Day 2: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St. Joseph (Cabot), the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and all of our other volunteers!

In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.
~Psalm 90:1

Ah yes, 2020. The year of oddities, confusion, and chaos. But aren’t there ALWAYS those things? And when they happened before, what did we do? We did NOT cower and give in. So why would we do it NOW? Short answer is, we can’t. Today’s First Reading from Ecclesiastes tells us that “Nothing is new under the sun.” (Eccl. 1:9c) So why worry now? The above passage from the Psalms reminds us of an important truth:


May we hold on TIGHT to Him in the midst of this crazy world. Pandemic, riots, even abortion- have all happened before. But GOD has been our REFUGE amidst ALL of it. He is forever faithful. Let us hold fast to Him in childlike abandonment and trust, knowing that He is in control.

As you may know from Wednesday’s blog post, we had a beautiful opening Mass and Eucharistic procession on Wednesday morning. One of our 40 Days participants, Audrey, sent us a short reflection she wanted to share:

A Day of Contrasts – the Dawn and the Night

This morning in the city of Pittsburgh, a new day dawned.  A sunrise Mass and the Blessed Eucharist processed through the city streets with over 100 of the faithful praying and being witnesses to the beauty of life.  As the night set in, sitting in my office at Duquesne University, I hear the noise of an angry mob.  Outside my building there are 100 marching, but they march in darkness and their chants are angry and hateful.  Lord God bless us with the light of the dawn.

Fr. Chris and the other priests leading the Eucharistic procession through the city
The angry mob at night. Such a contrast.

National Speaker, Sue Thayer

Last evening (Wed), we were blessed to welcome Sue Thayer to speak to us at the Ark and the Dove Retreat Center. Sue has an amazing witness story of how she went from working in the abortion industry (participating in thousands of abortions personally) to now serving as Outreach Coordinator for the 40 Days for Life national team! What an amazing journey with the Lord she has had. Thank you, Sue!

The Ark and the Dove- what a beautiful setting!

What a great crowd.

A lovely evening outdoors to hear Sue!

Former abortionist Sue Thayer tells her amazing story.
L-R: Donna, Nikki, Joe (Nikki’s husband!), Chris, our guest speaker Sue Thayer, and Sue D.

Sue D., Donna, Nikki, (all from our Pittsburgh team), and Sue Thayer on right. Thank you, Sue!!

Sidewalk Reports:


It was a peaceful shift this morning, and was so nice to see the beautiful setup that Diane and Tom bring to the sidewalk! So well organized! David was there from West Virginia for our first hour and then it was just Peggy and me. We prayed pretty much the whole time, with a little bit of conversation mixed in. Thankfully it did not seem to be an abortion day, at least not this early in the morning. In my two hour shift there was only one girl who entered, and she was clearly disturbed and angry. She screamed at us as she walked in, and about half an hour later, screamed at us again as she walked out. I tried to tell her that God loves her and has a plan for her life but she obviously was spiritually wounded and in need of prayer.

Thank you to David, Tom, Shift Buddy Peggy, and Shift Manager Nikki!!


Thank you to the beautiful prayer warriors from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene: Meredith, Chuck, Judy, and Pastor Joe!!

Lisa K.:

Today’s shift was mostly quite peaceful and prayerful. I’m so thankful for my Shift Buddy Beth Ann, and all of the volunteers who joined us today, especially first-timer Tony!

We had one sad situation with a woman who seemed to need our help. I prayed a lot for her. There were also some other small instances of “harassment”… but nothing out of the ordinary.

Thank you to Sidewalk Advocate Walt, first-timer Tony, and faithful Bill!!


Well the 1st day was very pleasant, partly sunny and a comfortable temperature. We arrived early (Judy, me and Glenn) and so we were happy to spend some time with the 1-3 shift, Carolyn, Cecilia and Patti who were joined by Bill and a couple (Sarah and Scott) who just happened to encounter the vigil.   Bill stopped by for a short time and Larry (AOH) was with us the entire time.  There was very little activity at  PP, so it must not have been an abortion day.  Also, there was not the usual pre-COVID street traffic, but we did distribute a good amount of literature to passers-by.  We received several positive comments and only one nasty remark.  The sign Judy used prompted several positive reactions.  We prayed up a storm…..4 rosaries and the Divine Mercy. However, Judy and I for the past several years had the 11- 1 shift on Wed and were frequently accompanied by the Guardians of Life……now that’s a group that creates a real storm of prayer. Toward the end of the shift a gentleman named Chris, who has a ministry to homeless, stopped and encouraged us.  Chris travels all over the country with the ministry and he shared about this with us.  He was on his way to Washington DC for the Prayer Rally this Sat. as a volunteer with Franklin Graham.  So we ended the day on a high note.    Hank

In this spiritual fight against the evil of abortion, we are always in the arms of the Lord.

Let us remember those powerful words from Scripture:

“In every age, O Lord, You have been our refuge.”

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