Day 30: Thanks to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St. Richard and St. Catherine Parishes, BCC Intercessory Prayer Group, and all who prayed with us!


Do you remember what Nikki wrote just a few days before this campaign got underway?  I know I do:

Please pray, fast and sacrifice as much…no….MORE than you think you can during these 40 days! The roots of evil go very deep under that abortion clinic…and we need to give as much of ourselves as possible to loosen the soil so that God will pull them out!

So now that we’re about ¾ of the way to the finish of this campaign, if someone hasn’t begun a fast as yet, or has started one and given up, is it too late now to bother? 

40 Days for Life rests on three pillars:  prayer, fasting, and peaceful outreach.  And I’d be willing to bet that if a poll were taken, well over half of us would say that fasting is the one aspect of 40DFL that we struggle with the most. 

While I have my own struggles with fasting, I’m going to share with you what’s worked for me for the last several campaigns.  My hope is that it might help someone reading this to be inspired to not waste the opportunity we have to fast well in these last 10 or so days.  Because as you know, it might make all the difference.

1) Our Father knows best:  Don’t decide on what you’ll fast from without a good prayer consult with God.  Let Him shine the light for you on what form your fast will take.  [Personal note:  Last campaign God challenged me to fast from criticism and negativity.  I never would have even considered that without prayer and discernment.]

2) Know your limitations:  Think in terms of stretching yourself a bit, but don’t pick something which will require a truly heroic effort on your part.  For example, consider fasting from sports or sit-coms on TV as opposed to fasting from TV all together.

3) Consider a “building-block” fast:  Because know my weakness, I always start with something small which I know I is doable for the full 40 days.  But then on the second Sunday of the campaign, when fasting from that particular type of food or entertainment has become a little easier – because it’s become imbedded into my routine – I ask God what other small thing can fast from.  And each Sunday after that I give some thought and prayer to whether or not I can handle adding another small thing to my little fasting list.

4) Never “white-knuckle” it:  If you’re trying to give up something with your own strength, a) you’re much less likely to be successful, and b) the inevitable pride in your own accomplishment will likely suck all of the spiritual benefits anyway.  So, constantly talk to God as you fast.  Tell him how weak you are and how much you need His help in the fast He has asked you to do.

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.  Hebrews 12


7-9 AM, Nikki & Peg:

9-11 AM, Judy & Meredith:

Thank you, Father, for such a beautiful day.
As Meredith and Chuck (my Lincoln Place Nazarene compadres) and I arrived on the scene, Katie was already on the sidewalk greeting and intercepting. Thank you, Katie, for taking the time, effort and resources to pack such lovely handout/goody bags for the individuals headed in and out of PP. Priscilla was also there with her smiling face offering her prayers and reading scriptures over PP, before she headed out to her busy day. We have been blessed to have Priscilla with us these past two weeks. We also really appreciated having the Recovery Care bags handy to offer to wounded women coming out.
One haunting thing I noticed today was that nearly all the individuals going into PP were going in as nonchalantly as to get a flu shot. But it was devastating to see them coming out. There did not seem to be anything nonchalant about what happened to them in there. There were 2 or 3 who came out with bags which we assumed were the abortion pill. One individual looked confused or bewildered. I remember one looking distressed, one was dazed with tears in her eyes. One individual came out with a man older than her, she seemed quite distressed and possibly in pain. I offered the Recovery Care bag but she refused and kept on walking. “Heartbreaking” hardly describes those situations. So I just kept praying for those sweet little babies as they lost their lives today and found themselves whole and in the arms of Jesus.
We all tried to engage everyone who went through the doors but were unable to get anyone to listen. There were a couple not-so-nice passersby, but there were more passersby who were positive. There was a man in a wheelchair who stopped, thanked us for what we were doing and prayed with us. We just continue to cry out, “Lord, save these babies and these moms and dads.” We pray for those who had abortions today that the Lord will lovingly minister to their broken hearts and bodies. Thank You, Jesus.

Meredith and Katie
Katie and Chuck

11 AM-1 PM, Marilyn & Fran:

Today I was blessed to sub for Lisa as shift manager. Parishioners from St. Catherine’s and St. Richards, Tony & Elaine, Margie, Erin, Val and Mike joined in praying along with Dave from Most Precious Blood and Cathy from Monroville Assembly of God.  Thankfully sidewalk counselor Katie was present too.
Unfortunately today was an abortion day at PP.  While we could see it was a pretty, sunny day, the sun did not shine in front of 933 Liberty Avenue. It never does.  
Two toddlers were enthralled with the pictures of the babies on the signs. A three year old kissed one of them! So precious.  
A woman stopped and shared that when she was 18 she had an abortion. Thirty one years later she still thinks about and regrets it. She was glad we were there. Katie gave her information about Rachel’s Vineyard.  
A woman suffering with drug addiction stopped and we prayed with her.  Several people did not agree with us being there and were not shy about letting us know. One woman said there is no God.  We have a hurting world out there.   So much to pray for.  

Mike, Elaine, Tony, and Erin from St. Catherine & St. Richard
Margie, Mike, Val, and Erin from St. Richard & St. Catherine

1-3 PM, Carolyn & Cecilia:

Beautiful afternoon for prayer. Horse patrols fun to watch. Good number of people accepted flyers. So lovely to have family with little ones. Nikki’s call for shift buddies was heard by several good people.


3-5 PM, Helen & Anita:

Check back soon but scroll for more!

5-7 PM, Mary & Jim:

We started at 5 with Anita, Cecilia and others from the 3-5 shift, who stayed on to pray a while and hand out information.  I was joined for a short while by Jim F, then by super prayer warriors from Bridge City Church, Linda, Beth and Michelle, and faithful Jim M from Bridgeville.  We didn’t have many stopping by, but did give out information, and the three ladies from Bridge City Church engaged a friend of someone who is pregnant and considering abortion.  They spoke with her and gave her all the information her friend will need, and later we all prayed for her friend. 
After the display was picked up we were joined by Beth of St. Mary Church, and we all prayed together in front of PP.  We were approached by someone asking for either food or money, and Beth was able to direct him to a church providing dinner a short walk away.  She joined us at just the right time! 

Linda, Beth and Michelle (not in that order)

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  • October 24, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Great suggestions Pat! Thank you! I need some help with fasting!


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