Day 4: Thanks to Choices Mobile Sonogram Unit, St. Sebastian, St. Peter, Log Church, St. Elizabeth, and Individual Volunteers


I often think of this line when I see a young woman pregnant for the first time, headed for Planned Parenthood. So much of American advertising uses this philosophy– We don’t want to be left out, to be the only ones that don’t know about something, to be “that guy” who is out of the loop. I always wonder if a woman who is headed for abortion could get a little glimpse of what her own motherhood would be like …… would she be able to have an idea of WHAT SHE MIGHT BE MISSING? What if we could let her know the incredible feeling of holding an infant close to you and snuggling with that baby-soft newborn bald head? What if we could explain the feeling you get when your kindergartner scribbles out a Valentine to Mom in that crumbly crayon printing? What if we could explain that motherhood is the TOUGHEST and BEST job in the world, and that the bond with your child only gets deeper over time? What if we could tell her WHAT SHE IS MISSING? Those of us who have been blessed to be mothers know that it is truly a struggle at times — it is sometimes heart-wrenching and even painful. Still, since the beginning of time and until today the bond between and mother and child is irrefutably the STRONGEST ON EARTH. Truly, if a woman headed for abortion knew WHAT SHE WAS MISSING, she would certainly not want to miss it. Our presence on the sidewalk insures that at least a few women each year get to imagine what they might be missing and CHOOSE LIFE!!

Shift Manager Reports from today:

Jill and Betsy with the Mobile Sonogram Unit

7-9 am Shift Manager Virginia reports:

The 7-9 AM shift 9/28 found no PP escorts and very light foot traffic and street traffic as well. PRAISE GOD! The Mobile Sonogram unit arrived at about 7:20 am, and almost immediately a young couple entered the unit which was sitting on the side of the August Wilson Center. They were in the unit for about an hour, which is great news. They exited and were still outside when I left. Shortly after they came out, Joe escorted another patient, a young gal that was headed to PP into the mobile unit. She was still in the unit when our shift ended. Thanks be to God for the mobile unit.
A loyal group from St Elizabeth’s joined in the praying and Sidewalk Advocate Sue came to do the next shift.

Shift Manager Sue with Linda & Vince from St. Sebastian and Mary Grace and her mom Suzy from St. Peter joined in prayer.

9-11 am Shift Manager Sue reports:

My heart always leaps up when I arrive at 933 Liberty and I see … NO ESCORTS!  Today was one of those days.  the no-escorts scenario often (but not always) indicates NO ABORTIONS being performed that day — and from what we could gather, that did indeed seem to be the case today!  Very few people entered PP during my shift.  And even better:  the Choices mobile ultrasound unit was there today, and not one, but TWO women entered for services!  The first was during the shift before mine (7-9), but the second was shortly after 9:00.  Joe K. had the honor of walking the second young woman over to the van, during which time he said she talked happily about the baby and about God.  PRAISE GOD!!!!!

We were joined by many gracious prayer warriors, including folks from St. Michael’s in Wheeling, students from Grove City College, and a few other locations that I apologize I did not write down.  Many thanks to Charlie and Amy H. for helping me out today with SM duties!  At one point, two young women entered PP.  I reached out to them to offer them information and told them about the free pregnancy tests & ultrasounds offered by the mobile.  The one woman looked like she wanted to talk, but continued in.  Joined by vigil participant Sue, I stood within view of the women as they were inside, and we prayed.  They stood at the entry window area for a long time, at times hugging and touching each other supportingly.  They disappeared over into the waiting room area, but came out shortly again and walked down the street.  I offered info again, but again they declined.  They then came back to PP and entered again.  It was awhile this time that they were in there, but when they came out, one held a paper and they looked stressed and walked hurriedly.  We told them we were there for them and invited them to come back and talk.  Please pray for these women, that whichever one is pregnant will choose life.

A young man came by at one point after the girls had entered for the first time and just stood in the circle for a bit, staring into PP.  He asked what we were doing and we explained, and he seemed interested.  He then entered PP and talked to the person at the window for a bit.  When he came out, I asked if he would mind sharing what he had been talking about with the person (who was the guard).  He said he’d asked the guard “how much it costs to kill a baby.”  The guard didn’t know but gave him a generic business card just listing local PP locations.  He remarked as he walked away that the Planned Parenthood name is ironic as “there’s no parenthood involved!”

As I was getting ready to leave to go get lunch, Sidewalk Advocate Judy finished out my shift by telling me a great story of something that had just happened.  A man had come along the sidewalk and gave her a thumbs-down.  However, he accepted some literature from her and then wanted to talk.  They talked for awhile, Judy listening while he presented his views and beliefs (pro-choice), after which Judy presented hers, which included citing some information to him about modern in-utero surgery.  The man listened, then left — but as he was passing Judy by a little later, he gave her a thumbs-up!!!  Great work, Judy — great work, Holy Spirit; thank You!!!

Grove City College students witnessing for life!

11am-1pm Shift Manager Dean reports:

Overall, things were fairly quiet at P.P. this afternoon. Sidewalk Advocate, Sue, told me that P.P. didn’t use  escort services Saturday morning and that usually means that were no scheduled abortions that day. 

1-3pm Shift Manager Kathy reports:

Beautiful roses were delivered by Linda’s husband during a prior shift. After decorating the circle and displays, Sue passed them to us to share with passersby. Many were delighted with this gesture of goodwill.
Prayer was offered for moms , babies, & clinic workers . Jim who lives downtown joined us. He prayed specifically for William, a clinic worker, hoping that he will come to realize how horrible his job is. We talked about the “ And Then There Were None” ministry. 2 hours went by quickly.

St. Sebastian Prayer Warriors

3 -5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Today I substituted for Katie B who could use get well prayers, please! I started with Bill and a young woman named Kathy who brought her two daughters Kylie and Julianna to pray with us. We had a few interesting encounters including one young man asking us if we would be interested in doing something with”shock value”. Bill peacefully told him no & gently asked him to leave.  Two young ladies  thanked us and prayed a Hail Mary for us. A little later, a lady named Lisa came to pray and and walk around the clinic. Patty and Steve also came along with Kevin and his cousin Erin. AMAZING! When I saw the email it was only going to be me and Kathy during these hours. Instead, the turn out has been what I’ve been praying for more workers in the harvest ! At the end of the shift a lady named Sandy came to pray and she said this cause was “near and dear to her heart” and she did not want shift manager Jeff to be all alone. It was so nice to see all the support. We had a few negative comments, but the amount of peace and love we had was great. 

St. Sebastian Church members joined Sue and Dean today.

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