Day 14: Thank you St. Peter (Steubenville) and St. Agnes, (North Huntingdon) and Individual Volunteers

COURAGE: The attitude of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, painful or uncomfortable instead of withdrawing from it; the quality of being fearless or brave.

Pope Saint John Paul II often said “Be Not Afraid” and he knew well what that meant! He lost his entire family before the age of 21. His mother when he was 8; his brother when he was 11 and his father at age 20. He was ordained to the priesthood in a persecuted church in Poland, ruled by communism. He suffered debilitating Parkinson’s disease with great courage until his death. His entire life spoke to the words “Be Not Afraid

Let those words resonate with us now…in this 2019 Fall 40 Days for Life campaign…YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH!

Let us, as Pope John Paul II did, wield our weapons of prayer, peaceful witness and unconditional love, He did so and lived to see Poland as a free country. As we follow the Pope’s example, let us stand in solidarity and proclaim that we are not afraid and we have the COURAGE of our convictions. May God bless us and may we live to see our country free from the scourge of abortion!


I love coming to the sidewalk on an early morning like today. Crisp, but not cold, people hustling but peaceful…sooo peaceful. Prayer warriors arrive: Dick, Tracey ( my buddy), Beth and Shawn from St. Peter’s in Steubenville, and our SA, Steve.

Our peace was shattered when a lady threw a glass of pop at the baby models. I screamed (it just came out). The women said, “That’s how I feel when I see the model and know you are working to save babies that are just going to be abused.” Beth jumped right in with several “God Bless you”. Sadly, this woman had a child, about 6, with her. He did not look or turn around…just kept walking. We need to pray for the woman and little boy. They both seem to be hurting. And we pray for the babies in PP…and we put our trust in Gods plan that he will intervene according to His own wisdom and timing. Charlene


From Father Solanus, “God, who loves tiny beginnings, will know, as He always does know, how and when to provide developments” (p. 211).  Tuesday from 9 to 11 will be my time to follow pro-life giants like Al and Sally, and Lillian R. among others who “hung out” at Planned Parenthood for so many years, praying for an end to abortion. From their tiny beginnings, just a few stalwart believers, we now have over one million 40 Days for Life participants this fall campaign. And 40 Days started with only 4 people praying around a wooden table.  God does love tiny beginnings. 

The St. Alexis Crew

 Today, my shift began with just St. Peter’s from finest, Tracy, Beth and Shawn making a valiant effort to pray and change hearts with smiles and literature and prayers, of course.  Ed from St. James joined us as did Beth Ann and Claudia from St. Alexis.  When Priscilla dropped by, as did Bill, we formed a praying presence on Liberty Avenue.

Ed guarding our work

A young woman approached the ladies and said that her friend was raped and wanted to abort.  She listened quietly as we gave her what she needed:  the truth and lots of help.  Pray for this young woman to be able to change her friend’s heart.  Only God can make incredible goodness come from incredible evil, and He will. We just have to be there to make those “tiny beginnings.”

Tracy, Beth, Steve, Shawn


What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday it was cloudy and raining and cold today we had blue skies and sunshine and comfortable temperatures.  What will tomorrow bring?What a difference a minute makes.  A woman decides that abortion is her only option and she travels to Planned Parenthood.  She is met by the prayerful, loving presence of the 40 Days for Life volunteers and she learns that she has other options.  What will tomorrow bring?  Although we can never be certain of what tomorrow (or the next minute) will bring, we do know that God is with us through it all, including the women who walk into PP.  I felt God’s loving presence in the women whose mission it was to make sure that no one should be alone today ~ not the shift manager nor any of the women who were heading for the doors of PP.  

Claudia, Beth Ann, Michele, Mary Ann and Lisa brought warmth and light to the sidewalk today.  Their prayerful presence made this day even more beautiful.  A gentleman stopped and asked for information because he would like to become involved in our mission.   He wants to be involved because he believes that from the moment that the seed is planted, there is life – he knows this for certain because it is God’s Word.  Amen. 


 I actually was feeling guilty as I was driving into Pittsburgh today with the magnificent blue sky and warm temperatures! I felt so badly about everybody who suffered in the cold rain all day yesterday, but I have to say that it was a pleasure to be able to pray in such nice weather, and especially with so many faithful members of Saint Agnes Parish in North Huntington   They had a large group of prayer warriors, about 10 of them, including their pastor, Monsignor Paul. They were all extremely prayerful and made a powerful witness of Christ’s love. It was a sad time to be there, as many couples left, who were obviously post abortion. Some of them looked so sad, I prayed for them that they will be healed and set free    And not held in bondage, which is what Satan  often does. He uses a past abortion to take a soul captive and make them feel like they are not worthy of forgiveness, when in fact, God wants more than anything for that soul to humble themselves and turn to him and ask for forgiveness. He is so merciful and eager to forgive the sin of abortion! I saw one woman who did not seem sad, she practically bounced out of that clinic, still munching on the cookie that they must have given her  recovery. I had the thought that, although she did not seem to be bothered about the fact that she left her child behind, that there were all of us there because we cared about that child, if for no other reason than the fact that that little boy or girl was part of our human family, and was made in the image and likeness of God, who is all good.  There was much to pray for today, and pray we did! It was wonderful, as always, to see the next shift arrive, Mike, Kim, and Michael. I hope they have as peaceful of a shift as I did. 

Michael – Kim

A beautiful day in the PP neighborhood, in terms of weather, prayer vigil, positive passerbys and the Lord’s presence. The Lord is everywhere, especially inside of all the PP’s. And of course, Satan is there too. The battle continues, but our Heavenly Father is on our side. “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  It was a peaceful shift with one exception. A gentleman, and I use the term generously, in a red coat, pushed Bill hard and tried to take his sign. Bill resisted and pushed back. The man ripped Michael C’s sign off of him, breaking the cord, but Michael retained possession of the sign. Then he ran off on his merry way. There are cameras which most likely captured all of this. I am not certain if we should report this to the authorities? Other than that, it was a good shift. Thank God for our devout and prayerful shift buddies, Kim and Michael. 

Michael, Kevin, Michael, Bill, and Kim

Lisa – Johanna

It was a quiet and uneventful evening.  Just a few abortion mill workers leaving for the evening during our shift. Pictured is Johanna and Denise in deep prayer.  Praying for the day that No Parking sign reads No Abortions! Bernadette and Elizabeth both stopped and prayed with us for a time.
Appealing for prayers to stand with Johanna next Tuesday 5 – 7 PM as I cannot be there.  Please do not let her be alone! 🙂 Blessings, Lisa

Johanna and Denise in deep prayer

2 thoughts on “Day 14: Thank you St. Peter (Steubenville) and St. Agnes, (North Huntingdon) and Individual Volunteers

  • October 9, 2019 at 1:50 am

    Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers.

  • October 9, 2019 at 9:58 am

    It seems to me that the woman who threw pop was like a bottle of pop that has been shaken up. God pushes us out of our comfortable existence and confronts us with what He wants us to do, and we don’t like to be agitated by Him, and we look for a boat that is going in the opposite direction, as though He will just give up and move on to somebody else instead pursuing us passionately to the ends of the earth. (I am reading Brideshead Revisited.)


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