Day 32: Thanks to Oakmont/Plum/Verona Catholic Parishes, St. Ferdinand , Jeans & a T-Shirt, Harvest Baptist Church


I like the part of HALLOWEEN when the neighborhood kids come up to the door with their costumes, trying hard to take on the traits of the superheros they are dressed to be. You can always see a little “breech” in the costume — their own tennis shoes, or a shock of blond hair poking out the side of a dark wig – – – the eyeglasses without lenses, or a drooping crown or slipping pair of fairy wings. At this very moment I believe we get a little glimpse of how GOD sees each one of us.

I was downtown for the President’s visit and I saw a lot of folks taking on images of protest— there was some vulgarity and some unusually dramatic dress, and lots of eagerness to communicate in lots of ways…. One young man had a full length cape on adorned with white lettering. The language on the garment was quite colorful. He seemed agitated by our presence but said he was too busy to stop and straighten us out. I didn’t want to annoy or threaten him by taking his picture. This is how I think God saw him:

GOD knows us at our purest best. He sees beyond the vagaries of the world. He LOVES each and every one of us as a mom loves a baby. He loves that guy in the nasty black cloak!

I HOPE that during these next several months of turmoil in the movement for life, we will all be able to look beyond the Escort Vests, Pink PP T-Shirts, Surgical Scrubs of the Abortionists and Nurses, and see the beautiful, unique, lovable persons God has created for this world.

Shift Manager Tim Reports 7-9 am

It was a very quiet morning downtown so the prayers of the Oakmont/Plum/Verona churches rang out on the streets. We prayed aloud the prayers on the back on the “baby” signs for moms, families, politicians and abortion workers.  Great prayers.
We had a nice group on both sides of the arc and made a nice witness with our praying and holding our signs. Tim

Shift Manager Dean Reports 9-11am


Shift Manager Reports 11am-1pm

Shift Manager Anthony Reports 1-3 This afternoon we had some rain but nothing more than a drizzle and a light breeze at times. We had 6 great men from the Jeans & A T-Shirt group come and pray with us as well as pass out information cards and brochures. This Saturday seemed busier than usual, with a lot of individuals and couples going in and out of Planned Parenthood. Although this isn’t what we like to see, it gave us more opportunity to talk to those who may be in need and just show by our presence that there are resources and people out there who care and can provide support in order to avoid abortion. Overall we had a good shift with nothing too negative to support. Also, a kind man dropped off a tray of cookies which we were able to hand out to a lot of children and some adults(who we made sure took a pamphlet or card as well.)

Men from Jeans & A

Shift Manager Billy Reports 3-5pm Joe B and I covered the 3 to 5 pm shift today and Joe took pictures. We were with volunteers of Harvest Baptist church of Natrona Heights. We had a couple of individual volunteers and ended with St. Patrick’s church. One of the more impactful parts of my shift was a young woman came and looked at the baby models and one of the women from Harvest Baptist church named Sabrina went over and talked to the woman. The woman confirmed she had an abortion and said he did have a child afterwords. It was really touching to see the love of God through one of our volunteering church members who came to our vigil. We also welcomed Jim who comes frequently around the later shift on Saturdays because he lives close. We also encountered by two people who asked what we were doing. We ended with rosary prayers. 

Damp but Happy 3-5 Prayer Warriors

Shift Manager Reports 5-7pm

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