Day 39 Thanks to St. Maria Goretti Parish, Christ Our Savior Parish, & individual volunteers

FAMILY POTLUCK SUNDAY DINNER- All are Welcome! We will gather at 6 PM in front of Planned Parenthood for closing prayers led by Pastor Joe Stump, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene. Dinner immediately following at 6:30 PM in Catholic Charities Welcome Center at 9th & Liberty. Food, Fellowship, and Tales from the Pavement. A Perfect end to our Beautiful Vigil.

Bring your Family favorite and JOIN the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE family at TABLE


7-9am Shift Manager Tim reports:

Despite Liberty Avenue being closed off along with most of the other roads near pp for the 10 mile race, the year round Saturday morning faithful (Virginia, Joe, Bill and now Thao) still managed to make their way to the clinic as did Diane with all the 40 DFL signs and materials.    With no street traffic it was very quiet and it appeared pp had a delayed start. An older man with what appeared to be his grandchild stopped to thank and encourage us. He then showed the child the fetal models and hopefully planted a seed. We also hope we made a powerful witness and planted some seeds with all the runners who came by along with their supporters. Peace and joy, Tim

Bill and Beth from St. Alphonsus SHOW UP EARLY
LIFE SQUAD: Virginia, Thao, Joe
Bill, Zach, Richard bring LIFE to the sidewalk!

Shift Manager Barbara Reports 11-3: It was a blessing to witness in the name of Christ Our Savior Parish. Richard and I arrived and Jeff and Judy had everything organized and running ship shape. Zach was standing on the far side handing out scriptural cards.   Jeff went home and Judy remained in her role as sidewalk advocate.  She was busy as people by twos and threes went in and out of pp almost continually. Zach is a psych student, back home on vacation from school in Harrisburg.  He graduated from Vincentian Academy and felt that he should not waste time.  He remained for at least 2 hours.

Linda and John arrived and prayed quietly and we shared an “Our Father.”  They left soon to return to Grove City with their friends in Life Advocates.  Three others had been across the street witnessing at 11. Jeremiah, Rebecca and Landon arrived from Washington PA, coming for the first time.  They responded to a call for help on our website.  Jeremiah has a positive warmth for life and was ready to share when asked. They are expecting their second child in April.  Their son Landon says he is ready to be a big brother.

Chad arrived alone, glad to find us there.  He stayed to share the Good Book.  He and Jeremiah spoke with a young woman who had serious pro abortion opinions.  The three had a worthy conversation.  None was won to the other side.  They separated peacefully. Chad said he is interested in joining the regular early Saturday morning team  year round.  He has another friend who might join him.  The friend had helped him change over from atheism.  Kathy shift manager and Anthony shift buddy arrived at 1.  Adam arrived to pray.  He is not related with a church at this time.  He is interested in a bus to Washington for the March for Life. Patricia and Paul arrived from Butler.  They signed in and it was time for us to leave.  It was a terrible day.  So many people coming and going … keeping the pp door busy.  It was a wonderful day.  So many people came to witness for life. Barbara

Paul and Patricia from Butler

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports: Today I was accompanied with Katie and her parents. We were praying with Adam, Paul, and Lisa who came to do the Jericho walk. 

It was a pretty quiet afternoon when we arrived at Planned Parenthood. A few people walked into Planned Parenthood, and a few workers left. Around 4:15, it was Katie, Katie’s family, Lisa and myself for the rest of the shift. Then Diane came to take the supplies for the night. 

Katie praying with Mom and Dad- A Family Affair!

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  • November 3, 2019 at 6:52 pm

    Thank you Nikki Bruni and all the sidewalk advocates and buddies and all who witnesses to Life during this campaign. God bless you all!


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