Day 31: This Is My Beloved Son…Listen to Him

While he was still speaking, behold,
a bright cloud cast a shadow over them,
then from the cloud came a voice that said,
“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.”
-Matt 17:5

I have the privilege of helping with Liturgy of the Word with Children at my parish, St. Philip. It’s truly been a blessing to me, in no small part because it gives me reason to research and reflect on the Gospel beforehand.

Several weeks ago, the Gospel reading for Mass was the account of Jesus’ Transfiguration. As I researched the passage in preparation, something stood out: the Transfiguration happened just a short time before Jesus’ passion and death.

God knew that the Apostles’ world would soon be turned upside down…faith tested, hopes crushed, hearts broken. Before they had to endure that, God wanted to reassure them that Jesus was truly worthy of their faith. While witnessing the Transfiguration did not stop the Apostles from feeling fear and confusion when our Lord was crucified and died, I would imagine that the memory of God’s own voice from the shining cloud helped them hold on to at least a shred of hope.

Last Sunday, standing outside of PP for what would turn out to be the last public day of this vigil, it hit me: God gave us the same encouragement, allowing us to hear that Gospel reading proclaimed just before OUR world was turned upside down by the current pandemic. We are feeling fear and confusion, no doubt; but the reminder that Jesus IS worthy of all our faith can help us to hold on to hope. Let’s accept God’s encouragement and stay united in prayer, asking Jesus in His mercy to heal our world of this virus and of our sin!


Here is Shawn Carney’s message for Day 31:

And here are reports from our faithful prayer warriors:

Today we witnessed for life from 7-9 at home instead of on the sidewalk in front of PP downtown. Our children, Gillian, Jennifer, Monica, Mary Clare, John Paul and David, passionately request that we stay home! We got up early to be ready. Setting the stage were our Bible, the little Scriptural Rosary book, and the Little Black Book  provided by Father Tony, Christ Our Savior Pastor.  Being home was fruitful.    
The EWTN  daily Mass was celebrated in memory of Mother Angelica, Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, the Poor Clare nun who founded EWTN. Today is the anniversary of her death, 2016. She died on Easter Sunday.  That had long been her hope.We learned about Bishop Untener on whose writings our parish Lenten booklet is based. He died on this day in 2004.
Some of our parishioners Donna, Johanna, Mark, Mary Ann, and Susie (alphabetical order!) contacted us to let us know they joined us in prayer during our shift.It is such a blessing that my brothers and sisters at Pittsburgh 40 Days decided to continue our blog. Peace.


I am keeping a 2 hour vigil for the protection of ALL life AND closing of Planned Parenthood.  May God see our hearts and hear our prayers!


Kim, Mark, and I prayed from our homes this morning from 8:30-11:00. In these unsettled times, Psalm 104 stood out to me about God’s power and the control He has over the earth and every living creature.  Please read.
Be blessed.


Today is a day of prayer and rosaries in and around St. Gregory’s in Zelienople.
I asked my friends from the St. Greg’s mens prayer group to pray today and they are praying in quiet and I heard from our group leader that he is devoting his daily rosary to Mary.
I prayed for an hour at home and then walked over to St Gregory’s. I stood at the 40 Days for Life banner which is on the corner in front of the church and prayed the rosary and then in front of the statue of Mary.
Rt. 68 was somewhat quiet , but cars went by and there were many glances, truckers waved and Sister Patrice from the church drove by with a nice wave.
Spring is here and the birds were in abundance as I prayed. It was nice and quiet and I looked up and it was good.
Thanks and many Blessings to all!!


The remodeling of Holy Sepulcher church did not stop their prayer warriors from keeping their vigil today from about 12-2:30.  They gathered in their temporary prayer chapel but kept their social distance.  We started praying the Rosary of the Unborn with pro-life meditations.  Then we read the 40 Days devotion for the day, prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet with song, and sang a few songs.  We ended praying the Stations of the Cross from the Medjugorje Pilgrimage Handbook.  It was a beautiful way to lift our prayers to God…pleading to God.  The statue of Jesus with his sacred heart and outstretched hands reminded me of His love, care, omnipresence and His Mercy.


Is it right to combine a walk on a nice day with your vigil prayer time?  I’m still not sure.  But that’s what I did today.  I took a walk of about 1:55 minutes, praying first the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and then the Joyful, Luminous, and Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary.  I walked from my home to the to the neighborhood in which I grew up.  
I received an email earlier in the week from Shift Buddies, Val and Mike, that they were going to be praying from 3-5 as well, walking to their church which is fairly close by and was expected to be open for private prayer.  


I haven’t been downtown since last Friday’s vigil.  This was certainly different as I’m sure it is for most of us. I prayed for two hours on my back deck.  It was certainly easier to pray and hear myself and not have the distractions of the noisy buses, bar patrons and pedestrians that could offer up anything good or bad.  And so this evening’s prayers, which I prayed with my wife Ursula, came easier for the unborn, their mothers and all those involved and concerned for the children.  I know many others were praying and I also thought of Mary and Claudia who would have been sharing this shift.  God Bless all!


2 thoughts on “Day 31: This Is My Beloved Son…Listen to Him

  • March 27, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    I have also just started the practice of praying a rosary while walking. I’m learning to tune out the street noise and distractions. I was told by a Medjugorge native that people there often measure distance by how many rosaries it takes to get there! Thanks to all for your inspiring blogs.

  • March 28, 2020 at 6:15 am

    Thank you prayer warriors ! You have been a witness to me when I think of all the many ways you have shown to all life is a gift from God!
    I admire you and ask God to bless you for speaking for the preborn, for speaking for life!


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