Day 27: Thanks to St. Joseph Parish and all the individual Prayer Warriors

Just beneath the surface

Did you ever wonder what is going on just beneath the surface of all the people around the vigil site? 

Oh BTW, the picture is a “thermal feature” at Yellowstone National Park. The water in this pictures is lethal hot since this is an outlet for the heated water just beneath the surface caused by an underlying volcano.

Speaking of beneath the surface: What is beneath the surface of the people passing by the vigil? What are they thinking and feeling when they see us praying, holding signs and offering help?  Some are oblivious to us, some see us and are ambivalent,  some are feeling anger and resentment and some see our evangelization and share our joy and hope. ·         

What are we and the vigil prayer warriors feeling beneath our surface: Hope, love, frustration and an eagerness to share our compassion and real help.        

What are the women going to pp feeling:  fear, confusion, pressure,  hopelessness, no options, extreme stress? But, do they also feel our love and compassion?  

I believe most people when they see us with the eyes of their hearts see our love and compassion… whether they admit it or not. We are life preservers, we offer hope and options, we are the last chance for those who really don’t want to go into the clinic.

So as we go forward let’s not be shy in sharing what we have under our surface with those most in need of those virtues.  You are a life preserver.  All we need to is just show up. And share our love. See you on the streets. Peace and joy. Tim

Here are reports from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

Rose and I were joined by faithful, cheerful Thao who prayed on the opposite side of the circle for the first hour so that both sides were covered. It was great to see Charles again who I know from many previous campaigns! We were talking about how he took someone to Women’s Choice Network last spring and how beautiful their facility is and how much time they spent with her! We said many prayers, Rose handed out lots of pamphlets and Charles engaged everyone who entered PP. The fog was lifting by the end of our shift. Hoping and praying that abortion will follow suit! Thanks, Sue

From Ginny 9-11 am: We had a very busy morning.  Charles and Christopher from North Hills Reformed  Presbyterian Church were there at 9. Then Charles wife Phoebe and their 3 kids arrived. They all sang the most beautiful inspiring hymns in the most angelic voices. 
Later their were 2 different women who were not sure but thought they might be pregnant. Both of them accepted information for help from Phoebe.
Please pray for them to make the right decision. Another lady was there from St Paul’s quietly praying the rosary the entire time 

Here’s from Donna 11-1 pm: It was an interesting day today. I thank God for providing wonderful prayer warriors today to join Diane & I. Ken, from St. Germaine,  Arlene from St. Maurice, Steve from St. Thomas More and Joan joined us on her lunch hour. We had an interesting day. Two gentlemen wanted Ken’s rosary and he offered them one from the box and they refused. They spoke to Diane and said we should be handing out condoms. Don’t think so. Then someone came by and told me we weren’t helping anyone just judging them and that abortion is not in the Bible. It may not be said in the Bible but one of the commandments is “Thou shall not kill”. That pretty much covers it. We had another gentleman thank us and had a thumbs up. A man by the name of Chris came by and thanked us and said a beautiful prayer. Another gentleman pulled up in a car and thanked us and said “God bless you” and gave a donation for 40 Days For Life. As Joan said to me that was the Holy Spirit sending them to us to reaffirm why we do this. God is working hard behind the scenes to right the wrongs of abortion and He will not be mocked! Thank you to whoever put the 26 week old baby model at the vigil. 40 Days For Life is truly the depiction of what the body of Christ should look like. Blessings For Life, Donna

Here’s from Beth 1-3 pm: It could have been a lonely place but instead I had wonderful prayer partners on the sidewalk today Joan  and Joe were there when I arrived. Katie and Arleen also showed up to hand out literature and pray. And as Joan returned to work Roseann stopped to pray just on her lunchtime. 

Not many entering pp but lots of people passing and the fetal models really caught some attention Finally near the end of my shift, Linda,Ann and Desiree from St. Joseph and St. Michael’s church in Lucinda and Freyboug Pa appearedAnn explained that they just picked the time at random not knowing that they were here just when they were really needed. The ladies from Clarion County ask for prayers for miracles for Karen and Donna their friends. God hears our prayers so we will ask. Beth

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