Day 13: Thanks to Reformed Presbyterian Church of North Hills and Round Hill Presbyterian Church and Kathy, Sandy, Dean and Matt

“They will know we are Christians by our love”

I was thinking back to the 40 DFL kick off rally for this Spring Campaign, specifically being in front of the clinic in the light rain waiting for the entire group to begin singing and praying and being so overwhelmed with joy at seeing the sheer number of us holding candles and crosses and still watching as more and more marchers just kept coming and coming.

Yet, I was most impressed by the encounter between a a few of the prayer warriors and 3 young men who had come out the bar next to the clinic. Their language was insulting and vulgar yet no one flinched. When asked “What the _ are you doing here?”, one woman politely stated “We are here to pray to end abortion.” The men persisted and asked “Well, how many kids have you adopted?” and a woman answered “I have adopted one.” And then another woman nearby said the same. The men moved to another group in front of the doors and said to one women “You are not allowed to protest here”, she politely and calmly responded “We are not protesting, we are praying.” He responded why don’t you pray at home. She again calmly responded “I do.” He walked away.

Wow. At that moment I realized what kind of people we really are. We are bold in the face of adversity, we are courageous, we are Christians and they will know us by our love. Peace and joy. Tim

Here are the stories from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

It was a beautiful morning and Tom and Diane had everything set up when I got there. Amy and I stood on each side of the circle. Amy handed out a lot of literature but I mostly felt like just praying. In between a Rosary and Divine Mercy I picked up some brochures to hand out, but no one seemed to be accepting them from me today, so I went back to just praying. As always, the men of Reformed Presbyterian were a beautiful witness for Life. Their church group included a father and son duo and the women were coming down a little later. Planned Parenthood was having what appeared to be maintenance work done. Many clinic workers that went in were having trouble opening the door and Charles would ask them to have mercy on the babies. We felt compelled to specifically pray for the conversion of these clinic workers. We got many hard looks from people passing by but also supportive comments as well. I can still picture the face of a young man who said “God bless you” as he quickly passed. Charlene’s comments from last week keep running through my mind that God is asking us to come and pray here for an end to abortion, so here we are…with simple obedience to that call. Sue

From Ginny 9-11: The wonderful large families with all these beautiful children are from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of the North Hills.
They sang hymns and the children made hand movements to the words of the songs. It was hard to explain to the very young children not to be in the circle. But, no one came out to complain.
What a wonderful gift these children are to the pro-life cause. I felt very blessed to have this group on my shift.

From Donna 11-1: When we arrived there were so many children there which was wonderful to see! Diane and I were joined by Kathy & Sandy and Lisa & Jim joined us on their lunch hour too. Thanks everyone! It’s always great to meet new people! We had about 4 God bless you’s and thank you’s which is always refreshing especially after someone yells at you from their car or walks by and tells you thanks for donating to PP. I guess the pledge a picketer is what she was referring to. It always amazes me how unfriendly people are or how they are drowning out everyone with their ear buds & headphones. Kathy gave a 6 year old boy one of the baby models which he found interesting. We had several young guys stop and look at the models and talk for a little bit.

How do you like Sandy’s shirt? Binge Jesus! I love it! She told me it was from a series called “The Chosen” which can be streamed online and the app is titled the same and it’s all about Jesus & his disciples. Just had to share that.
How about the beautiful statue of Mary Ark of the Covenant! Kathy’s brother, Doug sculpted that and painted that. He is not an artist but after coming back from Medjugoria he was painting and sculpting. That’s God at work! Kathy will bring that with her every time she comes to pray. Thanks Kathy! There were many “God winks” today. Diane was praying and asked God to breathe life through the circle of death and looked down and there was a leaf shaped like a heart. It blew away faster than we could take a picture. And Lisa had forgotten her rosary and Kathy had one from Medjugoria. Lisa is hearing all about her friend’s trip to Medjugoria tonight too! Thank you Lord for bringing us all together today and for all the ways You are working to right the wrong of abortion. God is on the move!
Blessings For Life,

From Beth 1-3: Just a few people going in and out of PP but a busier sidewalk as the weather became warmer. Rose, Dean, Judy and I prayed.
Dean handed out lots of information cards. Bill H came as did Bill D who wants everyone to sign up for the March for life in Harrisburg on Monday May 18. PCUC will have 4 buses chartered. Everyone welcomed. Look for more details to come.

From Pete 3-5: What a glorious day to be outside praying with others who also want to see an end to the scourge of abortion. Shift Manager Marie and myself were joined by Matt, Mayim, Lori, and Kaylee from Round Hill Presbyterian Church.
Most passersby were pleasant, probably because of the sun (and/or the Son). There were a couple crude/rude comments but those were easily forgotten when we remembered what and who we’re fighting for. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this campaign because of the encouragement we receive from praying together. God Bless – Pete

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