Day 11: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti Parish, Holy Trinity Church, Acts Men, and individual prayer warriors — ALSO possible Baby saved!!!!!!!

Dear Abortion Center Managers: Women Deserve EXCELLENT CARE Everywhere- even in abortion facilities. Please take care of your patients!

Should Abortionists have admitting privileges to hospitals in case an abortion goes wrong?? This is the case before the Supreme Court coming out of Louisiana —- Some history: Back in 2004 over 30 major medical associations—including American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association – all signed a Statement on Patient Safety Principles for Office-Based Surgery declaring, in part: “Core Principle #4 – Physicians performing office-based surgery must have admitting privileges at nearby hospital, a transfer agreement with another physician who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, or maintain an emergency transfer agreement with a nearby hospital.” **

BUT today, we find abortion clinics squarely oppose their abortionists admitting a woman in need of emergency care into a nearby hospital …. Please pray that abortion clinics all over America can put aside politics and PROFITS and truly care about women enough to keep them safe! **Radiance Foundation Website

TODAY’S NEWS From the Sidewalk:

7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports: The morning started off well with Tony and Ken (Father and Son) arriving early to help Diane and Tom unload our signs and information. They also brought a 40 DFL banner that really enhanced our witness along with Virginia and Joe, both Sidewalk Advocates, on the street. It was relatively quiet early and we were all able to pray together.

No Sneaking around with this Sign!

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

The sidewalk was blessed with so many prayer warriors this morning !  Dan from St. Maria Goretti, high school students Bella from St. Thomas More and Benson from St. Anne, and Toni, director of local Rachel’s Vineyard post-abortion healing retreats, prayed with us as well.  Janine from St. Peter in Slippery Rock and her dad, Joe from St. Patrick in Franklin, PA, made the drive down.   Sean from St. Paul Cathedral brought his two adorable sons, J and P, who sweetly waved at people in the lobby of Planned Parenthood.  Bill H. stopped by.  Faithful Sidewalk Advocates Amy, Chris, Terry, and John came down all the way from Our Lady of the Lake in Edinboro, PA to pray, and regular Saturday-morning Sidewalk Advocates Sue D., Terri, Joan, and Bridget rounded out our morning.  A very nice surprise was when Pittsburgh visitor Dan, a professor at a Christian college in another state whose wife is the leader of their city’s Diocesan Respect Life department, happened upon us and stopped to pray the Rosary with the Edinboro clan on his way to a coffee shop.  Sadly, many young women and couples were entering and exiting PP this morning.  We reached out to and prayed for them all.

Dan, Bella and Benson were ALL IN!

My daughter came home last evening for spring break, and we ended up having the most wonderful conversation about God’s amazing, incomprehensible love, late into the evening.  We were talking about how He loves ALL of us so infinitely that we can’t begin to understand it, and all we do is keep turning our backs on Him, again and again and again and again … and again …   This is SO why we’re on that sidewalk – to try to reflect even a glimmer of that amazing love we receive from God!  May He help us and empower us to reflect that love every minute we’re on that sidewalk!

Toni, Amy, Terry, Chris and John joined the VIGIL today!
Sean with sons, J and P
Terri with Janine and Joe

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Mostly it was quiet this afternoon. Not much traffic. A very pleasant and welcome surprise was the pizza that was brought to us toward the end of my shift. Thank you sir!

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports: Beautiful sunshine! Beautiful prayer group from Holy Trinity! HIGHLIGHTS:
1. A Young woman accepted our card and offer of help as she opened the PP door. We prayed: she came out very upset and quickly crossed street. We don’t know why she went in but thanked God she came out.
2. Another Young woman took a card, and said ”you helped me 2 yrs ago , keep helping people.”
3. A homeless mom – J- who is 7 months pregnant was given Mary’s Place number. (She had a phone) She was delighted with the pizza and donuts we shared! Thanks to whoever donated. We prayed for J as a group!

Holy Trinity Parish group brings out the SONSHINE!
Dan offering LOVE!!

One of our prayer Warriors, Dan, had a sign advertising Abby Johnson’s wonderful organization. We had a good time of prayer today. It seemed a young woman turned away from the clinic (and abortion) but we are not sure. She drove by a few times in a Lyft and then finally got out. She walked up and down the street a few times before making a phone call and eventually leaving the area . She was wearing the typical baggy pants we see for abortion- minded moms. Please join us in praying for her just in case.

3-5 Shift manager Katie reports:

We had a really great 3-5 turn out with the Acts Men group, and my mom came out as well. 🙂 There were a few negative cliche comments such as “I think abortion is great!” “I wish you were never born!” But we had a lot of positive comments such as nods of approval, “keep up the good work,” “thank you,” and a man who stopped to show his support and talk to us about how Jesus helped heal his substance abuse issues. It was so nice to see his enthusiasm for Jesus and the preborn! It was wonderful to have such a great group of men standing alongside us on this sunny afternoon.

Late Afternoon Prayer in the SUN! 3-5 Shift.

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  • March 15, 2020 at 4:48 pm


    Just read this now (I’m a little behind). Great reflection. And I was glad to learn about true pro-life Democrat, Sen. Katrina Jackson.


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