Day 34: Hope springs eternal

The signs of spring are all around us.  We will come out of these trying times and things will be better.  We must have hope.  We must also have faith and of course demonstrate love.  I hope and pray for God’s mercy for my family, for all of you and the world.  I know HIS mercy is is limitless and will be showered upon us in HIS time.

I also hope that we all come out closer to God.  I hope our faith will be strengthened.  I hope we will all have the courage to love those around us especially the unborn. As I hope you know, God can turn any bad thing into something good. Sure we will have tribulation in the world but remember He has conquered the world. 

“We just need to do the best we can, where we are with what we got.” God will do the rest. HE has this under control.  He’s got this. Have Hope.

Jesus I Trust in You. Jesus I Trust in You. Jesus I trust in You. Tim

Today’s message from Shawn Carney:

Here’s from Sue 7-9 am today:

My shift buddy Amy and I were united in prayer from our homes for the 7am-9am shift. Amy emailed me on Sunday to say she planned to pray Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets. I did the same from my own home. It’s like a Monday where we were covering each side of the yellow circle at PP. Blessings and peace, Sue and Amy

From Donna 11-1:

My shift was interrupted a little today as I had to go to my Mom’s so she could do a telemedicine phone call with her Dr.  I was close to town so for the last hour of my shift I parked near PP and sat in my car and prayed.  I did sing along with some praise music, “Raise a Hallelujah”.  Praise God no one went in and only one person came out and may have been a worker. May God stop PP and shut them down immediately since they are not an essential life sustaining business and should not even be open during this pandemic. Blessings For Life,

From Beth 1-3

There’s an altar in there!

Rose and I prayed for our shift.  St. Albert’s has glass doors and Father Steve has set up an altar right inside those glass doors with tabernacle, candles, and statues. People stop while circling the parking lot saying their prayers. Some just sit in their cars facing the altar.  We’re going to do what we can and prayers work.  Beth

2 thoughts on “Day 34: Hope springs eternal

  • March 31, 2020 at 11:32 am

    Dear 40 Day for Life friends,
    I just sent an email to Governor Wolf and urge you all to do the same. We know that abortion is not life sustaining, it is life taking! Planned Parenthood should be shut down during this time of isolation.
    May the Lord bless and keep all of you as we continue our vigil for LIFE.
    Below is my email to the Governor.
    During these times of stress on our health Care workers I urge your to shut down Planned Parenthood. Please continue reading…
    Planned Parenthood is not life sustaining. It is life ENDING. You know this. Please stop allowing babies to be killed and women’s lives to be scarred forever. Have you ever watched a woman come out of Planned Parenthood after an abortion? They are in tears!! Why? Didn’t they just get what they wanted? NO! They know they just killed their baby. They can try to excuse it as a clump of cells all they want, but they KNOW what they have just done and so they CRY. This is not life sustaining!!! Go see it for yourself at 933 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh. Please shut them down during this pandemic and SAVE lives during this critical time in our history. Praying for you and the world! May the Lord bless and keep you.

  • March 31, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    Those daffodils are a sign of hope. They display their beauty in a setting of gloom and death. One of our faithful Knights of Columbus called today, just to see how everyone is doing. We know they are praying. Thank you for the reminder that I can join my prayers to those of everyone on my shift.
    We must pray for those who work at PP that God will open their minds and hearts to realize the hold of evil on their lives.
    My love and prayers for all of our 40 Days for Life family.


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