Day 15…Thanks to faithful individuals from Steubenville, St. Joe’s in Cabot, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carnegie, and other dedicated individuals!

Forgiven and set free!

“None of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him…”

Ezekiel 18

As I meditated on this verse from Ezekiel last week, I was struck by the word, “crimes”.

A CRIME is something very serious, and it always deserves punishment.

So I was struck by the absolute GOODNESS of Almighty God, to give us a COMPLETE PARDON from our just punishment! Imagine going from this dark, dank cell to the beautiful scene pictured above. Imagine the FREEDOM and the GRATITUDE of being completely washed clean and set free from bondage! While I thought of this, one of my favorite verses came to mind…

I tell you, her sins–and they are many–have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.

Luke 7:47

As I thought about the truth of Jesus’ words…(knowing this from personal experience!)…I thought about Abby Johnson and the movie that is coming out next week, “Unplanned“, which tells the story of her conversion.

Can you imagine being in her shoes? Having had two abortions herself, and helping thousands of other women to abort their children as well…the FREEDOM and GRATITUDE that she must feel for having been forgiven of her crimes? In fact, not only has she been FORGIVEN…but her crimes are not even REMEMBERED by God! It is as if they never even happened in His eyes.

Her hands…which once pieced together the broken bodies of aborted babies…are the the very same hands which now reach out to help others escape.

This movie opens on March 29th in theaters all across the nation! Go to to find one near you! Don’t be afraid to bring your teenage children…even though the movie has an “R” rating. This rating was given to try to discourage people from going. There is absolutely no bad language, nudity or sex, and the only “violence” that is shown is the violence of abortion. This film shows the truth about abortion, and I believe it has the potential to change many hearts and to inspire many to participate in the ending of abortion.

Wear your gear to the theater!Unplanned features 40 Days for Life gear throughout the movie. Our store is running a movie special, so order now to get your gear in time for the March 29 release!

God is working MIRACLES through 40 Days for Life! Isn’t it an amazing privilege that we get to be a part of it? We are seeing lives saved and transformed through the mercy and forgiveness that is in Jesus Christ! I praise and thank Him for forgiving MY sins, and out of gratitude and love…I happily will continue to be His Hands and His Feet on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood! I hope to see you there!

To watch a short video showing Abby Johnson DESTROYING the argument for abortion during a recent court hearing, click here:

To read an article about the spiritual warfare they faced as they filmed “Un Planned”, go here:

Scroll down to read the stories from the sidewalk today!

Charlene and Peg were there from 7-9 am

Sidewalk Buddy Peg, with Tracy, Beth and Shawn from Weirton

I refer a lot to Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic. I was introduced to his writing several years ago and just connected. One of his central themes is becoming the best version of yourself. You do that by practicing virtue…that gets you closer to God…and the closer you get to God, the better version of yourself you become. Like Tracy, Shawn, and Beth did. Traveling from Steubenville to stand in the cold for 4 hours. That’s virtue.. Like Peg coming two days a week…that’s virtue. Praying for the babies, greeting strangers, ignoring insults, blessing smiling faces. We practice all these virtues just doing what God asks…we are getting closer to Him…becoming the best version of ourselves we can be.


Cathy had the 9-11 am shift

Lots of pray-ers this morning!  In addition to 3 from Steubenville who came at 7 and stayed til 11, 5 came from Elk County RTL, plus  2 individuals. There were not a lot of people going into the clinic, but the Urban Pathways school around the corner had a fire drill.  Students lined the sidewalk by us.  Some of the girls were attracted to the baby models.  Some unexpected education for the kids!

Hank and Judy managed the 11-1 shift

Today was quiet and peaceful for the most part.  When we arrived there were people from Stubenville, OH, St Mary PA, and Therese from St, Barbara along with Cathy the shift manager. Good to see Cathy back with us.  As those from Stubenville departed the crew from St.Joseph in Cabot arrived so along with the St.Mary witnesses for life we had a good contingent of prayer warriors for the11-1 shift.  Dan from Stubenville joined us at noon. While the traffic was again light we received warm smiles, thumbs up, thank you, God bless you, I’m with you, comments from a significant percentage of by-passers.  We prayed rosaries and sang the Divine Mercy and Cil distributed literature.  When Chris arrived for the next shift we prayed with him for the success of his surgery and upcoming neurological evaluation.  Blessed be Jesus our Savior and His Blessed Mother Mary Immaculate. 

Shift Manager Judy with dedicated prayer warriors from Elk County Right to Life
Dan from Steubenville, with shift manager Judy
Great group from St. Joseph parish in Cabot, led by our own wonderful Cil! We miss you Cil! Glad to see you are getting better!

Chris wrote from the 1-3 shift:

And then there were 11…I was expecting to be praying with only one other person, Mary.  What a gift from Heaven when nine other prayer warriors joined us.  And five of them had driven a long way, being from the three Catholic parishes in St. Mary’s, PA.  What a commitment by them to pray for those that have no voice!   While praying on both sides of “the half-circle”, we were thanked for being there more than a few times.  Toward the end of the shift, two memorable events happened- first, a seminarian arrived on his bicycle to pray with us (and for Jeannie’s shift) and a man saw us from across the street and walked over to us.  We didn’t quite know what to expect.  He said he knew why we were there and knew he had to cross the street to pray over us.   What a wonderful moment as we gathered in a circle to receive his prayer.

Bob and Joe
Janet and Amy
Mary, Gretchen and Mary Bea from Elk County Right to Life
Shift Buddy Mary

Jeannie wrote from the 3-5 shift:

Jeannie titled this photo: “When I think I’m too busy…”

Welcome spring. What a joy to stand with all these lovely people on the 3 to 5 shift. We decided that officially spring came at five, but the Good Will and the prayers that were lifted up during those two hours were amazing. I spent some time with L., a woman who asked me about having a baby after a rape. I learned from her that she had been raped years ago & had an abortion Although she went on to have four other children, she still grieved the baby that she aborted.. How beautiful that I had Project Rachel materials to give to her. She picked up one of the roses and said she loved roses and I happily gave it to her she and I shared a hug and a little bit of a cry and she went off knowing that there was someone to talk to who knew exactly how she felt. God is so good.

Wonderful Pro Life witness!
“From the mouths of babes” God hears the prayers of his children.
Tess joins us

Joe was the 5-7 shift manager:

I was surprisingly greeted to a large group of vigil attendees that carried over from the previous shift(s).  They were all from the Carnegie/Green Tree/Scott Parish Groupings of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Margaret, and Saints Simon and Jude.

Some of the names that I can remember include Vince, Bob, Nancy, Al, Pat, Audrey… My sincere apologies to those I omitted…but Thank You All!  My biggest group ever for an evening shift!!!  We were also joined by Mary Jane, Bill H., and Jim who regularly stops by on his way around “tahn”.

Started the shift by praying the prayers for today’s vigil that Vince had kindly printed out for everyone.  A little bit of sharing, then the group distributed themselves around the “Arch de Désespoir” to continue sharing / praying…

Not much interaction with passersby except one gentleman, Steve, who stopped by to “talk”…  Steve has lived a hard life and is desperately in need of prayers, hope, and love!!!  Matthew 11:28 comes to mind – “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Public Service Announcments were dished-out to remind about an upcoming showing of Unplanned – Behind the Scenes tonight at 11:00 PM on EWTN as well as a plug for Relevant Radio – thanks gang!

The first evening of spring shift ended quietly as faithful and always cheery Tom picked up the goods for tomorrow…


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