Day 7: Thank you Divine Mercy Parish, Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh (CCSP), St. Paul Seminarians, Allegheny County Ancient Order of Hibernians

Fear seems to be a really big part of life.

We all have fears…one of my biggest fears is of flying. It is an unreasonable fear that I cannot talk myself out of.

Because I still get on a plane and fly, it does not mean my fear has gone away.

I muster enough courage to outweigh the existing fear because I know the destination is worth it…vacation, visiting family/friends, or a new city. And I get courage knowing my husband will be there to hold my sweaty hand at the first hint of turbulence.

I have read testimonies that the overiding reason women seek abortion is paralyzing fear….of circumstances, finances, health. We stand on the sidewalk praying they will have enough courage to outweigh their fears and to tell them that they are not alone!

If you are considering participating in 40 Days for Life, but are afraid to come down to the sidewalk for whatever reason…please allow courage to outweigh your fear. You will not be alone and you may just give someone else the grace to let courage outweigh fear and choose LIFE!

Charlene 7am-9am

Today was day 1 for me this campaign. This partial reading seemed appropriate:

Is 55:10-11 “ Thus Said the Lord:
Just as from the heavens
the rain and snow come down
And do not return there
till they have watered the earth,
So shall my word be
that goes forth from my mouth;
It shall not return to me void,
but shall do my will,
Achieving the end for which I sent it.”

We stood in the rain, Tracey, Gregg, and I, doing what the Lord has asked…praying for babies, moms and dads and an end to abortion.

Beth 9am-11am

If a picture is worth a thousand words then maybe my pictures will make up for the fact I didn’t write down everyone’s name. Surely God took note. Lots of clients, lots of sadness in the rain. Everyone was offered help, some took literature, but PP made their $500 per woman today. We can pray that some clients felt the prayers and left by the back door. Beth

Mary Ann 11am-1pm

When I arrived, late for my 11am shift, I saw a police car and ambulance in front of PP and thought there was a “botched” abortion. Thank God that was not the case. A man had some kind of seizure so paramedics were treating him. The brave prayer warriors were already hard at work. Lots of positive comments today “thanks for being here and God Bless you’s”. The rain even stopped from 11 to 1pm, probably because I wanted to try out the new rain poncho I got for my wheelchair!

My shift buddy, Chris took some nice pictures but I realized after I got home that I did not get their names. Thank you to all who prayed today especially my shift buddies Chris and Mary.      

Nikki 1pm-3pm

This was my first Tuesday afternoon shift of the 40 days, I forgot how chaotic and noisy the hustle bustle of the afternoon is! It is very difficult to remain prayerful. It was wonderful to see Deacon Dan and his dedicated group from  Holy Angels. They were busy at prayer the entire time!

When they left at two, a wonderful group of seminarians showed up for their 2 to 4 shift.  Those guys were very prayerful, they prayed the rosary together and then prayed on their knees for a good long time.  

There was a group of young people who came out of Planned Parenthood and were standing inside the circle looking at the baby models. I struck up a conversation with them. The young man’s girlfriend was in the recovery area, she had went in there for a D&E  but he said the baby had already died and they were just removing  him or her.  They were intrigued by the baby models and pointed out the 18 week and said that was how far along she was. They seemed surprised to see the development. I gave them some information on postabortion healing, although they said it wasn’t an abortion, it was the loss of a child and there will be grief.  Up to this point the sidewalk was very chaotic and unsettling. I found it got much more peaceful when I got on my knees. That seems to be the only way I really feel comfortable there anymore is if I am on my knees. Otherwise, I feel like I am being too casual or too callous about what is really going on there. I cannot express my sadness when I am standing and people are chatting with me. It is easier just to kneel . The body language speaks  more loudly than words. And really, it is the best way to show that we value these little lives, even if the world doesn’t. Nikki

Michael 3pm-5pm

Today was our first Tuesday 3-5 shift of this 40 DFL campaign. We were blessed to have 3 fine young seminarians (Sean, Dan and Eli) from St. Paul Seminary who prayed unceasingly on bended knees. Marissa from Mosaic Community Church in Jeanette joined us as well as a new volunteer and first timer, Michelle. It is hard to believe today was Michelle’s first time at PP because she is a natural and really connected with passersby with most of them accepting brochures and cards. A gentleman named Tim just happened to be walking by and said he was vehemently against the killing of the unborn. Tim decided to join us and stayed even though we received a downpour of rain and fierce winds. Four gentlemen (Brian, Larry, Michael and Raymond) from the Allegheny County Order of Hibernians arrived to the vigil and said they will be returning once a week during the campaign. It is so obvious that our presence at PP is fruitful and awe inspiring to many of the passersby who support life.    –Michael

The four Hibernians, Tim, and Marissa

Lisa and Johanna 5pm-7pm


This is a common saying; theme for our State, title of a nice old James Taylor song and most importantly, we know we have a friend in Jesus.

How about the friends we have made through our pro-life work?  Well, today I was able to count not only on my dear shift buddy Johanna but also on a new volunteer to our shift who promises to be with us throughout the campaign and he brings with him fellow Allegheny County Ancient Order of Hibernians.  What a relief knowing the shift would be covered as I remained home in bed under the weather.  Lisa

 Brian, Ray, Larry, Michael and Johanna also Tim, a fellow who stayed for a while.

Johanna reported:
It started to pour down rain before the guys got there and Michael from the three o’clock shift called Diane and she came around 5:30 and took everything. The guys and I stayed and prayed the rosary and Divine Mercy. This great bunch of men walked me to my car and said they would be back next week.

One thought on “Day 7: Thank you Divine Mercy Parish, Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh (CCSP), St. Paul Seminarians, Allegheny County Ancient Order of Hibernians

  • March 3, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    A good scripture to drive out fear is Isaiah 41 Verse 10: Do not be afraid for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers!


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