Day 21: Thanks to St. Alexis, St. Titus and all the individual volunteers!

Do you ever think about the virtue of RECEIVING? I think about it a lot when I am on the sidewalk. It is a gift to be able to graciously RECEIVE……. It can be humbling if you are receiving HELP, It can take obedience if you are receiving constructive CRITICISM and It can be joyous if you are receiving a PRESENT!

Example of how NOT to receive

I hope and I pray before I go to the sidewalk, when I am down on the sidewalk and many times for days afterwards, that the people we encounter will be receptive of our Pro-Life message!

Of course it’s always great when we have someone receive our message wholeheartedly and give us their support. But we are also happy for someone to receive our message from a bus or a car or the other side of the street!

You have to be soft to receive…like a sponge, soft enough to soak up what is being offered. We hope and pray women seeking abortion, people unaware that PP performs over 3000 abortions a year and people who have experienced abortion are just soft enough to receive……………….. a yellow card, a pamphlet, a message from our signs or the message of the fetal models.

Mary is the perfect example of how we should receive: She received Jesus with Humility, with Obedience and with Joy!

7-9: Charlene and Dick

Every Tuesday when Dick, Ed, and I are on the sidewalk it has been in the 20s and cold. No change today but it felt colder…and I don’t think my hand warmers were working as well. There were single, young women going in PP from early morning…all with faces as cold as the day. We think 3 were for abortions.

Spring on the sidewalk

Ed and I were discussing, as everyone on the sidewalk does at times, “When will this place close”. And my “Jesus Calling” was there with the answer,”Waiting on Me means directing your attention to Me in hopeful anticipation of what I will do. It entails trusting Me with every fiber of your being instead of trying to figure things out yourself.” So, let’s trust and pray and let Jesus do his thing. Charlene

9-11: Nikki

 When I arrived at my 9 to 11 shift, I laid the three beautiful pink roses on the sidewalk along with wooden crosses to mark them as memorials, but unfortunately they were not there more than 20 minutes before a young man came by, obviously hostile, and was laughing as he picked them up and walked away with them. So, I decided that from now on instead of laying whole roses, I will bring roses but will disperse the petals loosely on the sidewalk.  This will serve two purposes. One, people will not be able to pick up all the loose petals to remove them, and it will also represent the way that the beautiful bodies of unborn babies are torn apart and thrown away.   The first couple who went in for an abortion would not take any alternative information, so in honor of their child I simply laid one rose petal on the sidewalk with the cross. 

Doesn’t this fetal model look beautiful with the sun shining on it? Really shows the beauty of life!  It is so nice to have the sunshine! Thank you Lord! 

11-1: Pat

I appreciated the opportunity to interact with the group from St. Alexis parish, who were there for the first half-hour of my shift.  St. Titus parish covered the full 11-1, with Patti and John (God bless them) staying all the way until 3PM.  For the bulk of the time Fr. Thomas More, the Pastor at St. Titus was on the materials side and Patti (who spent much of her time on her knees) and John on the other. 

We had one noteworthy encounter.  A man stopped as he passed us with his three kids.  He pointed to the youngest, who was in the stroller, and freely admitted that “he wanted to get rid of it,” and explained that he had serious economic fears about dividing his limited income once again to feed another mouth.  But then said that he kept hearing God’s voice in his head telling him not to do it and to trust in Him.  While he never mentioned a connection between what he heard from God and what we do in front of PP for 40DFL, I couldn’t help but think as he walked away that perhaps our collective praying had a role in his hearing that voice and trusting it. ~Pat

1-3: Beth

Thanks to John and Patti from St. Titus in Aliquippa for staying with me on todays’ afternoon shift.  We prayed and tried to hand out some literature.  Most people just kept going, enjoying the sunshine.  Clients started to come out and it was a sad procession of young women leaving PP.  Later, Kim and Carol came along with Bernadette and Barbara.   Lisa had stopped by to pray for a while when a beautiful young woman came and loudly told us we were lying because the fetal models were not the same as the pictures she had downloaded from her computer.  She had also come yesterday but the pictures were on her phone.  At the time, Lianne had remarked how sad it must be to have pictures of unborn babies on your phone to do……….what?  If she comes again tomorrow, I have no advice except to pray for her.  We did; she seemed very adamant and unhappy. The rest of shift was peaceful and prayerful

3-5: Michael and Kim

Another sunny, beautiful day.  Shift was peaceful and calm. High school boys from CAPA High School stopped and asked if they could record and interview us about what we were doing there. One of the boys did most of the talking and disagreed with what we were doing. They said babies are not viable until they are born. They were definitely pro choice and believed we did not have a right to be there and we were being intrusive to people coming to PP. We emphasized we are there to hold vigil and pray and save babies from abortion. We more or less agreed to disagree.

Carol, St. Ann’s (Waynesburg); Catherine, St. John XXIII; Bernedette, St. Gregory’s (Zelionople); Kim, St. Ann’s (Waynesburg)

5-7: Lisa  and Johanna

Shift Manager Lisa, with buddies Jim and Johanna, with a prayer volunteer

And it became very personal……On my way from the parking garage to the vigil at 5 o’clock tonight something drew my attention to a piece of paper on the ground and although I am the type of person that picks up trash, I did initially pass it by but then I realized what it was and I returned to pick it up.  What I had found was a sonogram picture.  A sonogram picture taken today at 2:07 PM at Planned Parenthood of a living breathing life!  It is my hope that the mother of this child dropped this picture by mistake.  I hope she may possibly read this post and want the picture of her baby back, that she will cherish the child she is carrying, that in a few months she will hold this child in her arms and love this child.  What I do know is that I will carry this picture with me and I will love this child and I will continue to pray for this child and “G.J.”  I ask that you also pray for this mother and child……and the hope continued this evening.  We had many positive interactions with passersby.  Several people were drawn to the fetal models.  We spoke with two women who proudly told us they were pregnant and took delight in comparing the models with the current development of their babies. Thank you Jim and Johanna who prayed with me for the entire shift.  Thanks also to “Gym Shorts” Jim who joined us again this week for the last 1/2 hour of prayer. 

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  • March 27, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Lisa, your shift report made me cry. I will pray for this baby, and hope that he or she will be born and live out God’s purpose for his/her life. You’re right, this does make it personal. Treasure that photo!


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