Day 11: Thanks to Bellvue Knights of Columbus, Ascension Holy Name Society (Jeanette), Guardians for Life, St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Assumption, Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of the Lake



I have the privilege of using a chapel at a neighborhood church for a few hours each week. Last week, as I was leaving the chapel, the doorknob fell off in my hand. I examined the parts and could not see where the problem was — the parts all seemed sound and the screws holding the knob in place were not missing. As I pondered the situation, additional chapel visitors came in. Luckily, one was a skilled craftsman who took a look at the parts I held. After examining the situation, he explained that the door knob was not fixable! He showed me how the steel bar which runs through the door had sheared in two, and suggested that the only solution was a replacement. It turns out that the explanation was an astonishing, yet simple one. Visitors to the chapel WORE THE DOOR KNOB OUT !!!! . None of us did it independently, and no one realized what we were capable of, but day after day, visitor after visitor the quarter turn on the chapel doorknob ultimately broke down the steel of the mechanism. TALK ABOUT THE POWER OF PRAYER! Each turn of that doorknob meant someone was coming to pray with Jesus, someone was taking time out of a busy schedule to be a part of the worship of the Savior of the World. So– in reality although the doorknob finally failed as I was using the chapel, every one of us who have entered the chapel is guilty of breaking the doorknob! Our prayer cut through STEEL.


Today on the sidewalk, you will hear the remarkable, fantastic, glorious SAVE of a baby. This miracle was accomplished this morning, as one of our Sidewalk Advocates greeted a woman headed to the PP clinic. This morning, one woman chose LIFE for her child. This morning, the heart of our pro-life effort was full. But, like the doorknob, it was not just our sidewalk advocate Sue who is responsible for this wonderful event. It is the culmination of the prayers, sacrifices, fasting, teamwork, and advocacy of EVERY ONE OF THE Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life Team. This SAVE IS YOUR SAVE——- You DID IT!!! Certainly, Sue was in the right place at the right time. But we know that is not the whole story — prayer warriors were on the sidewalk with her, others were in homes or cars praying, others in convents and rectories. Some people involved had a 40 Days for Life yard sign displayed, or were simply wearing a 40 Days T-Shirt or a PRAY TO END ABORTION button on their jackets. Some responsible people can be found because they have a pro-life bumper sticker on their car! You see, just as every one of the prayer warriors entering my church chapel BROKE the doorknob, IF YOU ARE READING THIS BLOG, you SAVED A BABY TODAY! with love and HOPE- Jeannie

Guardians for Life and St. Anne’s prayer warriors start the day

7-9am Shift Manager Tim Reports: It was a brisk & blessed morning as we had prayer warriors on both sides of the PP entrance. Father Tim and the Guardians for Life and the Bellevue Knights of Columbus led the prayers.

9-11am Sidewalk Advocate Sue Reports:

God saved a precious baby today from abortion!!!!!  PRAISE HIM!!!  And I am so very thankful He allowed me and all praying today to be on the sidewalk today to witness to it!  A lady changed her mind.  A huge THANK YOU to the many prayer warriors from the Guardians for Life, Assumption, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of the Lake in Edinboro, PA, Ascension and other Jeannette parishes, St. Paul of the Cross, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and also including a young family of four with two adorable children.  A steady flow of folks did enter PP today, and we prayed for each one entering and exiting.  I can remember only one negative reaction today from a passerby, who spit on the sidewalk in front of some folks.  But because of the saved baby, joy prevailed among the praying folks.

The witness to the decision today for Life was astounding; I’m finding it difficult to put into words the joy I’m feeling about this.  Please pray for the lady who chose life today and her baby, and for everyone who entered PP today:  clients and workers.  And please NEVER EVER think that your prayer and witness is ever in vain!!

11am-1pm Shift Manager Dean Reports: Not much happened during the time I was down there.  I handed out some cards.  There seemed to be a larger than usual amount of traffic going into PP.  Basically, it was a pretty quiet afternoon.  

1-3pm Shift Manager Kathy Reports: 2 hours went by quickly! Shift buddy Anthony, went behind PP and verified there is a back door. A passerby stopped to talk, “ Its murder pure and simple” he reflected sadly. First timer, Stacy, engaged with Kevin as he stopped , ”The embryonic state is our first encounter with heaven and creation.” 3 girls came out of PP at intervals, & 2 took information. We passed out many cards and Anthony observed: “We will never know how many babies are saved by these because they have resources!”

Anthony, Bill and Knight Ted Join the Vigil
(Not pictured: Stacy from Peters Creek Baptist)

3-5pm Shift Manager Katie Reports: When I first arrived, Kathy stayed with me for a while until Jim from the Knights of Columbus showed up, as well as another individual named Jim who I’m told lives around there and comes down often. We witnessed Kathy be a wonderful advocate for life by explaining fetal development and birth control to two young girls who were curious about the display model. Charlie from the Knights of Columbus then came, as well as Bill, Jeff, and later Billy. We received a few negative comments, such as an individual telling us that abortion is “already a settled law” (as if that makes it moral), and two younger girls telling us that what we were doing is “messed up,” and then walked back the other direction and recorded us. Other than a few negative encounters, the evening was fairly calm without many comments, positive or negative, from anyone. 

5-7 Shift by Jeff and Billy…Billy writes:

I was the last shift with Jeff, today Katie stayed later because I was running a little late. Charlie also was with me this evening. There was a lot of traffic and people passing us by. During the shift we mostly got a lot of looks by passersby, but not a lot of conversations were engaged with us. We all prayed for a short bit and then Tom came to grab the gear!

Katie, Billy and Charlie, along with Jeff closed out the vigil today.

4 thoughts on “Day 11: Thanks to Bellvue Knights of Columbus, Ascension Holy Name Society (Jeanette), Guardians for Life, St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Assumption, Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of the Lake

  • October 5, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful news of the save! Praise God! I am so encouraged to continue praying. Tomorrow our 7th grade CCD students will be praying a rosary for life. I will share this meditation and story with them.

  • October 5, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    Jeannie, your analogy of the doorknob was perfect! It is so true…everyone who does the little bit they can, all combines to have a BIG IMPACT! This is a team effort, and the Holy Spirit is leading the charge! God is good and we trust in Him!!!

  • October 6, 2019 at 12:00 pm


    Nikki’s right. Great reflection (and what a witness to those who use that chapel). And Sue, thank you so much for all that you and Kathy do for SAFL here in Pittsburgh. Glad that it happened on your watch.

  • October 6, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Praise God for the save! Birthright is available to help this woman have her baby! We would be happy to accompany her and her baby with emotional support and practical resources for the duration of her pregnancy. God bless 40 Days for Life and SAs


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