Patriotic Prayer Vigil to be held Saturday, July 11th!

Prayer Partners for Life is holding a patriotic prayer vigil!
Date:   Saturday, July 11, 2020
Time:   8 – 10 am
Place:  Planned Parenthood, 933 Liberty Ave. downtown

Please join the newly formed Prayer Partners for Life as we pray for the rights of the unborn and also for their mothers and fathers considering abortion. Let’s hope they instead will celebrate 4th of July as a family next year because they chose LIFE.

No need to sign up, just show up and pray.  We are also hoping to have a Jericho march. 

This event is the second vigil for Prayer Partners for Life, a new coordinated effort between Pittsburgh’s Sidewalk Advocates, who are outside Planned Parenthood all year long, and members of 40 Days for Life. The goal of this new multi-denominational team is to bring prayer and witness outside Planned Parenthood all year long.  Currently, trained Sidewalk Advocates and other prayer warriors are outside Planned Parenthood all year long and could use your prayers and presence. We are now inviting anyone who hears the inspiration and wants to join us to come back during non- 40 DFL Campaigns and keep coming back all year long to Planned Parenthood. 

The year-round times of prayer vigils are to coincide with the dates and times when the Sidewalk Advocate teams are scheduled to be outside PP so no one who comes down to pray and witness will ever be alone.  

Here is their current schedule for when we would like to pair up churches or individuals with those already there:

Tuesdays          7:30am-9am 9am-11am
Wednesdays     8am-10am       10am-12noon***

Fridays             8:30am-10am
Saturdays         7am-9am          9am-11am       11am-1pm

We would welcome any groups or individuals who would want to make a commitment to begin a regular presence with us.  Maybe twice a month?  Or more or less? We ask that you contact Sue David at or 412-651-2782 to make your commitment. ***Wednesday schedule may vary slightly, please email Sue to confirm times.

Please pray for the discernment to determine if increasing your presence is right for you.  We know it’s not for everybody but if God is calling you to do this, please take the call. Contact Tim Barr at or Sue David at if you have any questions. God bless you and bring you peace and joy.

 –Tim Barr and Sue David

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