Day 4: Thanks to Guardians for Life, Christ our Savior Parish, Families and Individual Volunteers

ARE you having a GIRL or a BOY or a clump of cells?

I smile broadly ever time I hear of a gender reveal party … You know the occasions where the pregnant mom and dad gather with friends and family to learn the gender of the little one mom is carrying? These have become fun, creative, well-documented events ….

Did you know that parents have a choice to know their child’s gender much earlier than ever today? Instead of waiting for a sonogram like in the recent past, with just a small blood test, mom and dad can now know the gender of a baby at only 8 weeks into the pregnancy! The new test uses cells from the baby which are naturally released into the mother’s bloodstream. It’s the latest way to get an accurate view on whether you should expect Touchdowns or Tutus…

SO – instead of talking about aborting a clump of cells, a fetus or even an unborn child, let’s be clear: EVERY abortion takes the life of a little BOY or a little GIRL and deprives a family of LOVE.


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

We were showered with blessings this morning in so many ways.

Thao came early to pray and joined Virginia and Joe, the regular early Saturday morning Sidewalk Advocates. She inspired us by her kneeling  and praying in the frigid weather for the entire two hours.  Our blessings continued when the Choices Mobile Sonogram came to allow us to offer an immediate alternative, then the whole Guardians for Life team came and filled the sidewalk with prayer and to enhance our witness. Nikki came by and set up her beautiful pro life paintings along with flowers and petals. And just as I was about to leave, a faithful prayer warrior brought us a huge container of really hot and soo good coffee.  I am grateful to all for your powerful witness in the harsh weather (and to Diane and Tom for providing hand warmers).

Guardians for LIFE bring out the SUN

9-11 Shift Report from Charlie mentions: Quiet and cold but full of love and prayer as we were joined by so many brave Angels. The first Saturday morning went well and the hope of changing hearts warmed us all

11-1 Shift Manager Anthony writes: This morning was quite chilly, and although we were sad to see PP was relatively busy throughout our shift, we were warmed both physically and spiritually by a kind man named John who stopped by to pray and delivered coffee, donuts, and an entire pizza to those present! We were so thankful to recieve these gifts, and spend some quality time in prayer for our cause.

1-3 Shift Manager Melissa Reports:
When I arrived someone showed me that someone had brought pizza, donuts and coffee for all of us! I was reminded how God loves us and takes care of us. Barbara was there from Christ Our Savior Parish church. She said there had been a group earlier but she was the last trooper left. It was truly inspiring that she stayed and prayed in this cold cold weather!  Bill later joined us as well. 
We had a a lot of supportive people walk by, giving us thumbs up and encouragement.
A gentleman stopped and told us how he had seen people here praying since he was really young and really admired what we were doing. I asked him if we could pray for him and he accepted. We all stood holding hands while Jason lead us in prayer for this man, his name was Kyle

There were a few couples going in and coming out of Planned Parenthood which is always sad and difficult to see. The door was locked and security had to let them in, which in a way can give us a moment to reach them before they enter.   Amongst the wind and cold the SUN came out warming us a bit reflecting the inner joy and warmth of knowing that we are reaching others even if we don’t always see it.

3-5 Report from Shift Manager Katie:

When I arrived for the 3-5 shift, I was greeted by Melissa, Jason, Billy, and Sherri and Zach who were there for the first time! Yay! A few negatives eventually came: There were a lot of strange stares, comments such as “you should be ashamed of yourself,” “F the church,” etc … These silly, misinformed reactions were counteracted by many more positive responses, like “I agree with you, I’m against abortion too,” “When will abortion end?,” “Keep up the good work,” and “I agree with you, it’s a baby. I refuse to buy girl scout cookies at work because they donate to PP.” The last commenter also asked us what she can do to help, which is WONDERFUL.  Despite it being really cold, it was still a nice day on the sidewalk, and I’m so grateful for all of you! 🙂

Oh! We also had a guy stop and tell us he agrees with us and how he never understands how people that advocate for not killing animals are fine with abortion and I was like YESS! 

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