Day 25: Thanks to St. Paul of the Cross Parish (Mt. Lebanon/Castle Shannon), Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Living Hope Church, Resurrection Church, and more …

Her first day as a PP volunteer would end up being – – – – – her LAST!

In case you missed this report from the sidewalk yesterday: A first time PP volunteer came out of the building and …. expressed feeling so saddened as she sat in a room with about ten women… She wasn’t sure how many were there for abortions and how many for other procedures…. She heard one of them complain that she ” had to pay over $400 for her abortion” …  The volunteer said that thoughts of her own four miscarriages came to mind as she sat in that clinic. … She had initially thought that volunteering at PP would be a good idea, but she couldn’t even finish her first shift! ….. She told us she couldn’t stand being at PP any longer and she left. ….

Sometimes I wonder if we are doing any good out there — But this account tells us so much! Whether you are able to join the vigil on the sidewalk or not, wherever you are during these crazy times, know that storming heaven with prayer in the cause for life WORKS. Please, please, please continue to pray in earnest! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS – Jeannie


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

What a blessed morning as “Vigil Essentials” were put to use and I was joined by St. Paul of the Cross parishioners and Father Tim and the Guardians for Life.  Thank you all for standing up for the most vulnerable during these trying times. The relatively quiet streets allowed our prayers to ring out.  Sadly the clinic was open along with escorts and a few couples went in.  We hoped and prayed the unborn felt our love. Thanks also to Nick for acting as our Guardian Angel on the street during these difficult times.

St. Paul of the Cross folks & Joe keeping Social Distance (except for Married Couples)
When it is Quiet in the City, PRAYER fills the AIR— Thank you Fr. Tim & faith-filled vigilants.
There is an ANGEL on the Sidewalk, too!

9-11 Shift Manager Charlie Reports: Today’s 9 to 11 shift was very quiet but consequently very peaceful. Wonderfully, PP was very slow and not too many were seen going into the clinic.  Amy joined me as my prayer partner.  Please pray for our Sidewalk advocates as both of our Sues were missing today.  

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports: Surreal. I have never seen the sidewalks this empty, but I expected that. Except for a very few passersby, the only people on the sidewalk at P.P. were clients and members of 40DFL.

Thanks Lisa for getting the request out for people to stand and pray with me. WHAT A TEAM we have in this city! There was a good response from the young men attending Resurrection Church in Brookline. They used Knee Mail!

Joan and some of Resurrection Church’s finest today on the sidewalk… KNEE MAIL sent!
Happy to have Living Hope Church members out TODAY!
Katie & Billie amid the Rose Petals … to wrap up the day!

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