Day 18: Thank you to St. Maria Goretti Parish, Christ our Savior Parish, Oil City Catholic Community, Sidewalk Advocates, and Individual Volunteers!

Editor’s Note: Our regular Saturday blogger, Jeannie, is “off duty” for her son’s wedding day. We rejoice with them and hold them all in prayer!

Sidewalk Reports

7-9 AM, Tim:

The day started when it was dark and dry with little street activity.  The normal Saturday pp escorts were not there, which we take to mean as a very good sign that no abortions were being performed. We were joined by Carolina and later Dan from St Maria Goretti. 
The wind and rain came making our witness even stronger especially Amy, along with Vince from Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, who knelt in prayer. Thao, Jimmy and Bill, the frequent prayer warriors prayed in the rain as well. Several people passed and thanked us for being there. Peace and joy. 

Saturday regulars Virginia, Joe, Chuck, Bill and Carolina
Amy in prayer

9-11 AM, Sue:

I arrived in the chilly rain to find no PP escorts on the sidewalk, and Joe, Tim, Bill, Charlie and Amy H., and Thao holding down the prayer/outreach efforts.  Shortly after I arrived for my shift, Sister Jolenta arrived with a beautiful dozen of red roses.  On her birthday, she wanted to bring them in honor of, and to come and pray for, the babies who will never see a birthday.  As she was telling me the story, a man stopped by to talk.  He expressed much concern for his sister, “A,” who is addicted to drugs and is about 6 months pregnant and was asking for resources for anywhere that could help her.  We gave him the yellow card and encouraged him to call Women’s Choice Network or Choices Pregnancy Care Center and that they would be able to guide him to medical and emotional help for both his sister and the baby.  We promised prayers for all of them.  He thanked us and went on his way.  Please pray for “A” and her baby.
Although very few folks entered PP for the first hour of the shift, business picked up considerably after 10:00.  We prayed for and reached out to each person entering and exiting.  Sidewalk Advocate Sue D. spoke several times to a young woman who had just exited PP and was waiting for a ride.  Sue was not sure of the reason she’d been in PP, but she accepted literature, including post-abortive healing literature.  Sidewalk Advocate Judy was also able to give healing literature to a woman whose daughter was inside having an abortion and had said it was too late to go back inside to try to convince her to change her mind.  Although I’d been told several times, this solidified for me the sad fact that no escorts does not mean no abortions are going on there.  Please pray for all of these folks.
At one point we were sharing life events that are large parts of the reasons we are on the sidewalk praying.  Amy, who was adopted as a very young girl, shared how happy and thankful she is that her birth mom chose life.  I shared that my great-aunt had told me my grandma had had an abortion back in the ’40’s — my aunt or uncle.  A significant deal to me, as I only ever had one living uncle and no aunts.
Toward the end of the shift, Barbara and Richard arrived, sweet Barbara bearing three more dozens of red roses!  40 Days folks, keep up the prayers and fasting …… God is working!

Sr. Jolenta with her roses
Charlie & Amy H., with Dan from St. Maria Goretti, and Sr. Jolenta
Barbara with 3 dozen roses!
Sad sign in the window of the bar next door to PP
And another…

11 AM-1 PM, Dean:

Mostly it was a quiet afternoon that went by fairly quickly. A larger than usual amount of people were going into P.P. and refusing information abourt various pregnancy support groups. Continue to pray for eyes and ears to be opened.

Four men from Girard Alliance in Erie, who came to pray this afternoon.
Old Glory flying high above us on​ Liberty Avenue today.
Fellow shift Mgr. Barb, Jeanine, and folks from Christ Our Savior, Northside, on hand to pray.

1-3 PM, Barbara & Richard:

Our chilly rainy sidewalk blossomed into warm sunshine for our shift.
Actually, I was there from 11-3, witnessing with parishioners from Christ our Savior Parish, newly beginning on the North Side.  Our Pastor, Father Tony, joined us and the sidewalk blossomed again as he lead us in prayer with the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
This was the first time with 40 Days for fellow parishioner Jeannine and the second for Patrick whose parish is downtown. Tom passed out literature and his family accompanied him. Bill stopped by.
We brought roses and tossed them to adorn the sidewalk in honor of the children whose lives were taken by abortion today.
Many passers by gave us high signs of encouragement, warm smiles and “thank you.”
It is a blessing to belong to the Body of Christ.

Patrick, Tom with his wife, Jenny, and two of their children
Richard, Shift Manager Dean, Jeanine, Sidewalk Advocate Sue

3-5 PM, Katie:

The 3-5 shift was not without its share of negative comments, but it was a wonderful day with Rick, his wife Shari, Shari’s sister and a handful of other individuals whose names I’m sorry I did not get. There were some people who told us that they were “praying with us” and others who gave us a “thumbs up” from their car, which was nice. There were negative comments from a woman walking by further down the sidewalk saying that she donates to Planned Parenthood very loudly so that we could hear her, another woman shouting “my body, my choice” (isn’t that phrase getting tiresome?), but the most notable comments came from a worker of the bar next door who shared many angry, expletive opinions with us, one of which included that he “hopes there is a hell so that we can burn there.” These are comments intended to get to us, of course, but we know that God and our cause are much bigger than the anger that causes these individuals to lash out at those of us that stand up for innocent life, and I pray that they find the strength to deal with whatever underlying issues are causing this anger before they keep continuing to destroy their souls. 


5-7 PM, Jeff and Billy:

Check back soon!

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