Day 15…Thank you to Flame of Love Prayer Group, St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Indiana), Divine Mercy Parish, Intercessory Prayer Group and dedicated Individual volunteers!

“Come out so that His Great Mercy may be yours!”

Reflection by Pat Malley:

Let the Lord of the Black Land come forthLet justice be done upon him!”

That line comes near the climax of The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King.  It’s spoken by Aragorn, the king, who has just led an extremely small, and wholly inadequate, army to the imposing Black Gate of Mordor.  He is daring Sauron (that world’s version of Satan) to come out from behind the Black Gate and fight him.  Since joining 40 DFL many years ago, that scene has never failed to bring to my mind an image of the doors at 933 Liberty Avenue.

Why?  It’s the many parallels I see.  Between their small army and ours.  Their puny-looking weapons and ours.  Their army’s slim chance of success and ours.  

But while there are parallels, there is an important difference.  Yes, we come to battle Satan and drive him out of that place, but we have a completely different attitude towards those who work there, having been deceived by The Father of Lies.  To you we say this:

“Come out, so that His great mercy may be yours.”

But maybe you believe yourself to be beyond the reach of His great Mercy?  Listen with your heart to the words Christ spoke in a private revelation to St. Faustina of Poland in the early part of the 20th century:

“I perform works of mercy in every soul. The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to My mercy.”

From Nikki: The image above is my rendition of St. Faustina’s “Divine Mercy Jesus.” The image is made up of tiny baby faces in the exact number of babies that were killed at Planned Parenthood in 2013. Even this terrible sin is not beyond the Mercy of God!

Now for today’s sidewalk reports…

7-9am, Peggy & Beth

Shift manager and buddy, Peggy and Beth

Three couples during our shift. I did approach without success. A woman stopped by in tears with the story of her daughter aborting her 1st grandchild but go pregnant again and thru the intervention of a youth leader kept the second baby. Baby is beautiful. I gave her a pamphlet on Rachel’s Vineyard. Her daughter is in denial about the first baby.


9-11am, Cathy & Priscilla

It was fairly busy this morning with individuals and couples going in and out.  So sad they feel there are no other options, even though there are.  Too many are not interested in what we have to offer them.  Linda, Kay and Betty from Flame of Love, Irene, Lois, and Dennis part of St Bernard-Indiana, Fr. Jeremy, Bill, and Jim & Claire from St. Bonaventure were all there at various times to pray for the moms, the babies and the workers.


11-1pm, Hank & Judy

A cold gray day on the street, but even on the sunniest day abortion is cold and gray….there were several couples who went into PP during the shift.  The bright spot was the wonderful prayer warriors who were out praying for an end to this tragic story in American history and for the many people who greeted us with words of thanks and warm smiles.  Bill, Irene and Lois from St. Bernard in Indiana were there from 10 AM until 1 PM.  The Guardians for Life including Terri (sidewalk advocate), Tom, Joe and Rudy were there. Tom from St.Thomas More in Bethel Park and Pat from St. Ferdinand joined us for an hour as did our faithful Bill.  Fr.Jeremy was there when I arrived and remained in prayer with us for some time.  We prayed rosaries, the Stations of the Cross, Devine Mercy and several litanies and we sang songs of worship.  The sun (SON) is still shining even on the darkest days!


1-3pm, Chris & John

It was brisk weather on the sidewalk today, but I was warmed by faithful prayer warriors Fr. Joe & Dolores from Divine Mercy Parish, Churches of St. Benedict the Moor, Epiphany, and St. Mary of Mercy, Diane from St. John Neumann, and George from Sts. John & Paul.  Steve and Brendan joined us in praying four Rosaries and a Divine Chaplet of Mercy.  Roseanne sacrificed her work lunch-hour to pray with us.   One woman stopped to ask if she could have one of the soft baby models, as her daughter is pregnant.  She picked one out and I gave her a Watch me Grow! Booklet.  Late in the shift, while we were praying the Rosary, an angry woman walked past and loudly cursed all of us.  She continued the vile language as she continued down the street.   May God have mercy on her and heal her from the inside out.  While reading the Book of Daniel last week, I thought of how each of us pray outside the lion’s den, praying that little lives might be saved.


3-5pm, Virginia & John …check back later for report….

5-7pm, Joe K

Michelle and Linda from Bridge City Church in North Braddock

Blessed with a dry / calm / quiet Wednesday – Yay!

Greeted on my shift by my ole Sidewalk buddies Virginia and David. Walk-ups on their way home joined me for the 1st half of the shift which included Jim from St. Maurice.

Linda and Michelle from Bridge City Church in North Braddock joined for the later half of the shift, took materials to hand out and prayed / shared from the other side of the arch.

Only positive comments from today’s passersby, though one gentleman did stop to thank us for being there, to pray, and to let us know to see the film “October Baby” which Jim had seen on the bus returning from this year’s March for Life.


2 thoughts on “Day 15…Thank you to Flame of Love Prayer Group, St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Indiana), Divine Mercy Parish, Intercessory Prayer Group and dedicated Individual volunteers!

  • March 11, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    What a blessing to know that prayer continues through the day. I truly admire the wonderful volunteers who are at PP early in the morning as well as those who stay until the end.
    God bless every one of you.

  • March 12, 2020 at 7:59 am

    Okay, was it just me, but as I was scrolling down, and I got to the last picture (before seeing it entirely) what caught my eye was the window: the brown lines – I saw the CROSS! And only that! Maybe just me, but I then went back up and did it again, and sure enough, the same image! The Cross in the window next to our prayer warriors!! Nice how God uses a photo for His designs to be known and His presence to shine!


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