgin holding the Lamb of God. 

Michael, Francis, Maria, Timothy

Judy, Cole, Amy, Joan

Joy and Bill

Betsy and Judy

Marge and Rich


The vigil was peaceful.  Just two women (different ages, different cars/times) said sad and bizarre things. One was a young girl (20’s) who said she wished she had been aborted.
The other a middle age woman who asked why we don’t protest miscarriages.  

The people at Saints Peter and Paul were awesome. 

A big crowd came to pray and witness for life.   

A precious little one witnessing for other precious little ones.


The people at Saints Peter and Paul were awesome.


Feel blessed to be a small part of this new campaign for life, and so grateful to be on the side fighting for the most innocent among us.

Amidst the insanity of the pandemic, it was inspiring to pray with (pictured) my faithful Shift Buddies Jim & Cathy, and the spiritually alive Parish, Corpus Christi in Bridgeville. They showed up in force with #s to share their love of Christ with the world.

A shout out to our guard for his protection of us and sacrifice for our country.

All Glory and Praise be to God.

Jim and Cathy, Joe’s Shift Buddies

Corpus Christi Parishioners, Bridgeville

Corpus Christi Parishioners fill the sidewalk with prayers resounding of the glory of God!


And God saw that it was good.

One thought on “Day 5: Thank you, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish; Saints John and Paul Parish Respect Life Group, Franklin Park; Corpus Christi Parish; Shift Buddies Vince P., Andy L., Mary M., Jim and Cathy S.; Volunteer Matthew J.; and all the people who joined us in prayer today!

  • September 27, 2020 at 11:01 pm

    Such a blessing to pray w/brothers and sisters today. Wish I could be there every day. A special thank you to our awesome security guard who gave us not only physical comfort by his protective presence but also his moral support by sharing his thoughts and reassurances after some unsavory comments by passers-by. Our own Archangel Michael in the flesh! A wonderful day. My prayers for the warriors who take the difficult shifts of early morning and late afternoon/evening, esp. during the work week. I will be praying with you and for you. Also, fantastic artwork by Nikki! Wish both sides of her work on display would be made into “holy cards” w/prayers for the abolition of abortion. Would be wonderful to have on display at parishes throughout the diocese where sadly, some Catholics seem to be unaware of this great evil that is continuing without our corporate Catholic moral outcry and prayerful pushback.


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