Preparing our Hearts and Minds for the Fall 2019 Campaign

God is preparing our hearts and minds for the upcoming 40 Days for Life campaign in many ways, including the inspirational Kick-off Event and moving Day of Remembrance for the Unborn.  See beautiful pictures from both days below, then join us Tuesday for the next opportunity to power up!

Next Tuesday, September 24th, there will be a Kick-Off Mass at 6 pm at Epiphany Church, celebrated by Fr. Chris Donley.  Following Mass, Fr. Donley will carry our Blessed Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament as we prayerfully and solemnly process from Epiphany Church to Planned Parenthood for a short time of prayer on the sidewalk, in preparation for our 40-day prayer vigil, which will begin the following morning, September 25th at 7 am.  Please join us as Jesus prepares the way for a powerful 40 Days for Life campaign!

And please help us to fill some of the MANY empty hours on the schedule!  Sign yourself up at or take a look at the schedule here: and then email Fran at to get signed up.

Our theme for these 40 Days will be TRUST!  I know we have had that same theme in the past…but I think we need to continue to TRUST that God WILL bring an end to abortion, He WILL close Planned Parenthood and He WILL bring about conversion to those ensnared in this evil industry…IN HIS TIME.  Our part is to be obedient and to TRUST. –Nikki

On Tuesday, September 10th, about 300 pro-lifers gathered together inside St. Bernard’s Clairvaux Hall for a wonderful time of pro-life unity and to be inspired by the personal testimony of Melissa Coles.  Thanks to everyone who took part in this wonderful event, and thanks to Sue D. and Donna for organizing it!

We watched the documentary film, “I Lived on Parker Avenue”, which documents the story of Melissa’s change of heart while waiting for her abortion in 1993.  A pro-lifer had told her, as she was on her way into the clinic, “Your baby has 10 fingers and 10 toes, and you are going to kill it?”  Those words stuck in her mind as she was laying on the cold metal table.  That, along with two other things led to her getting up off that table, and saving the life of her son!  “I Lived on Parker Avenue” is the story of this young man, as he embarked on the journey to meet and get to know his birth family.  It was very moving and highlights the amazing gift that each life is to the world!  If you missed the event, you can watch the documentary film for free at:

On Saturday, faithful pro-lifers gathered at St. Paul Cathedral to memorialize those who have been lost to abortion during the Day of Remembrance.  Thanks to Charlene for organizing this!  She reports:

Fr. Adam led us in prayer and blessed the Memorial. We had a very prayerful crowd and laid daisies at the memorial as we left. Daisies are innocent and fragile like the Unborn. Jeannie was there, and Cecilia from 40 Days for Life. Jeannie jumped in to help when Mark and I had to talk to Fr. Adam. 40 Days for Life is so blessed to have dedicated team members! Thank you, Jeannie. I am ready for the sidewalk!!!   —Charlene

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