Day 28: Thanks St. Matthias and all the individual Prayer Warriors

It is my habit to walk and trace the thin yellow line that marks the buffer zone at the PP building as I pray and witness during 40 Days for Life. As I was doing so during my shift, the guard appeared at the door and cautioned me about stepping over-the -line. I acknowledged him and moved a step back while continuing my path of prayer.

As I walked, I thought about this line that separates us and creates the “buffer zone.” A yellow line…which is ordinarily meant to caution, warn and protect from harm, here is ignored by those who cross it to enter a building where 50+ human babies are killed every week.

How ironic it is, I think, as I continue my path, to be cautioned to stay on the safe side of the line; while a pregnant Mother is allowed to step over-the-line to place herself and her unborn baby in danger as she ignores the yellow caution line.

Let us continue to pray, witness and walk-the-line in the sure hope that by our Faith and with God’s help, we may caution, warn and protect from harm, those that come with the intention to step over-the-line.

7-9: Charlene

Today was a confusing weather day on the sidewalk…warmer than it has been for my shift this entire campaign. But with rain…warm rain. Maybe it wasn’t the weather but our attitude as we celebrated the court ruling!!!  Dick and I and Greg (SA)…arrived first and discussed it…than Jackie(SA)…then Claire (a pray-Er who still has the same rules). Jackie and Greg were carefully testing the waters but then Jackie walked with a young woman to the door. Even though the woman still entered PP, Jackie felt the woman heard her! It was a very uplifting day!!
My meditation this morning said, “Remind yourself that God’s grace is so much more—so much more abundant, so much more powerful, so much more effective—than the sin you see. And then choose to immerse yourself in the grace that God pours out, which he does always and without fail.” He will stand with us against the evil of Abortion today AND tomorrow. Praying for safety tomorrow and enjoying a little celebration today!!Charlene

9-11: Beth

Discouragement is the devil’s strongest weapon but God sends encouragement when we need it!
When I arrived Dick and Charlene were properly drenched as were Claire, Jackie and Greg (whose supplies are in the red fios bag underneath the fetal models).

There was an enormous flatbed trailer with excavator on the back. Big burly guy goes up to Claire and tells her to move because he is pulling out,  but then he says that he really respects us standing in the downpour trying to help.  He said what we do is right and what abortion does is wrong! Encouragement
And Jackie took a young lady to Catholic Charities, they are closed tomorrow, and although the young lady wasn’t pregnant  she took the literature and was glad that Jackie spoke with her.  Dean,Claudia, friend Claudia and Lisa prayed as it poured, a couple walked to the alley and when approached the father smiled and said it was too late although they later went back into PP, laughing, I guess because they fooled me.
So I can either think about encouragement or discouragement. If I pick discouragement, the devil wins.  If I concentrate on encouragement maybe a baby will win. It seems that the most important thing about being prolife is Showing Up! We don’t always know what to say or do, doing nothing is worse. Nine out of ten times we’re not successful but if you don’t show up that tenth time the baby may be lost.

And Claire had placed a rose by the picture of a baby. Two women asked if that was a memorial for someone who had died.  Claire said it was, people do die in PP every week, babies 

Jackie taking a client to Catholic Charities.

We followed the court’s guideline, peaceful, one-on-one conversation, and we did walk through the yellow  circle and no one said anything as far as PP is concerned. Don’t know if this is their policy or no one wanted to come out in the rain.

11-1: Fran

As always happens on rainy days, fewer people were on the sidewalk, and the ones who were there, passed by quickly.  But, even in the rain, many people were willing to pause for Elsie to accept the literature she offered.  Also, I have to say, I wasn’t prepared for the rush of joy I felt when, for the first time, I saw the results of the new law that was passed on October 18th: A Sidewalk Counselor walked inside the half-circle (censorship zone) and spoke face-to-face with a couple entering the facility.  Being able to approach the couple made a difference in the quality and length of the conversation.  We were all praying that they will consider what was spoken to them.  Quoting an article from the Alliance Defending Freedom: “Every American has the right to speak on public sidewalks — including pro-life sidewalk counselors.”  Thank you to everyone who made that happen!   We have new reason to hope that soon, every American will once again be assured of their inalienable right to life – the central prayer of our campaign.  Our mission continues….. The rain in no way dampened the prayerful spirits of Claudia, Claudia, Elsie, Maggie and Karen.  Thank you so much for the silent prayers, rosaries and intentions that were all offered on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Use the link below to read the Alliance Defending Freedom blog about the buffer zone!

1-3: Nikki

It was a prayerful shift with the wonderful and dedicated Christians who came all the way from Greene County today!

 The rain stopped soon into my shift, we prayed for pretty much the entire time, although I did have opportunity to talk with one abortion bound woman. She accepted my information and let me talk to her, she was polite, but she did not want to accept  any help and her and her boyfriend went in anyway  and never came back out. It was very sad to see how busy it was today, with many abortion bound couples entering and many obviously post abortive couples leaving. That’s why I stayed on my knees for most of my shift, that somehow makes it better. I felt the Lord’s comfort and presence with us on the sidewalk today. He is with us and he loves us and even though this breaks his heart,  we are close to him when we do this. 

Young man showed up and prayed an entire rosary on his knees

3-5: Michael

The rain stopped prior to our shift and the sun came out to crown us with a little warmth for awhile. Shift buddies, Kim and Michael, were there since 1 pm, along with three ladies from their church in Greene County. A lady stopped to ask me if we get paid to do this and I said no. I should have said we get paid “big dividends” when a pregnant woman decides to keep her baby and not abort. Four young teen girls stopped to chat and criticized us for being there. They said we harassed women and we should not be there to make women feel worse than they already feel. They said it is not a baby until it is born. We listened and tried to instill the truth, but they were closed minded and did not want to really listen openly to what we had to say. They were sarcastic and did not think we had a right to be there. Another passerby stopped and sounded a little like the four teens, but she was a better listener and was more open minded. She said she was transgender and thought we would hate her for being that way. I told her we don’t hate her and we love her and everyone.  She appreciated and thanked us for accepting her the way she was. I thank God I was there today to be a defender of life in the womb.

5-7: Lisa

Do Not Be Afraid!  Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.    Pope Saint John Paul !!     Feast Day October 22. Thank you to my buddies Johanna and Denise once again for their prayerful presence.  Elizabeth also was welcomed again this evening.

Inspired by the words of our dear Pope St. John Paul, I believe he was watching over us this evening.  We were Not Afraid, but, I can say I was irritated!  One bar patron in particular came outside frequently and hassled me each time.  I prayed to the Holy Spirit to give me words of rebuttal but they appeared to fall on deaf (inebriated) ears.  I felt very unsuccessful in handling the situation(s).  I prayed for help and here comes my angel, Johanna over to the side of the circle I was on and showered this woman with so much of God’s love and positive affirmation  that I’m sure that seeds of hope and love were planted this day by Johanna.      Johanna ended up giving this grieving soul a big reciprocated hug.  Johanna, you are so loved by me and by God.  You are a great role model to imitate!

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  • October 23, 2019 at 8:22 am

    Thanks 🙏 Lisa it was the Holy Spirit. She said that God didn’t love gays. I told her God loves all. He made us and no matter what we do He will always love us. We named her Annamarie after St Anne and Our Blessed Lady. Please pray for her. She even said good night to us as she left the bar .


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