Day 27 and Day 28: The Virtual Vigil Begins :)

We may not be able to stand on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood right now, but the 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh team has resolved to continue the vigil from a distance. We invite you to join us each day in praying from home for the end of abortion–both the outright act and the belief in its acceptability.

To keep us united in heart and mind while we’re physically separated from one another, the blog will continue as well! Each day, we will post a video reflection from Shawn Carney, president and CEO of the worldwide 40 Days for Life organization, and share the thoughts of those praying locally.

Last night, Nikki wrote:

I know it seems strange that we are not in front of PP…and sad to think of all those desperate mothers going in to kill their babies with no one there to offer hope and help!  I am struggling with this, but it really is getting to be a different world out there.  It does seem to be getting dangerous, especially in the city where so many homeless and drug addicted people are hungry and desperate.  Maybe we have done all that we can for now, and need to trust that God will take it from here.  You know the verse that is coming to me right now is the one where Jesus says that we need to work while it is daylight, because when the darkness comes, we won’t be able to work.  Maybe that is the case right now…maybe the day is over. ( I just looked it up, it is John 9:4.)

This morning, she added:

I wanted to let you know that I think God gave me confirmation last night, after I sent that team email, regarding the verse from John about Jesus saying that we have 12 hours of daylight in which we can work, but when the darkness comes, then we cannot work without stumbling.  I didn’t know where that verse came from when it popped into my head as I typed the team email…so I looked it up as I was still writing the email.  But…after I sent the email, I went up to my room to spend some time reading…I am a little more than halfway through Bishop Fulton Sheen’s “Life of Christ.”  And wouldn’t you know that the very first page I read had this verse in it!!!  So, I think God wants us to know that we don’t need to feel guilty about not going to the sidewalk.  That time is over for now.  Now is the time to stay inside and pray and fast and read scripture or holy books.  He is doing something now.  Lets just wait and see what it is.


Shawn Carney’s Video Blog for Day 28:

Reports from the Pittsburgh Team:

Monday, Day 27: The 7am-9am shift was pretty quiet! No, seriously, I visualized actually being on the sidewalk and what a typical Monday looks like. Mostly workers entering which starts about 7:30am, so I focused my prayers on conversion of abortion workers…particularly the clinic director, a specific escort that we know and the abortion worker who is looking to leave her job and asked for our prayers. 
The last time I was at PP was last Monday when at least 15 women entered for abortions in 1 hour. I said the Divine Mercy on my knees for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness …and the couple whose 4th child who was saved last week from abortion and all that we do not know about who were saved from abortion, that all their needs would be met. 
I said the St. Michael the Archangel prayer and pictured the Archangel standing at the yellow line with a fiery sword not letting anyone pass…
I attached a picture of where I typically say my prayers which includes Nikki’s artwork of the pieta. God bless each and everyone one of you, God knows what He is about! Miss you, Love you!


Monday, Day 27: It was different praying from home today. I decided to pray in our office quietly. My dog joined me as she does every morning for devotions. I knelt and prayed and then did the closing songs, prayers and litany that we use at our closing ceremony. My sister and shift buddy, Diane,  was praying from home also. She likes the prayer book from Fr. Frank Pavone, “In The Palm of His Hand.”  God bless you all. God’s got this! 
Blessings For Life,


Monday, Day 27: Picture (below) is the main altar of St. Elizabeth’s where shift buddy Rose a.k.a my sister and I sat in the quiet and did our shift prayers.  The church is open for private prayer every day 8 to 4. A few others kept their prayers private.  We’re lucky our God can hear and answer our prayers from anywhere.


Tuesday, Day 28: This morning “Jesus Calling” said, “You can feel secure, even in the midst of cataclysmic changes, through awareness of My continual Presence. The One who never leaves you is the same One who never changes: I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.” And he listens no matter where we pray from. Tracey prayed from home, watched the Oratory Mass and said 20 decades of the rosary!!! I went to the Sts John & Paul grotto chapel for Adoration…and I decided this is a good day to Fast. This Lent I have discovered Adoration…and I love it!! Stay healthy!!!


Tuesday, Day 28: I just spent my shift, 11-1, praying with my best friends: Jesus the good Shepherd, His mother Mary, and St Mother Teresa of Kolkata. Very peaceful. Pray on, faithful family, and stay healthy!

Mary Ann

Tuesday, Day 28: Christ Our Savior Parish covered our Prayer Vigil today from 11-3. Our Pastor Father Tony prayed in unison with us from 11-3. Parishioners who emailed us that they prayed for life today from home:  Mary Ann T., Donna S., Marianne Z. and her husband, and Richard and Barbara L.
God is so generous! Peace,


Tuesday, Day 28: I had my prayer time today at the Oratory in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I have to admit I was distracted because of something that I’m struggling with right now, but I am giving it to the Lord and trusting in him. I prayed the 54 Day Novena prayers, we are on day 16,  this included the Rosary, the joyful mysteries followed by the Sacred Heart of Jesus novena and prayers to St. Joseph and Saint Rocco. Then I meditated on today’s readings, which included a reading from Exodus where God was going to destroy the people and start over again from Moses after they fell back into idolatry and made the golden calf, but Moses interceded on their behalf and God relented.  Thank you Lord Jesus for coming to save us and to redeem us! Please forgive us for our terrible sins of killing our own children by abortion and for so many other sins that we have fallen into as a nation.  Above all, bring us back to you. Please forgive us and heal our land! 


God’s peace be with you, Mike and I were blessed to be able to go to our church and pray in front of the sacristy for our 3 to 5 shift today.  We watched and prayed today’s Mass using Mike’s phone.  Prayed some rosaries and a chaplet. I really felt as if our Lord and the blessed Mother were smiling at us.  When we got tired, to stretch our legs, we walked around the church and prayed the stations of the cross….I really enjoyed doing the prolife stations of the cross.  Then we lit two candles for our prayer intentions.  It was peaceful, as we were the only two there.  The time went by so fast.  It was chilly in church because they have the heat turned down….so it was the same sacrifice as being at PP.  All in all I’m very glad we made the trip to pray at church.  I was afraid if I stayed home I would get distracted.  I know the Lord is pleased with our efforts, even if our prayers are far from perfect, he knows we love Him and are trying.  I believe that our prayers will continue to work miracles.  Jesus we trust in you.

Kim and Mike C.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am sending you this beautiful prayer to end abortion (see below.) Please pray it at home or anywhere and feel free to pass it on to others. While you are at home with time on your hands, besides praying, I am asking you to think outside the box and think of a strategy or a way we can get through to the general population about the peril and tragedy of abortion. Slavery ended when it was exposed for exactly what it was and with the insistence of many leaders willing to stand up against it. I guess there was a defining moment. We must brainstorm and find something we can do that would lead to a defining moment in this pro-life movement. D. James Kennedy, a gifted and wise clergyman, said that if we could show an abortion on television, abortion would end tomorrow. As you know, the media will not approve of such a braodcast and anyway it may do more harm than good. A thought that comes to mind is getting the famous pro-life celebrities to meet with someone like Shawn Carney and organize an ad campaign to expose abortion for what it truly is. These strong pro-life celebs come to mind:

Martin Sheen, Celine Dion, Jack Nicholson, Kenny Chesney, Patricia Heaton, Jim Caviezel, Kathy Ireland, Ben Stein, Justin Bieber, Phil Robertson, Tim Tebow, Elizabeth Hasselback, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jessa Duggar Seewald, Kirk Cameron, Tom Selleck, Jon Voight, Andrea Bocelli, Kristin Armstrong, Simone Biles, Candace Cameron, Glenn Beck, Chuck Norris, Janine Turner, Jordin Sparks, Mel Gibson, Shari Rigby, Sara Evans, Chris Sligh, Philip Rivers, and Casting Crowns. This is food for thought! I would love to hear your feedback or ideas.

God’s Blessings to you and your families,

Michael S.

Prayer To End Abortion

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst shed Thy precious blood upon the Cross for the salvation of all mankind: receive the souls of all the innocent pre-born babies, who have been, are being, or will be slaughtered today in the hospitals and abortion chambers throughout our nation. And as their untimely deaths have prevented them from receiving the grace of Holy Baptism, I entreat Thee to accept their innocent blood as their Baptism (as thou didst with the early Martyrs); so that they can share Eternity with Thee. To the doctors, nurses, parents and hosts of accomplices responsible for this infanticide, grant tears of repentence; so that they can run to Thee for forgiveness and healing, and thus avoid the Eternal Death of their souls. I believe that all things are possible with Thee, O Lord, therefore, I entreat Thee on this day, through Thy Divine Grace, to convince at least one mother in every state to cancel her abortion and bring her child to full term; and to convince one doctor in every state to repent of his actions, and never again kill a child in the womb. Receive my prayer, O Lord, even though it is offered to Thee from such a sinful and unworthy servant; and unite my entreaty with those of all the other brothers and sisters that are crying out today on behalf of all Thy little ones, who are now being formed in the wombs of their mothers. Deliver us and our nation, O Lord, from this shedding of innocent blood!  Forgive us!  Heal us!  Save us!   Amen.

-Author Unknown

Johanna and I spent our shift praying at the Oratory in Oakland before the Blessed Sacrament.  Neither of us had ever been there before and we both are so very glad we went. It was peaceful and an awesome experience. Highly recommend it. There is a small parking lot. Beautiful intimate Chapel. The ability to appropriately distance yourself from other worshippers. Holy candles were lit.


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