DAY 3: Thank you to our generous prayer volunteers!

I hate to admit it, but I have a very hard time starting Lent and 40 Days for Life.  My fallen nature, anxious and pessimistic, gets preoccupied with the thought of suffering and bogged down in dread. 

God never abandons me in my weakness, though. He is encouraging me by reminding me of where we are going on this road. Yes, we will have to pass through Calvary; but that will just be a stop on the way.  At the true end of the journey is Easter and the end of abortion (guaranteed, whether we see it during our lifetime or not.) Resurrection from sin and death! New Life with Christ!

It reminds me of a technique I learned in Lamaze class many years ago:  while you’re in labor, look at pictures of babies to remind you of why you’re temporarily enduring such pain.  Staying focused on the purpose of the suffering gives you strength to get through it. 

The beautiful Novena many of us prayed together in the days leading up to the campaign says it very well:

In the anxieties and unknowns of life, teach me, no matter what, to follow you, my Master, my Lord, my God and my King, especially when you lead me to Golgotha. Give me hope, even without sensing it, that this is the only road to Resurrection.

Sidewalk Reports

Rose, 7-9 AM:

Shift Buddy Rose was joined by gallant Charlie and Steve on this cold morning.
Faithful Thao kneeling in prayer early today
Judy answered the call to stand with Rose this morning. 

Our shift from 7 to 9 a.m. was well staffed with four “warriors” throughout. Stephen and Judy were most aggressive approaching the many young women who came to PP. 

Many passers-by expressed THANKS for our being there.  Only ten minutes into the shift a young woman stopped by me and asked if I had strewn the rose petals on the circle. I said that another woman had just done so.  She said, “When I saw them I got tears and choked up. I know why you are here, and thank you for all you do!  I need to get to work now!” So I thanked her and hoped the rose petals will inspire others to choose LIFE.

Two scowling women at different times gave their words:  “Go to hell,” and “Go home,” to which my reply was, “Have a blessed day.”


Kathy and Mark, 9-11 AM:

A cold morning as expected.  Thanks to Sidewalk Advocate Kim, Shift Buddy Mark, Terry, and Bill H. for coming. 

I handed out many “Watch Me Grow” brochures to passersby.  At least four men who passed by spoke words of encouragement to us such as “I’m with you,” “Thanks for being here,” and “I’m prolife too,” etc.  A large group of high schoolers passed by and one student remarked positively about the fetal models while another stated he would not “kill” his baby.

Sadly, though, it appeared that three women sought abortions this morning.  Their male companions shielded them from us and our offers of resources. I made a call to the police to report a man yelling extremely loudly as he approached and passed by us.  He continued with this disturbing behavior as he walked toward Tenth Street.


Cecilia, 11 AM-1PM:

Fr. Jim with Patty, Denny, Cil, and Joyce from St. Joseph; joined by Deb from Holy Sepulcher
Ken from St. Germaine

First picture is Fr. Jim with our St. Joseph crew (Patti, Denny, myself and Joyce) along with our friend Deb from Holy Sepulcher.  Rosaries were prayed.  We are so thankful for Father’s presence! Other picture is Ken from St. Germaine who prayed the rosary with us and stayed throughout the shift.  His fasting is admirable! Thanks to Carolyn who came by to pray the rosary.  Ever faithful Bill came towards the end of our shift.  He came to our defense when one woman yelled in my face that we are disgusting.  I said that yes it is disgusting what happens in that building.  Many older kids were on a stroll with their teachers.  They came by in waves and I told them to pray for the babies.  One group of kids were very interested in our display and handouts. When one took a baby, the others also wanted one.  But then the teacher came over to stand between them and the display saying they don’t need to see and know about this stuff.  We did not agree but…Two young girls went in together to PP.  One seemed to be abortion bound… troubled.  They looked out a few times as I tried to waive them back out.  But continued in.  Thankfully, they came out a short while later.  We are praying it was a turn away and not an abortion pill. They had people coming and going. Sad they will not take our help and choose, instead, to end the life of their child. Cold day but surrounded by warm hearts with mostly positive public feedback to fuel our fire for this cause.


Elaine and Bernie, 1-3 PM:

Check for updates soon!

Pat, Val, and Mike, 3-5 PM:

Shift Buddies, Val and Mike, from St. Eugene’s in Liberty Boro

Val, Mike, and I had a reasonably quiet experience on the sidewalk.  There was a period early on, however, when we had about 300-400 middle school- and high school-aged kids pass by.  They were exiting the August Wilson Center and likely walking to wherever their bus was parked.  It still amazes me, however, how many people come out of PP in the evening, most of whom appeared to be employees, although there were customers among them as well.  At least one that I saw looked to have just had an abortion.    

Val, Mike, and I prayed a Rosary using the USCCB meditations.  Later on, I introduced them to the Surrender Novena by Fr. Dolindo Rutotolo, which I’m very fond of.  We all were thankful to Bill E. and Mary for arriving early. 


Bill and Mary, 5-7 PM:

Bill and Mary

I arrived at the vigil a little early for my shift, my shift buddy Mary was already there.  We exchanged greetings with Pat and his crew and they soon departed.  Sometimes the 5:00 Friday night shift is uneventful.  Tonight was something like that, but Mary was ready for praying and so we shared in prayer until finally a passerby stopped to look and read our signs and literature.  He declined to engage us in conversation, that reading our literature was enough for now.  After returning to prayer, another fellow stopped to look, he was excited that we were 40 DAYS FOR LIFE!  His name was Jeff and he just returned to God and was moved by the movie UNPLANNED.  We expressed gratitude for him stopping and talking and let him know that does a lot for people working the sidewalks.  Soon thereafter, Nikki & Joe arrived to take down the new posters, shortly after they left, Tom and Diane came to collect our literature. It was an early evening.  The cold weather seemed to justify it.  Thank you, Mary.  God Bless!!!


One thought on “DAY 3: Thank you to our generous prayer volunteers!

  • February 28, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    I will pray daily for an end to abortion and it ends now. I will pray for all of you angels doing this wonderful and courageous spiritual service. Praying for the unborn and those in danger if infanticide on my daily rosary. Love you all!


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