Day 29…Thanks to the Monroeville/Penn Hills Parishes and all the brave souls who showed up today!

When we heard the news that President Trump would be holding a rally today at the convention center here in Pittsburgh, a discussion was had as to whether or not we should cancel the sidewalk vigil. In addition to the logistical problems of parking and road closures, we were worried that our close proximity to the rally could put us in danger of being targeted by anti-Trump protesters. I have always preferred to err on the side of caution, mainly because it is OTHER people’s safety that I am concerned with, and somehow that is more of a burden than simply worrying about my own. However, I have been trying something new lately. And that something new is TRUST“.

I was praying at the vigil with Dolores a couple weeks ago, and in between prayers she told me a story that has influenced the way in which I pray. She said that she knows one of the Sisters of Divine Providence, whose congregation has recently moved to Pittsburgh. This Sister was telling her that when you pray and ask God for something, you had BETTER trust that He will answer! She said that she always asks the Blessed Mother to pray for her to be able to find a parking space when she comes into town. One morning, after praying that prayer, and seeing that all the garages had “filled” signs on them, she pulled up to the entrance and told the attendant that she had reserved a parking space in advance. He shrugged and let her in…and sure enough…there was a space for her! She didn’t lie or deceive…she TRULY TRUSTED that the Lord would provide! Dolores and I both giggled about this story…but seriously…it has affected the way in which I pray.

So…when I prayed about whether or not we should cancel the vigil today…I remembered that Sister’s simple, child-like trust...(which Jesus said we must have!) And so, I decided to ask our team to pray and fast, that God would protect us today. Many of us did that yesterday. So today, with the trust of a child, we simply pulled into that parking space!

Before we get to the sidewalk reports from today, I want to let you know of an exciting pro-life event coming up! Abby Johnson will be speaking at SS. John & Paul Church in Franklin Park on Thursday, December 5th at 7 pm! Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased at this link: If you have never heard her story, I highly recommend it! There are still lots of tickets available! Get yours today and I will see you there!!!

Here are the stories from all of those who TRUSTED God Today….

Peggy & Carissa 7-9

All is calm. Traffic very light.
Working people must have stayed home.

Fran came early this morning and stayed until the rally began.

Cathy 9-11

Joined by shift buddy Billy, Kevin, Debbie, and Fran. There was not a lot of activity, either on the street or in/out of the clinic, likely because of the road closures for the President’s visit.  Praying for PP workers and clients as well as for the safety of all in town today.

Cathie, Priscilla, and Billy
Kevin came from Saint Bernard’s church in the morning and then again in the afternoon.
Linda came from Fourth Presbyterian Church.

Hank & Judy 11-1

Be still and know that I am God!  It was a quiet day, very little street traffic and much less foot traffic than usual so more time to quietly pray with the realization that the Lord’s voice is not in the strong wind, nor the earthquake, nor the fire but in the tiny whispering sound which is best heard when we are still.  When I arrived for the shift Nikki was there praying quietly on her knees and Debbie, on the opposite side of the circle,  was quietly praying the rosary.  We were joined shortly afterwards by Lynda from 4th Presbyterian and Fran from St John the Baptist.  We received a number of negative responses to our presence including a young woman who pulled over the stand with the models, but we also received a good many positive comments.  Blessed be the Lord our God who is our strength and or shield!!  To Him be glory and praise for ever and ever!!

Lynda and Debbie
This man came all the way from Kittanning to pray today.
Changing of the guard, Hank, Chris and John

Chris, Rege & John 1-3

Another afternoon of gorgeous weather praying on the sidewalk.  Probably because of the President’s visit three blocks away, there seemed to be less foot-traffic on Liberty Avenue and, according to their website, PP was closed today, although the doors were open.   The only women I saw enter the facility were workers.  I was joined in multiple Rosaries by Bob, John, Nikki, Beverly, and Sarah, as Kevin prayed in the street, outside the semi-circle.  Nikki prayed on her knees and also led a Chaplet of Divine Mercy.


A man stopped and prayed with us, we prayed Melissa’s prayer that she sent to the team, it is an awesome prayer! We need to get it laminated and keep it at the vigil! Another man stopped and wanted to know what the circle was for and when we told him that those who are opposed to abortion cannot go in it he said that he would have to walk around it also, so he did, in solidarity with us.

In the early hours, many people were supportive and thanked us for being there, but as it got later, there was more hostility. One young woman walked past and very quickly sent our fetal model display flying across the sidewalk. No harm done, I blessed her and then picked up the materials.

Sara from St. Louise
Changing of the guard again, Missy, Jeannie, and Rege

Jeannie & Virginia 3-5

What a beautiful afternoon on the sidewalk. It was a bit chilly but sunny and Pro lifers showed up today! It seems everyone came early for their shifts and extra people stopped by. We had a handful of cranky folks opposing the president but none of them really seemed up for a reasonable conversation about why we were there. Conversely, a gentleman from oil city and his son who is in the Air Force stopped to thank us for being there, and a gentleman who was part of the airportConvoy parked his car along the side and came out to tell us his life was wonderful because his daughter had a baby girl in May and she was not married and the baby was unexpected. He said the little girl is the joy of his life. It was funny how the two sides of the political side were demonstrated today. My favorite comment was a young couple in their late teens early 20s walked by and took a look at the fetal models. As they were walking by the girl turned to the young man and said, “wow they look just like little people in there!” He said, “well they’re not.” And she said “yeah look at them.” What a beautiful confirmation that the truth will prevail.

Pictured in the group which was pro life strong are Nikki and Joe and Regis and Marilyn and Virginia and Victor (who stopped by on his own ) and Steve who was an added part of team life. We are ready for whatever challenges God may send us.
Lots of volunteers

Joe K & David 5-7

Scheduled folks from the Monroeville / Penn Hills parishes, including Dave and myself…  
Exact order back to front:  Dave, Ed, Lisa, Jean, and Ken from Monroeville/Penn Hills Parishes, and Joe.

Arrived early and the drive in was spooky light with traffic on a golden fall weekday afternoon. Caught-up with Shift Manager’s Jeannie and Virginia as well as Nikki who had been there practically all day – Bless you all!  
Lots-o-lots of foot traffic…  
Prayed and shared…  Early on in the shift seemed to contain more negative comments – the fetal models certainly do seem to hit a “nerve” (aka conscience)…  Amazing to watch Jeannie and Nikki respond beautifully to the drive-by-ers…  
A few folks seemed to want to engage politically, but were politely and brilliantly invited by Jeannie to pray with us…
As the afternoon faded to evening the faces seemed to get more friendlier and supportive… The good folks from the Monroeville/Penn Hills Parishes:  Ed, Lisa, Jean and Ken joined Dave and myself in prayer and sharing.
The shift ended as calm as it started. Thanks and blessings to all those that came down today and to those praying and fasting for a safe day!!!

joe K.

One thought on “Day 29…Thanks to the Monroeville/Penn Hills Parishes and all the brave souls who showed up today!

  • October 23, 2019 at 10:12 pm

    I actually enjoyed my time down there today. Having someone in high office who supports the right to life brought many “thank you’s” from those in town for the event. A few women stopped and prayed with us for short moment!


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