Day 25: Thanks to Washington Churches,Holy Trinity Church, Robinson, Holy Family Church, Steubenville, and others!

STRONG HER: adjective:/strôNG/ɡər what a woman becomes when she becomes a mother!

I recently had the opportunity to attend a multi-day family wedding. Actually it was the most FAMILY wedding I have ever attended. Children of all ages were welcomed and accommodated — there were 27 kids meals at the reception !!

One of my borrowed cherubs: Veronica

With all these babies, I happily took the opportunity throughout the days to “borrow” as many little ones as I could to hold and cuddle. In so many pictures, my arms are filled with chubby legs and cherubic faces. I was thrilled to once again hold each one close to me as my “little one” was now the groom!

A day after I returned, I noticed that my arms were aching and sore, as though I had pulled muscles in them doing some strenuous work. It then occurred to me that I was not used to MOM ARMS! Holding those adorable little ones takes strength — muscles that I do not use regularly. You have to secure their body weight and ensure their comfort. A baby is not a sack of potatoes or grocery tote you can simply set down if you get fatigued!

We start with a little bundle to hold…

We get those tiny newborns as we begin the journey of active parenting. And as the babies grow, so especially do the arm and back muscles of their parents—-Moms in particular!

As our children grow, so does our STRENGTH to be there for them – it is a beautiful perfect plan!

I think the physical strengthening of mothers is a wonderful reminder of what is happening within that woman who has accepted the call to become a mom.

I have been blessed to be a part of watching 2 unprepared women learn they would be mothers. These 2 grew in ways I could never have imagined as their babies developed and as they made plans for the future. In both cases, for the first time, these young ladies had to consider someone besides themselves; they had to step up for someone else!

SO when we call for the natural process of motherhood to be respected and supported even when a mom is in crisis, we have a twofold gain: A precious innocent life can continue to be a part of our world, and a woman who likely never imagined that motherhood would change her becomes STRONG. STRONG HER !


Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life

7-9am Shift Manager Tim Reports

The brisk weather did not prevent the faithful from the Washington Churches grouping and Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life from coming and making  a powerful witness on the street.  We were also blessed to have the mobile sonogram unit from Choices Pregnancy Services offering free alternative services. Several people stopped and said encouraging words and even prayed aloud for God to encourage, defend and support us. Peace and joy. Tim

Washington STRONG!

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

A chilly, first-frost (at least in my area), winter-coat morning!  But no wind or rain, so it was very bearable.  I arrived to find the faithful Guardians for Life praying.  Charlie and Amy, my loyal shift buddies, were also there, along with Patty M., Sidewalk Advocates Sue and Terri, and the amazingly ever-present Thao.  Pauline from Pennsylvanians for Human Life Allegheny County chapter joined us too, with Dotty from New Life Fellowship.  Thank you to all of you!

Choice Mobile Ultrasound ready for MOMs

It seemed there were more escorts than usual on duty this morning.  More people than usual entering PP, too.  The Choices mobile unit was there, parked across the street, but unfortunately no one chose to use their services despite our recommendations.  At one point a steady stream of folks were going into PP and it seemed like perhaps there was a meeting going on there.   Judy offered a PP-bound couple information and was able to talk to them for several minutes; they walked away and it looked to us like they’d completely left, but several minutes later they returned and entered PP.  We prayed for every single person entering and exiting.

At one point mid-shift, a feather fell from above onto the sidewalk, reminding me of the blog comment earlier this week about a falling feather being a sign from Sally.  I like to think it is.  Today is “Sweetest Day” — admittedly, a holiday probably made up by Hallmark — but it fits that Sweet Sally would send us that today.  I know she is praying for the babies and for us.

‘s Feather from Sally?

11-1 Shift Manager Dean:

Hi there. Thanks first of all to the folks from Holy Trinity in Robinson who came to pray at P.P.
Many of the women and couples who were exiting P.P.  refused the yellow cards and support information that was offered.
We talked with a young man who was unaware that this location was a Planned Parenthood center and that abortion regularly happens there. His grandfather who is still alive at 96, was a survivor of a  Nazi forced labor camp during World War Two.

Holy Trinity STRONG
St. Peters Steubenville Family Effort on the Sidewalk Saturday!
Elisabeth Sharon and Mary from Holy Trinity
Jenny & Tom with Esther and Elijah

1-3pm Shift Manager Sharon Reports: Some wonderful prayer warriors were present during the 1:00–3:00 shift. Maggie from St. Peter’s stayed for awhile after being at the previous shift.  Mary and Renee from Holy Trinity in Robinson led 2 hours of constant prayer.  Chuck and Carol from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene came to do a Jericho Walk around Planned Parenthood and gave us all encouragement.  Volunteers Tom and Jenny came with their lovely children Elijah and Esther..  A very nice young man named Frank stopped on his bicycle and prayed for several minutes.  Laura, from Holy Family in Steubenville, joined us the last half hour.  I didn’t think to get her picture because a few others from her church were supposed to come for the next shift.  She brought “Recovery Care” packages that she had put together for post abortive women.We thank God for the good weather today and for the opportunity for conversations and to pass out printed information.  The work of 40 Days is so very important.  In addition to babies and mothers being saved from abortion, people are being educated one person at a time. 

Carol and Chuck did a Jericho March
Thank you for your prayers and witness!

3-5pm Shift Manager Katie B reports: When I arrived, I met Tom and Laura, and Laura had “free hugs” on her sweatshirt which I loved! Tom was passing out materials and a surprising number of men were receptive to taking them. Lisa then came, and me and Laura spent some time finding pro-life prayers on our phones. We had ranging comments from “God bless you” to “Hail Satan” and “Jesus isn’t real.” We were joined by a group of other wonderful individuals and Billy came down early to join us! We had a man stop to look at the fetal models, asked if he could take a picture, and then proceeded to tell us that his baby was due in December and that “if you lie down with someone, you need to take responsibility for your child” (YES!). Other than those few negative comments, it was a fairly pleasant day on the sidewalk! 

5-7pm Shift Manager Joe reports: Beautiful weather coupled with prayerful, kind Christians, life doesn’t get any better than that.

Joe, Jim, and Billy
Fran and friend

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