Day 35: Thank you Christ the Divine Shepherd Parish and individual Prayers!

The last time I was on the sidewalk, a woman came hurrying past, juggling a child and several bags in her arms. She was joyful, but trying to make it to the bus station to catch her bus. Greg immediately scooped up the bags and she hoisted her toddler onto her shoulders and the three of them ran down the sidewalk towards the bus station!

When he returned, he reported that she did make it in time to catch her bus, but the other striking thing she told him was “She Saved Me”

Several hours later that day, I came across this American Idol audition. It is a beautiful story about a young woman choosing life and adoption for her baby, while still pursuing her dreams. At one point in telling her story, she says “She Saved Me”

In our culture of death society, I found these two women to be amazing witnesses to how choosing life for their unborn children had changed the trajectory of their lives for the good!! It is a message not often heard these days. I hope you have time to watch the audition!

Today’s message from Shawn Carney:

Greetings from Tracy and Charlene 7am-9am

Tracy and I had big plans for today. Tracy was going to Confession and “Mass at home”. I was really looking forward to Adoration at the Grotto…especially when I realized that the statue behind the altar was Our Lady of Guadalupe!! What a perfect place to pray for the unborn…other than the sidewalk. But it was closed!!! By order of the Bishop! I was so sad!! I saw one of the secretaries in the parking lot and expressed my sadness and she said, “Jesus is everywhere.” Thank you Lord, that was what I needed! I came home and prayed here… …with Jesus!!

Christ the Divine Shepherd 11am-1pm

Christ the Divine Shepherd parish honored their 40DFL commitment and prayed all 20 mysteries of the rosary from home during their parish’s time slot of 11am-1pm. Their priests led the prayers and livestreamed them so that parishioners Lisa M., Lisa F., Carol, Suzanne, Lynda M, Emily, Linda V., the Knights of Columbus and the Men’s group could be united in prayer with them!

Nikki 1-3pm

Here is a picture of my little prayer area where I spent my prayer shift this afternoon.

For the first 40 minutes I meditated on scripture. The first reading was from the book of Daniel, and was the story of Daniel being thrown into the lions den. The gospel reading was when Jesus was being encouraged, out of spite and disbelief, to attend the festival of Tabernacle’s. He said that he would not go because it was not his time yet. But then, he did go, although he remained hidden. So, as I prayed, I thought about how God sometimes hides himself, and that reminded me of how we are all in hiding  in a manner of speaking. Evil is out and about, prowling like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Meanwhile, we are in hiding, waiting for God’s time. We don’t know what he is up to right now, but we wait and pray.  It was a reminder to me that although God has gone to such extreme measures as dying on the cross to save us, the majority of his people by far do not believe. It is a crazy time right now and very few people are even thinking of him or looking to him, let alone repenting. 

Chasing Down Exposition – Unsuccessfully
Since my shift buddy and I so enjoyed our prayer time last week at the Oratory Johanna checked on line and they did not say they were closed.  We headed there.  As I was getting off the parkway, Johanna called me with the unfortunate news that it was, in fact, CLOSED.I came home and watched the daily mass on Word on Fire.  My home parish, St. Colman, in this past weekend’s bulletin (available online) listed having Holy Hour Exposition 6:30 – 7:30 so off I went.  Unfortunately, that too was cancelled – CLOSED.  I am sure Johanna still prayed rosaries on her own and I will be praying my Rosary of the Unborn.  We will persevere. Blessings, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Day 35: Thank you Christ the Divine Shepherd Parish and individual Prayers!

  • March 31, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    Thank you for the very inspirational, motivational and heartfelt messages!
    Loved the link to the American Idol contestant who chose adoption. What a beautiful witness!

  • March 31, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Thank you all for continuing your prayers. They are so needed!! God bless you all!

  • March 31, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    Thank you to The priests of Christ the Divine Shepherd. Great leadership!

  • March 31, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Thank you for linking that beautiful video Sue! I am a teary mess right now, but it was so worth watching!


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