Day 24: Thank you to St. Thomas More & St. John Capistran Parishes (Bethel Park), Generous Individuals, and Faithful Team Members

Praise be to God, a courageous couple chose life for their child after walking away from PP last week!  We want to do everything in our power to support them. Please contact us if you can help with any of these needs:
–a landlord willing to offer them a
place with reasonable rent,
–people willing to hire “R,” who is a plumber,
–people willing to hire “S” for a part-time cleaning job at night.

As of 3/20/2020, all elective medical procedures have been temporarily prohibited by Pennsylvania state government. 

Abortion has not been prohibited by state government.

Therefore, abortion must not be an elective procedure. 

You may find an error in the logic of my statements above, but the fact remains…abortion is rarely a procedure someone elects to have because they desire it. Far more often, it seems to be the only choice in a difficult financial or personal situation. Many women are even compelled to have an abortion by threats of violence or abandonment. Let’s contine to PRAY that God’s love and peace will envelop pregnant women in crisis, and let’s continue to REACH OUT to those women with offers of help and support to enable them to choose life for their unborn child!


Diane took a beautiful picture of our city in the rain this morning!

Nikki and Steve, 7-9 AM:

It was an extremely soggy, wet time on the sidewalk this morning, but I was very blessed and grateful to share it with sidewalk advocate and prayer warrior Steve, and we were so thankful to have an awesome security guard, Josh with us! We felt very safe and protected as we prayed together on our knees, Steve and I. We prayed  two rosaries, including one in Latin and a Divine Mercy chaplet. Then we just prayed individually, silently on our knees. It was just workers going in, but during the end of our shift clients started entering, mostly single girls, one couple entered at the end of my shift. One young woman who entered by herself was crying.

At one point while I was praying on my knees, the rain was coming down in torrents, and the sky was very dark. Our security guard noticed a man who was acting strangely, he had noticed him and had been keeping his eyes on him for quite a while, but at this point he began approaching us and so he warned me about him. Sure enough, the man was clearly disturbed. I told Josh that many times  we see people with mental illness and that sometimes it appears to be mixed in with spiritual, demonic afflictions, sometimes they go hand-in-hand. That seem to be the case with this man. As he walked up to us, he asked Josh if he had a cigarette. Josh said no, so then he turned to look down at me as I was praying and asked me if I had a cigarette. I said that I did not. Then he stared at me very intensely and he asked me, “why are you here?“ I smiled and answered, “40 Days For Life.“ He paused and asked me, “are you for Jesus?“ I nodded and said yes. Then his face became distorted and he practically growled at me many cursing’s, calling me a “b—ch”, and telling me to go to hell and using all sorts of foul language. Thankfully Josh was right there and he made sure the man kept moving away from us.  This man was not going to mess with us with Josh there. But, it was a reminder of how spiritual this battle is. It is so clear, I wonder how sometimes people do not see it. 

As I was huddled under my umbrella, on my knees in the pouring rain, on the  quiet and deserted sidewalks of downtown Pittsburgh  it occurred to me that by doing this, by our witness in these extreme circumstances, that we are like the prophets in the Old Testament. Like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the others. Back then, they had messages from God and showed by their behavior that God was calling everyone to repentance. They would do this by extreme measures  and actions. They would also throw dust on their head and sit in sack cloth and ashes. Even though we don’t throw dust on our heads, we do sit, in a way, in sack cloth and ashes when we kneel on those filthy sidewalks. I believe our actions are a sign to repentance for the workers, and anyone who happens to see us. Thank you Carolyn, her hubby and Kathy for coming at nine to relieve us. 

Nikki covered the first shift today while her umbrella covered her
So grateful to Nikki and Steve for offering up prayers as the heavy rains came down

Kathy and Mark, 9-11 AM:

Nikki, Steve, and Josh (today’s security guard) greeted me when i arrived and then left when scheduled church members came.
 Even though other businesses were mandated to close and elective surgeries were to be postponed, PP was open today which prompted me to call Pgh police and mayor’s hotline to ask why? Reports were filed and I was told to contact Governor’s office which I did.
 A young couple stopped briefly and accepted yellow card but intervention did not change their outcome of choosing abortion.  Very sad.
Carolyn and Terry from St. Thomas More Church in Bethel Park, Friday regular Terry, Jim, and daily participant Bill H were my sidewalk companions.

Thank you to the 9-11 crew!
Jim stopped by to pray before going to work.

Sheila and Cecilia, 11 AM-1 PM:

A heavy downpour didn’t keep a steady stream of women from entering PP.  Several women were turned away because they were walk-ins; only people with appointments were allowed to enter. One woman left with another woman after little more than an hour; she refused to stop and speak with us both coming and going, but barked at me, “My sister’s fine, don’t worry about us.”
Near the end of the shift, a woman exited and looked very distraught. Cil and I asked if she was OK. She told us that today was her first day as a PP volunteer and would also be her last. She expressed feeling so saddened as she sat in a room with about ten women. She wasn’t sure how many were there for abortions and how many for other procedures. She heard one of them complain that she had to pay over $400 for her abortion. She overheard a guy calling his girlfriend a murderer because she was aborting their baby.  She said that thoughts of her four miscarriages came to mind as she sat in that clinic. She had initially thought that volunteering at PP would be a good idea, but she couldn’t even finish her first shift!  She told us she couldn’t stand being there any longer and left. Cil and I  prayed with her and let her know about some resources that are available to her. She told us that she plans on returning to church. 

Praying for the end of abortion
Thank you, wonderful prayer warriors!
Today is the first full day of spring…a reminder that winter always comes to an end and–thanks be to God–NEW LIFE WINS!

Elaine and Bernie, 1-3 PM:

(This campaign, 40 priests were asked to have at least one Mass for the intentions of the conversion of the workers and the closing of the clinic; and also to come to the clinic on one day and pray a rosary. The following report is from one of those wonderful priests, Fr. Nick:)

I’ve celebrated another Mass–this one was a private Mass for the intention of converting all in the abortion business and a change of heart for all seeking an abortion and a respect for life at all stages throughout the world. 
Also, I prayed at the abortion mill on Liberty Avenue for two hours from 1:45pm to 3:45pm today Friday, March 20th, the first day of spring! I prayed with Maria, Bernadette, and Eileen, and then later with Val, Mike, and Patrick. Also, Josh our security guard was there the whole time making sure we were safe. I think I have all the names right. Forgive me if one or two are wrong.  We prayed two rosaries, two Divine Mercy Chaplets, a prayer against storms, and a chaplet of Divine Will. 
About ten women went in or out of the building during my time there. Some may have been employees.  Quest diagnostics and UPS brought deliveries to Planned Parenthood. 
And even with the mandate of only life sustaining businesses allowed to be open in PA,  Planned Parenthood remains open and thus is considered a life sustaining business. 
I’ll keep praying and fasting for the day to hasten when abortion is unthinkable. God bless you!

Fr. Nick

Pat, Val, and Mike, 3-5 PM:

My time on the sidewalk was quiet given the drastic drop in people on the road and on the sidewalk.  Nearly every bus I saw was empty, too.  I, along with SBs Val and Mike, were led in prayer by Fr. Nick from St. Maria Goretti for the first part of the shift, and then we prayed separately and quietly for the middle portion after Fr. Nick left.  For the last 1/2 hour Val, Mike, and I prayed the Stations of the Cross.  I was very glad to hear from them that their prayers were answered for their son, Matthew, who was able to get back into the country after having been working on a cruise ship for several months.  

Val and Mike keep vigil while Josh watches over the sidewalk

Bill, Mary, and Claudia, 5-7 PM:

Tonight’s night shift was very quiet.  I arrived a little early to find my shift buddy Mary already there.  Pat and his crew soon left and there was a security guard who had been there the entire day since 6:30 am.  Soon another volunteer arrived, this was Claudia from Cranberry.  We prayed a rosary.  There was almost no traffic on the sidewalks and an occasional employee leaving PP.  We did get a few thank yous from the passersby.  But mostly it was very quiet compared to past shifts.  Almost like Sundays used to be with the “blue laws.”  For me it made praying easier.  And again we closed up a little early.  Thank you, Mary and Claudia. God Bless!

Bill and friends brought our vigil to a prayerful close for the day

5 thoughts on “Day 24: Thank you to St. Thomas More & St. John Capistran Parishes (Bethel Park), Generous Individuals, and Faithful Team Members

  • March 20, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    I just sent an email to Governor Wolf asking him to shut down Planned Parenthood.

    • March 21, 2020 at 10:06 am

      He is an avid and active abortion supporter. Pray that he heeds God’s knocking on his conscience.

    • March 22, 2020 at 10:53 am

      Thank you for taking this action. “Life-sustaing”?? Planned Parenthood??
      White becomes black and black becomes white!

  • March 21, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Nikki and Jen, I loved what you both wrote in this blog (and yesterday’s blog as well, Nikki). Thank you both.

    And Sheila – Wow! Who would believe that a person could go in as a PP volunteer, say she’ll never return, and then promise to return to church? That just doesn’t make sense unless one acknowledges the power of our prayer and our presence there.

  • March 21, 2020 at 6:11 pm

    Thanks Fr. Nick for your presence with us on the sidewalk! We are grateful for your commitment in prayer and witness for the unborn in our midst!



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