Day 13: Thanks to St. Raymond of the Mountain and St. Teresa of Avila and lots of others

Who knew…

… that one could find true joy by witnessing outside the abortion center? Did you ever recognize that deep feeling in your heart as you were leaving and probably driving over one of our bridges? Knowing you did God’s will by praying and witnessing to those going by and those going in?

We are like the disciples when they returned to Jesus from their mission with great joy. Sure it requires dealing with the inconvenience of going downtown and being uncomfortable holding a sign and praying in public. However, if we do our part to end abortion through our prayer, fasting and witnessing, God will hear our prayers and through His power will end abortion in HIS time and way.

Don’t be stingy with the joy. Feel free to share it and ask your family and friends to join you. Peace and joy to you. Tim
Here are today’s stories from the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

Rose and I were joined by regular pray-er Thao and a new guy, John …this was John’s second time standing at the vigil. We chatted a little and John told us his beautiful story of conversion. You do meet the most wonderful people during 40 days for Life! It was a steady downpour during our time, but we had many positive comments, a high five and a woman who stopped to tell us about her daughter who chose life and adoption about 12 years ago for her grandchild! Many employees entered PP and we offered our time and prayers to God for the end to abortion at PP. Thank you! Sue

From Ginny 9-11 am: It was very quiet on the sidewalk.
One lady came by and asked us how late in a pregnancy Planned Parenthood does abortions. When she heard 22 weeks, she was surprised
She said she had trouble in one of her pregnancy at 24 weeks and needed a lot medical attention. She was blessed to carry her baby to term.
She asked us for a set of rosary beads, to pray for the babies and mothers. Which we gladly gave her.

Beverly prayed with Maryannne, my shift buddy, and me today.

Here’s from Rachel 11-1:

Prayer Warriors from St. Raymond of the Mountain

We had 5 of us. Ed, Joe, and me were St Raymonds. Andrea and Janie Our Lady of Grace. Almost all positive, thumbs up, God Bless you, and only two people rolled their eyes. 

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

Needless to say, this was not a day to work on keeping your tan at 933 Liberty Avenue.  All the forecasters that said the rain would clear out by noon should sharpen their pencils and try again.  Someone asked me how many times I would use the word “wet” in my report.  Yes, it rained and rained which is a whole lot better than “it snowed and snowed.”  And I was honored to be with the 40 Days for Life version of “pro-pro-lifers.”First, everyone came prepared with umbrellas, some boots, some rain hats and ponchos.  Congrats to Diane and Co. for having the umbrellas already there in the set-up, an insurance policy.  Second, the choir of angels from St. Teresa of Avila Church, Diane, Mary Lou, Marge, Ken, Ruth, Sandy, Ed, Bobby, Libby, and Maggie, kept beautiful prayers floating upward while angel Margie from Christian Bible Fellowship and I manned the other side of the infamous circle. Everyone knew the rules, keeping the sidewalk open and maintaining a prayerful demeanor. And as one of the gentlemen remarked, it was just a wonderful group of wonderful, wet people.Perfect timing, as they were leaving, Vicky and Kevin came to meet Marie as the next shift began.  PP didn’t have many clients, mostly staff going in and out.  We pray for each staff member and those that pass us whether they are with us or against us.  There is no place where God’s grace cannot go, in every heart and  storefront on Liberty Avenue.

From Marie 3-5: It was a cool rainy shift with Pete.  No activity at Planned Parenthood.  Rev. Van Hayger from Buffalo joined us for a rosary and Thao from Catholic Charities came for the last part of the shift.

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  • October 8, 2019 at 3:54 am

    God blless you all for your stick to it attitude…… it can be so very cold there and being wet makes it even colder….


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