Day 21: Thank you St. Margaret Mary (Moon), Holy Angels Parish (Hays) and Individual Volunteers!

There is a museum in the town of Ave Maria, Florida dedicated to St. Teresa of Calcutta. Ave Maria University is adjacent to the town and its President was Mother Teresa’s attorney for 12 years. He became her friend and was the benefactor of many of her artifacts which can be seen in the museum.

One of the exhibits is the video of Mother Teresa speaking to the guests at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994. At the podium, her small stature is barely visible…the white part of her habit circling her “invisible” head like a halo. Yet, her voice is strong, clear and easily heard by the assembled politicians, many whom are abortion advocates. Her speech begins without apology:

“The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion. Jesus said; if you receive a little child, you receive me. Every abortion is the denial of and neglect of receiving Jesus.” She continues, “It is really a war against the child. The murder of a mother against her own child. If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell others not to kill one another? A country that accepts abortion is NOT teaching its people to love one another but to use violence to get what they want.” She then encourages those listening to fight abortion with adoption and offers to take any unwanted children.

The words of this humble Saint continue to teach us today! Most of us won’t be called to speak to a room full of politicians, but if you are standing at “the podium” (on the street) you ARE witnessing. In the spirit of Mother Teresa, let your voice be strong and clear, even if you are barely visible above the podium…except for your halo!


When Steve and Tracy and I arrived in all of our layers on the cold street, I mentioned how I do not sleep well the night before my shift. I mean, it’s not like we are going to meet the lions in the coliseum! We are peacefully praying. And yet we all know it is more. This mornings devotional scripture hit the nail on the head:
“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to stand”.Peaceful prayer…God’s powerful weapon!!

We were joined by Greg, Dave, and Bill. Our Pittsburgh Pride friend, Julius, also stopped and was so sad to hear about Sally’s death. He was going to try to make the viewing and see Al. Their lives have touched so many. Prayers for them both.~Charlene


Warm hearts but frigid fingers today! Tracy from steubenville kept vigil for three hours.
Claudia and Beth Ann from St. Alexis came and lead prayers which were needed especially today, an abortion day. We saw about 4 to 5 couples go in after the abortionist arrived. A wonderful group from St. Margaret Mary came, including Maureen, Jackie, Chris, Don, Peg and Lou! Please pray for “s” who came to PP to get health insurance because she is pregnant. She had to get back to work but she said she would be back on Wednesday.
Stay warm and Thanks to our fellow witnesses for life! 


I felt blessed to be in the company of so many veteran prayer warriors today.  When I arrived I first noticed 2 very familiar faces among the many pray~ers, shift buddy Beth Ann and Claudia.   Their regular presence and ready smile always make me feel welcome.  I soon learned that the rather large group standing with them in reverent prayer were parishioners from St. Margaret Mary (Maureen, Jackie, Chris, Dom, Peg, Lou).  The gentle kindness and warmth of this group radiated blessings to the people passing by.  It was a wonderful surprise that only an hour later our numbers would double with the arrival of parishioners from Holy Angels whose hearts were filled with hope that all of our prayers will be heard (Rosemary, Joan, Mary Ellen, Jean, Patricia, Anna Marie, Dan).  In addition to these two beautiful groups of people (who spanned 3 shifts today) we were joined by Beverly, who is a long time, faithful witness on the sidewalk and also Cathy who came to pray with us on her lunch hour.  Cathy brought with her a multi-page document of prayers that she had put together herself and I regret that I did not get a chance to see inside.  I am hoping I will be afforded that opportunity again.  We were also joined briefly by Bill who blessed each of us with Holy Water and also a gentleman who, I believe, stops briefly every day to pray, and he has been doing so for some time.  This man does not sign-in and he does not address anyone from the group, but his faithfulness is very much noticed by many in our group.  I mention this because we often reflect that we can never be sure how many hearts are being touched, just by our faithful, loving presence.  May we always be willing to be a channel of God’s Love.   


Sun shining on the dirty building

 It was a bright and sunny day on the sidewalk, and there were many prayer warriors there. A large group from St. Margaret Mary Parish on one side, and a big group from Holy Angels Parish on the other. It was a peaceful shift, not much to report. Everybody was just praying  either in groups or by themselves. As I was praying and looking up at the building, I noticed the sun shining on the bricks and the glass, showing the filthiness of the building.  It occurred to me that as the sunlight  reveals the filthiness of the building, so our presence  on  The sidewalk  reveals the ugliness of abortion.  And I was looking at the letter that is engraved in the stone above the door, the capital R, I was imagining that one day that will stand for Redeemed, when our Lord redeems this place for himself.    I am grateful for everyone who came out to pray today! 

Michael – Kim

It was a beautiful day and great to be able to enjoy sunshine and warmth in the middle of October. Even though we had no churches at this time, Michael and Kim were great prayer warriors as always. Many passerbys were supportive and defintely pro-life. Many people said thank you to us for being there and many gave us a thumbs up. These words and gestures of support are truly appreciated and help to restore our faith in people. It helps to make us realize we are not alone in this battle for life.


I want to thank Michael, who stayed with me until Diane’s husband came to pick up the treasures we have to work with.
I also want to thank Donna who stayed with me until the 5-7 shift was done.
Michael not only did his 3-5 shift but stayed with us for the 5-7 shift. He didn’t want to leave two women alone.
We had a very good shift with many people thanking us for being there. Michael met a fellow Orthodox Catholic from Tennessee. All in all it was a happy and holy time with prayer and grateful people. Thanks, Johanna

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