Power-Packed Kick-off Planned for Day #1!

We are less than three weeks away from the start of our 40 Days for Life campaign!!! I am amazed at how God is providing for us! He loves us so much! Even in our fear, confusion and weakness. He looks at us lovingly…as a Good Father looks at His weak and imperfect child who is looking trustingly to Him! I think this photo captures how God sees us when we pick up our spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting and peaceful witness and stand in front of Planned Parenthood:

Until two weeks ago, I wasn’t even planning to have a kick-off event. I reasoned that, with the all the craziness in the world right now, that it would be best to just skip it this time…and to try to just limp along with the sparse vigil coverage that was sure to be the case during this fall campaign.

But God had other plans!

Within a few days, details for TWO…Yes, TWO Kick-off events just fell into place! First of all, Fr. Chris Donley agreed to have an early morning Mass (6 am) on the morning of the first day of our vigil…followed by a Eucharistic procession to Planned Parenthood! That means that, for the first time EVER…JESUS HIMSELF will be on the sidewalk as our 40-day vigil begins!!! how awesome is that??? This will be the first time that we have had Jesus’ Real Presence there while they are open…and while workers and abortion-bound couples are walking in. I believe that lives and souls will be saved on that day!

The following day, I was contacted by Sue Thayer, Director of Outreach for 40 Days for Life. She offered to come to Pittsburgh to speak at our kick off! Since I hadn’t been planning to have an actual “event”…I hurriedly found a venue and the details all fell into place! The wonderful people at the Ark & Dove Retreat Center in Gibsonia were so warm and welcoming in offering their beautiful outdoor space for our evening “Praise and Testimony” event, where Sue Thayer will share her personal journey from Planned Parenthood Manager, to Pro-Life activist! She has a beautiful conversion story and I know you will be inspired by it! This event will begin at 6 pm on the same day as the kick-off Mass. Please remember to bring your own lawn chair for this event.

To download, print and share the event flyer, CLICK HERE!

For the bulletin announcement, CLICK HERE

And for the campaign Flyer, CLICK HERE

It truly is amazing to just sit back and watch how God is leading us! He is providing everything that we need to continue fighting the battle to end abortion, without getting discouraged and giving up in fear.

I will close this post with a short reflection from today’s Gospel.

Today’s Gospel reading (for Sept. 3rd in the traditional Missal), is from John 21, when Jesus (after He was resurrected), asked Peter three times if he loved him. Peter affirmed three times that he did indeed love him, and although hurt and exasperated at Jesus’ seemingly unbelief of Peter’s love, Peter finally answered, “Lord, you know everything. You know that I love you!

As I reflected on this verse this morning, it occurred to me that at times like these, it is all we can do to just say…”Lord, you know everything. You know my weakness and my failure. You know my sins and my back-sliding. But at the end of the day…you know that I love you. And to SHOW you that I love you more than myself…I will put my trust in you and I will do what you have commanded IN SPITE of my fear! I will go to that place where your precious little ones are being led to the slaughter. I will go to that place where your children who are enslaved by the enemy think they are doing a good thing by helping women to kill their children. I will go…because I love you. You know Lord…you know.

Jesus gave Peter the opportunity to redeem himself by proclaiming his love three times, after he had denied even knowing Jesus three times. Most of His disciples had abandoned Him during His passion…out of fear and despair. Only Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene, the repentant sinner, and his beloved apostle, John remained at the foot of the cross. That is what I think we are called to do right now. To remain with Him. At the foot of His cross. Not to run away in fear.

If you are able to commit to a time on the sidewalk, the vigil schedule is very sparsely filled. With less than three weeks to go, we could use your help! See the church schedule HERE, and then contact Fran Morrow at franmac98fmc@gmail.com to sign up your church group. Or, to sign up as an individual, contact Donna Goss at gdgoss620@gmail.com

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