Day 17: Thank you to North Park Church, Conway Alliance Church, St. Regis Parish (Diocese of Greensburg), and our Wonderful Volunteers!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are experiencing a lot of anxiety at this time. The coronavirus pandemic is a threat to health, education, finances, and more. We are joined in prayer for the great needs brought on by this crisis.

It’s a good time to remember that, for a variety of reasons, many people live with this kind of anxiety and uncertainty all the time. Adding an unexpected pregnancy to such stress must be unbelievably overwhelming. Let’s pray for women in those circumstances to feel God’s love, and let’s reach out to show them His providential care.


Sidewalk Reports

Barbara and Rose, 7-9 AM:

Pittsburgh’s Friday morning sidewalk felt warm, damp and crowded. Actually, there is plenty of room.  We were not crowded. We were accompanied.  Shift Buddy Rose helped Diane arrange the sidewalk according to Diane’s managerial genius.  
North Park Church blessed us with witnesses Jim L., and Denise and Manny V.  Denise and Manny recently moved to Pittsburgh from Texas to be near their grandchildren.  They gave us their email so we could get them on the 40 Days mailings. Steve D., Sidewalk Counselor, patiently offered his witness. Steve accepted a copy of The Hand Of God, Bernard Nathanson’s autobiography. Dr. Nathanson was one of the founders of NARAL. We witnessed and prayed for the mothers and their accompanists and for the PP staff and volunteers.  We pray that they will let God open their hearts to life. We offered people going into PP bouquets of love.

Rose petals to honor babies whose lives are taken today
Richard, Nikki, Shift Buddy, Rose and Jim L. 
North Park Church members, Jim L., Manny and Denise V; with Steve D., Sidewalk Counselor

Kathy and Mark, 9-11 AM:

Even though no church signed up,  Sidewalk Advocate Kim, John A. from Mt. Pleasant, and Therese from Heidelberg joined me this morning.  Bill H. also stopped by briefly.
I passed out the free pens with the “Precious Feet” message printed on it along with accompanying card–they went fast! One young man stopped by and requested a baby fetal model (10-12 weeks) which I gave him in addition to a “Watch Me Grow” brochure.  He supported our presence and asked some theological questions.  I answered as best as I could and he left on friendly terms.
A few pp workers exited building but did not engage in conversation with us.  Two or three clients accepted yellow cards but still went in.


Sheila, 11 AM-1 PM:

There were about 50 teens who showed up for a STD testing pizza party at PP. I learned from a young Catholic man who has been volunteering for PP for 5 years that he helps plan the yearly event for area high school students. They received a credit for this extra-curricular activity. This young man was open to talking with me and accepted some material to look over.


Elaine and Bernie, 1-3 PM:

Check back soon but scroll for more!

Pat, Val, and Mike, 3-5 PM:

It was a quiet shift.  I was grateful for the good weather, my faithful SBs, Mike and Val, and for my brother Knight of Columbus from St. Regis, Mike C.  I prayed part of the time with Mike and Val and had some good and deep and necessary conversations with Mike C.

Pat and his brother Knight of Columbus from St. Regis, Mike

Bill, 5-7 PM:

Tonight’s shift was as uneventful as I have ever seen it. Pat and his crew soon departed and Mary and I took over with much better weather than the previous weeks. I don’t think one foul word was directed at us. One pleasant fellow stopped to admire and compliment Mary’s sign, adoption is the option. He talked for a minute about having faith in Christ and showed the cross he was wearing.  Later on, Lindsey, one of our own, stopped to pray with us. Mary and I got in a rosary before Nikki arrived for her signs and soon Tom arrived for the materials. Thru all this PP was mostly quiet, mostly workers leaving and no one going in. I will take an evening like this. So thank you, Mary, and God Bless!

Bill and Mary

One thought on “Day 17: Thank you to North Park Church, Conway Alliance Church, St. Regis Parish (Diocese of Greensburg), and our Wonderful Volunteers!

  • March 13, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    Discrimination at its best. The yellow line is for everyone to follow. Hope someone sends the pictures to the legal teams. Also hope the hypocrisy of the emergency due to the coronavirus are being noted for future court cases…people can not assemble in Pittsburgh in numbers greater than 250? Throws a wet blanket on “my body, my choice argument”. Use it for the unborn’s advantage every chance you get. I would question the word Catholic for the young man who volunteers for PP. As a practicing Catholic, I find the association used in describing the person as Catholic with the Catholic Church teachings absolutely contradictory and should be offensive to those who actual do practice their faith. Not standing, but still praying .


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