Day 4: Thank you to St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Archangel Gabriel Parish, and Fabulous Volunteers!

…building high places for Baal to burn their children in fire as offerings to Baal…

Jer 19:5

Bill S. sent in this chilling comparison between a recreation of the Arch of Baal and the doorway to Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh.

It’s agonizing to think that we are still making the same tragic mistake as our ancestors did years ago.

Ancient people sacrificed their children in the misguided hope that Baal would grant them health and security in return.

Modern people sacrifice their children in the misguided hope that the child’s death will ensure their own health and security.

It has never worked…not in ancient times, not now. Yet we still have not learned.

Lord, have mercy on us!


Tim and Sidewalk Advocates, 7-9 AM

Sunrise Group
Rosa came for the first time and Tony came Thursday for his first time.

The predawn darkness gave way to the light of Christ as prayer warriors from St. Anne’s and St. Paul of the Cross arrived early and began praying. First timers, Rosa and Tony (his first time was Thursday), joined in. What a strong witness we made with all the hand held signs, Nikki’s big beautiful signs and lots of people.

We had a nice moment when a young lady approached the clinic and was greeted by sidewalk advocates.  She just smiled and said, “I’m here to pray.  I didn’t sign up.  I just showed up, is that OK?”  What a joy that was.

As my shift was ending four students, who drove an hour down from Grove City College, joined us in prayer (for the second week in a row).  What a blessed morning it was. You could feel the love and hope in the air in what is usually a dark and dreary place.  God sure blessed us today. 


Sue D. & Sue M., 9-11 AM

Prayer warriors from Grove City College
Sean & Sons, from St. Paul’s Cathedral

We two Sues arrived today to a large crowd of pray-ers on the sidewalk.  A student group from Grove City College was there, as they had been last week.  A large group from the men’s group at St. Paul of the Cross Parish, including Sue D.’s dad, was there before we got there and stayed after we left.  Sue M. was happy to see her brother-in-law, Brian, from the new Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, join us.  Sean from St. Paul’s Cathedral brought his two adorable sons to bring everyone smiles, and that they did.  Regular Jericho Walkers Chuck and Carol did their seven Saturday rounds around the block.  Prayer warriors Joan, Paul, Sharon, and Steve from Archangel Gabriel Parish joined us, along with Anita and Isaac from PCUC.  A third Sue walked and prayed the Rosary, as did Bill S.  Bill H. was there.  And our regular faithful Sidewalk Advocates Greg and Judy rounded out the group.
Unfortunately, a larger number of folks than on recent Saturdays also entered the clinic for services.   We reached out to all of them but sadly were unable to get literature into their hands.  Julie from SS. Peter & Paul in Beaver, who works with Rachel’s Vineyard, was able to engage a young man in conversation after he had dropped off his sister at the clinic.  He seemed to want to talk, she said.  I’d had a short conversation with him at the front door, but he did not accept any literature.  Julie encouraged him to have his sister come out and talk with us, but as of the time I left, I did not see her come out.
Shortly before the end of our shift, Bishop Waltersheid arrived to pray!  Thank you, Bishop Waltersheid!  Many thanks to the MANY who came out today to pray and witness. 

Sue M.

Dean and Greg, 11 AM – 1 PM

Bishop Waltersheid
Members of Archangel Gabriel Parish who prayed with us today

Mostly it was a quiet shift today but, well represented by two different parishes.

A young woman (K.) asked about the intent of our protest. I used my answer to explain the difference between a protest and a prayer vigil. She wanted to know if all who participated felt likewise. I told her about our declaration for prayer sheet that we sign. I re-affirmed that it is NOT our intention to pass judgment. She is a single mother of three and I told her that we would be lifting her up in prayer.


Jim and Nikki, 1-3 PM +++ Jeff and Billy, 3-5 PM

Sidewalks filled with prayer this afternoon
Archangel Gabriel Parish
Shift buddy Billy with prayer volunteer Mary, twin signs!
Shift manager Jeff
Shift manager Jim with members of Archangel Gabriel Parish

It was beautiful afternoon to be outdoors, although very sad to be at a place full of so much heartbreak and darkness. Watching women leave after their abortions is so sad. The sidewalks were full of people praying from Archangel Gabriel Parish and that was comforting to hear the constant, nonstop prayers. That is as it should be. If we must live in a crazy world that has legalized the killing of innocent babies, we should be lamenting and praying at the places where it is happening. From 1 to 3 the shift manager/buddy with me was Jim and from 3 to 5 it was Jeff. Billy was also the shift buddy from 3 to 5, and faithful Mary was there praying after the large church group left at three. We had some other people stop to pray, the sidewalks were full. Thank you to everyone who came out today!


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  • September 27, 2020 at 6:13 am

    Great to see Bishop with you! God bless him and all who came out to speak for life!


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