Day 2: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Divine Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, and our other faithful volunteers!


“Not only is the fact of the destruction of so many human lives still to be born or in their final stage extremely grave and disturbing, but no less grave and disturbing is the fact that conscience itself, darkened as it were by such widespread conditioning, is finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and evil in what concerns the basic value of human life.” (Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 1995)

Every day, I’m sure, there has to be at least one high-level official of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania reviewing what we write in this blog. Assuming that’s correct, I’d respectfully ask that individual to take at least a few minutes to take what John Paul II has written to a personal level. Do this by asking yourself this: Have I found it increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and evil?

Pat M.

Shift Manager Reports


 The morning started out sort of pretty, although it was very cold. The light snowfall and the calm air made it sort of peaceful and serene. Peggy and I prayed the rosary on our knees while Thao prayed on the other side of the circle.  As the morning progressed, the wind picked up and it seemed like the temperature dropped. It got to be very bitterly cold and things were beginning to blow around the sidewalk. We were grateful to have Amy as a Sidewalk Advocate, and then also Katie and Claire came.  

It was a very busy abortion day; sadly many couples entered those doors as Amy and Katie valiantly tried to intercede on behalf of those who were being led to the slaughter.  There was one couple who looked very young who, although they refused the information and went in, left again after about 10 minutes. They had not come back as of the time I left. Let’s pray that they will have a change of heart and will not come back!  

It was almost time for my shift to be over and I was just getting up to take down my large artwork display, when a big gust of wind blew it off of its place and right into the sidewalk into the path of a passerby! Luckily I was right there and grabbed it immediately, and nobody was hurt; it is very light. But, I had a scare when I tried to carry it down the sidewalk. The wind was so strong, and the artwork acted like a sail. I literally could not stop myself, the wind was pushing me where it wanted me to go and I had absolutely no control! It was the scariest sensation! Luckily Amy came to my rescue and saved me! She helped me to bring the sign to where it needed to go. This reminds me of one time when Sally was participating in Face the Truth and she was holding a large sign. She was much smaller and lighter than I am, and she had the same experience of being carried away with the wind blowing her large sign! One good thing- I was tired and sleepy before that happened, but after the adrenaline rush, I am wide awake now! Thank you Lord for protection today! 

Thank you to these lovely sidewalk warriors- Peggy, Thao, and Nikki!
Thao in prayer
Peggy in prayer
Thank you to Sidewalk Advocate Katie, and Claire!
The new team arrives! Thank you to Chuck, Carol, and Shift Manager Judy!


We arrived on the scene this morning just about the time Nikki was literally being swept away by the wind. During our shift, we had numerous encounters with people coming in and going out of PP today. Even though we approached them, they were not interested in looking at us, talking to us, or much less interested in taking our lit. We continue to pray that God will soften hearts of abortion-minded people and that they will be receptive to receive help to save their babies.

Thank you to Claire, Katie, and Meredith!

Lisa K.:

Although it was cold today (so cold I couldn’t move my lips to speak properly after my shift), it was VERY warming to my heart that five of us women were out there to pray. I couldn’t help thinking that OUR feminism– the authentic feminism that says that it is GOOD for women to be women– is SO much more beautiful than a radical feminism that supports the killing of unborn children who grow in our wombs. Thank you to all of the authentically FEMININE women out there, who see the beauty of their womanhood….. and thank you to all of the good men in their lives who honor them.

It was a busy time at PP during my shift. Sad to see that. Why are so many young people attracted to PP? One reason might be– because it offers a quick “solution” to end one’s dilemmas. Maybe we should be teaching our young people about true love and the meaning of their bodies instead.

Beth Ann and first-timer, Beth! An adorable duo! Thanks, ladies!


Thank you to Beverly and Anita!

Thank you to Connie and Cathy!
Thank you Anita and
Shift Manager Carolyn!


When I arrived at PP, Mary Jane was already there, and Carolyn was ready to leave. I had no idea how cold it was, even though Nikki called the office to say we might want to close the vigil early because of the weather. Anita and her northern friends (meaning Butler) and Edith were busy handing out brochures, and Mary Jane was lively and smiling. Thank goodness for fingers and toes because it was too cold to feel the rosary beads in my pocket. The hand warmers were a pleasant bonus.

As 4:00 approached, I called Nikki, who called Diane. I was amazed at how quickly she came. Diane has a methodical, practiced routine for getting all the signs, the tent, the brochures, the salt bucket and the weights into her car. She asks that we refrain from bringing extra “stuff” because it just won’t fit into her vehicle. I have several very good signs that I will take to the PCUC office for whoever wants to take them downtown again. Michele arrived for her first vigil, and she was disappointed that it was so brief. Even when I left, Bernadette wanted to stay and finish her rosary. Thank God for the generous hearts of those who keep the 40 Days for Life vigil.

Thank you to Mary Jane!
One of our handmade signs!

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Divine Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, and our other faithful volunteers!

  • February 27, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    You are all an inspiration to me, braving that awful could and being there for those moms and dads and babies!

  • February 28, 2020 at 8:14 am

    Birthright of Pittsburgh LOVES 40 Days for Life! Know that we are always here to support the Mom’s, Dads and babies who except your offer of help! Call me on my cell 505-977-1572 if you encounter those who say YES to you offer of help! The volunteers at our pregnancy support center will accompany moms and dads every step of the way, offering emotional support and practical resources throughout all 9 months of pregnancy and beyond! We are united with you in prayer for life!


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