Day 22…Thanks to Divine Mercy Parish & Faithful team members and volunteers!

These are Different Times….

Do you feel like the world is changing? Could it be that we are at the end of an era?

I know everyone is wondering what the right thing to do is. Do you go out? Do you stay home? What is the definition of “essential”? Getting food? Going to work? How about mourning the death of innocent little ones? Could that be considered essential? I mean, funerals are still taking place, right? Where are the funerals for the little ones being aborted at Planned Parenthood? Who cares about them? Who loves them?

Of course, God loves them. And we love God. And therefore, we have to be there. In fact…it is ESSENTIAL that we be there. For them…and for HIM.

But…the times they are a changin’…so we need to do things a little differently. We need to be responsible and not take a chance of spreading any contagion. So, here are the guidelines that we are asking all vigil participants to abide by during the remainder of these 40 days:

  1. Please maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from others. Refrain from hugging, hand shaking or standing too close when speaking.
  2. For safety, we have done away with the sign-in sheet and the signs. You need not touch anything that others have touched. You may bring your own sign if you wish.
  3. We ask that you do not distribute literature to passersby or to Planned Parenthood clients. If you want to bring literature to the vigil to have available in case someone asks, that is fine.
  4. If a passerby or worker does anything such as coughing or spitting in your direction, please let the shift manager know so they can report it to the police.
  5. Starting today, we now have a security guard with us at all times on the sidewalk, thanks to the 40 Days for Life national team…so we will be much less vulnerable to these hateful attacks.

I am sad to say that Planned Parenthood is busier than I have ever seen them. Since this crisis began, more and more women feel that they NEED an abortion…possibly out of fear of the future. We need to be there in prayer and peaceful witness in hopes that their hearts will soften and they will reconsider this terrible decision to end the life of their own flesh and blood….their heritage.

I will leave you with a verse from today’s Gospel reading for the Tuesday in the third week of Lent. It gave me so much comfort as I meditated on it this morning.

For where two or three are gathered together for my sake, there am I in the midst of them.”

Luke 4

We are not doing this alone. He is with us. We can be sure of that. Thank you to all who are praying, fasting and sacrificing because you love.

Click HERE to watch a short video from Shawn Carney, National Director of 40 Days for Life as he informs us of the impact the corona virus is making on our 40 Days for Life witness.

Today’s reports from the sidewalk:

Peggy & Beth 7-9

Faithful few…Joe, Beth and Peggy start out the morning in prayerful witness!

Today we had three couples go in only one came out. Might have been scheduling issue. One of the couples was from West Virginia. They slowed down in front and then parked in our garage. No persuasion but lots of prayers. Today I was struck by the people who avoided walking on the roses. They did not talk to us but I believe they understood the significance. I was very very touched by their actions.


Cathy & Priscilla 9-11

This time it was not as busy as the previous 2 days, but still, 3 couples and several women went into the clinic. One woman, part of a couple, looked very sad. I called to them that there were other places, they didn’t have to go in, but sadly, the continued into the clinic. A young man stopped to talk, said he goes by often, noticing the baby models. He said his (now ex) girlfriend had an abortion behind his back. He pointed to the 16 week baby and said that was the size. He was upset that he had no say about their baby. I had tucked a few flyers in my bag, one was for fathers so I gave it to him. In addition to shift buddy, Priscilla, we were joined in prayer by Steve from St. Thomas More and Ed from Brighton Heights.  The streets and sidewalk had a lot less traffic than usual.  As Peg reported, many people walked around the rose petals, though some were oblivious.


Hank & Judy 11-1

Very quiet day on the street, although several couples entered PP for abortions.  They were approached, but to no avail.  Judy and I were joined today with Ken (St.Germaine), Tom (St.Thomas More) and Glenn (Most Precious Blood).  Samuel, the security guard was there today.  We prayed and prayed….God deliver us from all evil.  Pray Psalm 91.  

Hank & Judy

Chris & John 1-3

It was a quiet shift on the sidewalk this afternoon- noticeably fewer pedestrians and vehicle traffic.  I didn’t see any abortion-bound women enter PP.  Joining me in four Rosaries and multiple Chaplets of Mercy were Fr. Joe, George, Sister Rose, and Dolores.  In this strange time, it felt odd not to be wearing a sign and not having a resource container.  A man stopped to tell us his daughter had an abortion years ago- we offered a Rosary in her name.  No negative words today, but several “Thank you for being here” comments.  It was great to meet Samuel, our new “protector”.


Jeannie & Virginia 3-5

It was —- dare I say — a very peaceful day on the sidewalk. With so few people around, the minutes tick slowly by out here! I miss the hubbub of the commuters and the kids coming from school. There was very little foot traffic and gratefully very few people coming out of Planned Parenthood either- yay! Virginia and I were to be alone but as is the case with this incredible 40 days for life group, we were not. Marilyn from Saint Bernard’s and Maggie and Eileen from Saint Philip’s round out our crew. The rain began to fall just as the next shift started. It was very good to have Samuel among us. I think just his presence is a force for peacefulness!


Joe K & Jeff 5-7

The drive and subsequent into the vigil today seemed a bit apocalyptic…

Very little traffic car & foot, only 3 people in front of the “Steel Building”,

the sink hole on Penn & 10th…  And the blood still flows out of 933 Liberty


The warmth of all the folks at the vigil and the “virtual” physical greetings that are the norm (at least for now) shook the “darkness dust from my sandals”…

We know – God is Great! God Provides! and in the end – God Wins! God Wins!

Jeannie and Virginia turned over the reigns and off we went…

Mary and Tim showed-up and Samuel was there.  Bill H. and Jim & Jim showed up too…

Little foot traffic and only 2 young men stopped to talk about abortion and the typical edge cases…  The discussion ended with a virtual high-five!

There also was sharing and prayers around the drizzle that increased over the course of the shift.

Faithful Diane showed up to put the vigil on hiatus until tomorrow morning when Our Awesome God will provide for the vigil once again!!!

3 thoughts on “Day 22…Thanks to Divine Mercy Parish & Faithful team members and volunteers!

  • March 18, 2020 at 11:02 pm

    WHY isnt planned parenthood closed down ?? They say that there should be NO elective surgery !! This place should be CLOSED DOWN !!

  • March 19, 2020 at 9:55 am

    Unable to be down there in person but am praying with you each day for the women having the abortions & the legislature who needs a healing of their blindness & softening of their hearts!

  • March 19, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    God bless all of you for your faithfulness in witnessing to LIFE!


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