Day 24: Thank you to St. Ferdinand RL Group, OPV Catholic Parishes RL Group, and Individual Volunteers!

From “Pro-life or Pro-choice, ‘Unplanned’ Will Get Under Your Skin” by Emma Winters. Read the entire article at

God has plans for Ashley Bratcher’s life. Those plans included starring in a movie that would touch hearts and open minds to the humanity of the unborn. Ashley’s mom said “yes” to those plans when she walked out of that abortion clinic. Doing so not only saved Ashley’s life, but the lives of countless other children who were spared by the impact of Unplanned.

God has plans for your life, too. He knows how far the ripples of your “yes” will reach. Ashley Bratcher’s story is great encouragement for us to listen to God and go where He’s directing us. Is he directing you to come and pray on the sidewalk?


Sidewalk Reports

7-9 AM, Barbara & Richard:

Early morning light looks beautiful downtown in front of PP.
Night shift is going home. Daylight shift hurries to work. Parents with little kids on their back or hip or in a stroller, or by the hand or circling around their knees… their little voices soft, their eyes attentive.
We remember to bring red roses so we can scatter the red petals on the sidewalk. They speak for the killed babies whose voices will not be heard.  They speak for the mothers whose bodies will be bloody. They speak for the hearts that break in the carnage.
The people going into PP declined our help. I knelt down. Somehow I felt better.


9-11 AM, Kathy & Mary:

Thank you to all who came to pray today.  May the God of heaven hear our plea to end abortion.
A few people passing by accepted literature.  Those entering pp, except for one or two patrons, did not.  Some hostile comments spoken to us by passersby were countered by positive statements from other passersby.

Kay, Cindy, and Pam from St. Ferdinand’s Church/Cranberry; Sidewalk Advocate Kim; Shift Buddy Mary, not pictured Priscilla, Bill H, and Judy
Carol and Sandy from St. Bonaventure Church, Glenshaw/Shaler

11 AM-1 PM, Sheila & Lori:

Thanks to all the wonderful 40 Days for Life participants who filled in at the last minute.
There were quite a few couples who entered during our shift but none of them accepted any information. Not long before I left, a woman (“E”) stepped outside to smoke.  Joan approached her and “E” said that her friend “A” was there for an abortion and was about to speak to one of the counselors. “E” stated that “A” is a single mom who is living with her mother with a toddler, a 10 month old and two jobs, and doesn’t want another baby. “E” and “A’s” mother have encouraged “E” to keep the baby and are supportive. “E” even offered to adopt the baby. Joan encouraged “E” to get “A” to come down so we could offer help/walk her down to Catholic Charities. “E” said that she would try. I had to leave at 1pm and asked Elaine to keep an eye out for them. How wonderful it would be to learn that “A” had a change of heart.


1-3 PM, Elaine & Bernie:

Check back soon! Scroll for more…

3-5 PM, Pat:

It was a fairly quiet and peaceful late afternoon for us.  I had Fran and Dan from St. Joseph’s in Verona and the always faithful Mike and Val from St. Mark’s in Liberty Boro.  Bill H. also joined us for most of the shift – and this after standing with Elaine when she was alone for her 1-3 shift!  Many thanks from all of us for that, Bill.  Later on I was joined by David R., who came early for the evening shift and faithful Thao.  Shortly after SM/SB Bill E. came, I left to catch my bus.  

Mike, Bill, and Val
Dan and Fran

5-7 PM, Missy & Bill:

Thank you to our prayer warriors  from 5-7on Friday… It was a quiet night for the most part. I am so inspired by the people who come to pray! Thank you dear Jesus for them. .. and Thank you for hearing all of our prayers to end abortion.

John and Bill E.
Thao and David R.

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  • October 19, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    Really well done, Jen. And I didn’t know how she got connected with the movie. That was interesting to learn.


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