DAY 33 Thank You: Saint Kilian Parish “That Man IsYou” Men’s Group, Cranberry; Saint Mary, Holy Child, Saint Barbara Parish, Bridgeville/Cecil; Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, Carnegie; Sisters of Saint Basil, Sister Elaine OSBM; Shift Buddies Vince P., Ken B., Marie P., Melissa D., Jim and Cathy S.; Individual Volunteers Thao N., Susanna A., Maia M.; FUEL Sister Elaine O.S.B.M., Sisters of Saint Basil; and all the people who came to witness with us today!

The Shepherd’s Prayer (1864)
Jozef Israels(1824 – 1911),©akg-images

The Shepherd’s Prayer pictures a man and a woman sharing a meal in an idyllic rural setting. How different that pastoral scene would look if we could see it through a transmission electron microscope. 

TEM uses a high energy beam of electrons to let scientists observe interactions between atoms and electrons.  TEMs can magnify objects up to 2 million times.

Your naked eye sees Israels’ work as he painted it.  Your TEM view would see very active atoms and molecules instead of trees and sandwiches.  You can call both scenes idyllic.  Atoms and their accompanying items obey the laws of nature … idyllic.    

Is this microscope equipped to discern whether a person is able share the burden as well as the beauty of togetherness? No!

What can that high energy beam tell us about the peaceful quiet we notice surrounding the man and woman?  Nothing!

The Person who can equip you with what microscopes can’t see is not shy. The Bible is immersed in him. He tells you there about himself all the time. Listen. You will fall in love.

More tortuous than anything is the human heart,
beyond remedy; who can understand it?
I, the LORD, explore the mind
and test the heart,
Giving to all according to their ways,
according to the fruit of their deeds.

Jeremiah 17:9-10

Call Him by name. Saint Anselm of Canterbury learned God’s name while he was praying. This name for God is what Anselm heard God say.

that than which nothing greater can be thought

In designating God as he does, Anselm is giving expression to the elemental Christian conviction that the divine power disclosed in Jesus Christ … must be utterly strange.

Bishop Robert Barron, The Priority of Christ (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2007), 215

When you let Him into your life, hold onto your hat.  Adventure calls!

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together,
shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap.
For the measure with which you measure
will in return be measured out to you.

Luke 6: 27-28, 31, 36, 38

We witness for for babies’ lives and the fullness of life for abortion vulnerable mothers, fathers and families, and for people caught in the darkness of supporting abortion.

Those of us witnessing on the sidewalk know all about sin. We know it first hand.  We know that agony. And we know God’s forgiveness and joy. Visit us on the sidewalk. Let’s share our God stories.

Enjoy this little music moment.  These two men and their band are working toward their salvation.  Each is invited to a private heart to heart with our Father. Hearts ache.  God promises all of us that he will be right in the there with us … our strength in the battle.  Invite him!

Blues Brothers (1980)


DEE, Founder and Manager

SISTERS OF SAINT BASIL, Uniontown, Sister Elaine OSBM

I met Sister Elaine while shopping for red roses to take to the Sidewalk.  She told me that she and her sisters always pray for an end to abortion.  She said she would add a mention of 40 DAYS to their list.

Al and Sally


“The one who serves God willingly is heard;
 his petition reaches the heavens.”  Sir 35:20

Before I went to the vigil this morning, I opened an email with the Scripture readings for today’s Mass.  The verse above jumped out at me and got me going!
Thanks to Diane, Tom, Vince, Thao, Sue and Ken for serving God willingly this morning, and thanks to God for hearing our petition to end abortion!
It was a very peaceful morning of prayer, but one thing that happened really struck me:  a woman walked past PP pushing an empty infant stroller.  I suddenly got a chill thinking of all the women who, because of PP, will push an empty stroller in their minds for the rest of their lives, carrying the grief of their lost children.  

Vince arrives to serve as Shift Buddy as Diane and Tom set up the vigil.

Thao, Vince, Jen, Tom … Sunday Early bird Witnesses for Life

Ken and Sue, Faithful witness and Shift Manage


We had a large prayer group on the sidewalk today. Rosaries, Divine Mercies and litanies were said. Most of the comments were positive and I recall one angry woman who yelled out something about rape victims.  God in His timing will answer our prayers and end the scourge of abortion. Thanks to all who came out today.
Roseann and Rich

Mike, Joe, Don from St. Kilian’s “That Man Is You” Men’s Group

Don, Rich, Shift Manager, and Marge, Saint Kilian’ Witnesses

Mike, Lucina, Joe, Don, Marge

The beautiful faithful witnesses for life, R Family


Usually Sundays at 40 Days for Life tend to be quiet, at least from 1 to 3 pm before people start drinking. But today was somewhat frightening, as a woman walking with a friend started to yell at us as she passed by. She yelled, “IT’S PERSONAL AND NOT YOUR BUSINESS! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! GO HOME!” Hearing herself yelling and seeing no reaction from us, she just got revved up more and more and was screaming louder and louder again and again this mantra:   “IT’S PERSONAL AND NOT YOUR BUSINESS! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! GO HOME!” “IT’S PERSONAL AND NOT YOUR BUSINESS! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! GO HOME!” 
I actually thought she was coming unhinged. She carried on for so long that other people, not even with her, also started to scream, “IT’S PERSONAL AND NOT YOUR BUSINESS! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! GO HOME!” One man publically condemned us and yelled, “JESUS SAID, ‘DON’T JUDGE’. YOU ARE NOT SUPERIOR TO ANYONE! GO HOME!”  A few other voices in the distance joined in on the verbal lashing. I felt slightly alarmed that a mob might begin to form, so just in case I had my phone ready to dial 911 and/or record video. Thankfully after maybe ten minutes of this she and her instant followers decided to leave us alone, and hopefully themselves go home.  Now I’ll admit her vocalizing such anger was kind of scary, but I felt sad for her. Because what she was subconsciously masking as intense anger … sounded like deep anguish to me. So I pray the next time she passes by maybe peace and healing will start in her. Maybe she will turn to somebody for help … maybe she will see that it IS our business, and we CANNOT go home and leave the unborn babies ALONE to their fates. We CANNOT leave innocent babies, men and women ALONE with no one to pray for them, cry for and with them,  nor  help them. ABORTION IS EVERYONE’S PERSONAL BUSINESS!


Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church made a great showing and we were blessed that Father Jason was here with a lovely icon of Jesus surrounded by the innocents. Are there any more innocent than those killed by abortion? Unborn, not to the age of reason. Never having had the opportunity to live. Deprived of life at its dawn. Lord, have Mercy on us. Lord, have Mercy. 

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic parishioners crowd the sidewalk with prayer. Father Jason, Pastor, is in the back row to your right.


It was a peaceful, prayerful, and pleasant shift with fellow Jesus lovers witnessing for life.
All for the greater glory of God!!!
Joe W

Barbara, Deacon Myron, Mike, Patty, Tony, Angela

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, Carnegie

Faithful Bridget prays kneeling.

Father Jason and parishioners from Holy Trinity Ukrainain Church


And God saw that it was good.

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