The Devil Screams…God Whispers…

I didn’t watch the Superbowl, but while talking with my daughter yesterday, she informed me that she received many negative comments on her Facebook page after she posted criticism about the overt sexuality of the half-time performance. She was so surprised at the hostility in the comments that she removed her post. So…curiosity got the best of me. I went online and watched the show. Now I know the saying is true, “Some things just can’t be unseen”! The image of J-Lo’s bared crotch thrusting into the camera is burned into my mind, unfortunately. I advise you NOT to watch it if you haven’t seen it. The only good thing that came of watching it, is that it inspired this blog post, which is meant to encourage those of you who are beginning to despair… as it seems Christians are losing…correction…HAVE LOST…the culture war.

Drag Queen Story hours at public libraries are just one sign that the devil has targeted the very young.

I don’t think it’s possible to shelter our kids from the evil forces that have taken over the culture. Unless you are able to home school your kids, and keep them from all electronic devices…and move somewhere near the south pole…it is impossible. Never before has the devil gone after the young and innocent like he is doing right now. We cannot shelter our kids from the culture…but we can let them see us FIGHTING IT!!! I really think that is our best bet right now. That is the best hope that our children won’t be deceived, if they see us fighting evil.

And how do we fight it? The way God does. With whispers…like this one:

This money was sent to me by a young woman named Carita, who came to Planned Parenthood 5 years ago for an abortion. She was confused and panicked…in a relationship that she did not want to continue…and even at 18 weeks pregnant, thought the only option was to have an abortion. Our 40 Days for Life team had a baby shower for her, and even took a collection to help her to buy a car. She is now so grateful that she has her beautiful little girl, that she wanted to “pay it forward”. Even though money is short and she struggles as a single mom of two, she sacrificed this money to give to Angel, a young woman who also was scared of the new life within her, and arrived at Planned Parenthood, determined to abort. Angel had her baby last October and is now in love with her little daughter, She is grateful for the help our pro-life community has given her, and her heart was deeply touched by Carita’s gift to her.

This is an example of God’s whisper. The world won’t hear about it, and the devil despises such humble, selfless acts….but God is speaking. He is here with us and we have nothing to fear.

There is nothing more important right now than to stand up for the sanctity of human life. God loves every unborn baby. He loves every lost sinner. He loves me, and he loves you. He loves the abortion worker and those who have had abortions. He wants us to be still and quiet, humble and kind. The opposite of the world right now…that is how we are to be.

We need you to be that gentle, still voice on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood during these Lenten 40 days! Our schedule is VERY empty, and we only have two weeks to go!

PLEASE email Fran to get your church group signed up at, or email Donna to sign up as an individual at You can view the schedule to see what times are already taken at

I hope to see you at one (or both) of our kick off events! A Worship & Prayer Service at Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene on Monday, February 24th…and/or a Kick-off Mass at Epiphany Church, followed by a Eucharistic Procession to Planned Parenthood (with 40 Priests!) on Tuesday, February 25th. For details, see the flyer:

Please sign up to fast from food on certain days, to help us to make sure someone is fasting on each day of the campaign. Go to to get signed up.

God has big things in store for us here in Pittsburgh! I really believe that! I hope to see you soon!

In Christ,


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