Day 14: Thank you St. Alexis, St. Titus and Catholic Men’s Fellowship

St. Joseph…the Strong Silent Type

Isn’t this the most beautiful image of St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Family. A man called to a life of quiet trust and faithful labor, he was a pillar of patience and integrity who fulfilled his mission flawlessly!

Men are so important when it comes to abortion. Their support can make or break a woman’s decision about abortion. In the woman’s story I read last week detailing her account of why she did NOT have an abortion, she largely attributed her boyfriend’s loving and tender response to the news of her unplanned pregnancy, to her ability to choose LIFE!

On the sidewalk, I always try to hand the yellow resource card to men, one of my standard lines as I offer it is “in case you know of anyone that needs help…just keep it in your wallet and pass it on!”

Hopefully we can empower men to empower the women in their lives to choose life!

Life IS Good!

O happy man, blessed Joseph, to whom was entrusted GOD, whom many kings desired to see and did not see, to hear and did not hear

Not only to see and hear, but to carry and embrace, to kiss, clothe and protect.


7-9: Charlene and Dick


Dick, Edward, and I were on the sidewalk early this morning…a little warm air behind the cold. Sally and Al used to be with us on Tuesday….and I have been thinking about them a lot since Sunday. What happened Sunday? Well, it was the Transfiguration but Dynamic Catholic didn’t talk about those present but someone absent…Andrew.
Andrew who introduced Peter to Jesus. Andrew who is never at big things with Peter, James , and John. So what was Andrew doing? Quietly spreading the word, following Jesus in a peaceful, prayerful way…bringing followers to the Lord. See why Andrew reminded me of Sally and Al. Consistent, prayerful, peaceful, getting their message out.
Today, like God was telling me what to say in my blog, Julius (our Tuesday Pittsburgh Pride guy) asked about Al and Sally and said he really missed them. I said the sidewalk was empty without them. And he sent them a message,”Tell them they are always in my prayers”.
Al and Sally…we miss you!!!

9-11: Beth and Beth Ann

To quote a friend, “it takes me three days to get over being at PP.”  Yep, seeing actual clients, trying to help them and watching them ignore our pleas, takes awhile to “get over.”  So even though we don’t thrive on rejection, we do get over it and we’re back on the job of trying to save lives the following week. This Tuesday was no exception. 
Charlene, Dick and Ed were on duty as I arrived and note to Dick:  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  There were toe warmers right in the small case. Shame on me for not looking.  Sunny and anything but warm, it seemed as though more people were encouraging than in past years.  Maybe the discussion about infanticide helped some people connect the dots which led to abortion being wrong against any human being, regardless of age or location, in or out of the womb. 
Then the beautiful trio from St.  Alexis came, Claudia, Diane and Alice.  Alice met her son’s friend as she looked for a parking spot.  She answered his question as to why she was downtown and after driving to the lot where he directed her to park, she was told her parking was paid.  Maybe there’s a connection!  Many thanks to the Tuesday crew.

11-1: Fran


When I arrived at 11 to relieve Beth, the sidewalk was almost deserted.  Alice stayed on with me and, as we were getting ready to pray the Prayers of Petition, we were joined by Father Tom. 
As Father Tom settled in, we were surprised to see four mounted police coming down the street.  Two turned left and the other two came straight past us. 
After they passed, Father Tom prayed the Prayers of Petitions as we responded.   We remained in silent prayer and offered pamphlets to people as they passed.  Alice left and a short time later, Patty and John from St. Titus (Father Tom’s parish) joined us.  It was Patty’s (and possibly John’s?) first time at the vigil, but you could not tell, they had answered the call and they understood their purpose. 
It seemed to me that there was a higher than usual number of people today who smiled, encouraged, thanked, and blessed us.  One mother went by holding her son’s hand and another, a few minutes later, holding her daughter’s hand.  Both of them smiled and there was an unspoken sense between us, that, “Children are a joy and a blessing”.  Still, the majority of the people kept their eyes straight ahead or on their phone or on the ground.  The gentleman who jogs and stops for a fist-bump came by, twice, down and then back.  That brief interaction means so much after watching so many pass by as if we were not really there.  Unfortunately, it was an abortion day, and we saw several couples leave and several others go in.  I understand now, the “look” – the loose fitting pants, the fast walk, the tight jaws, the intense eyes facing the doors.  It is good for us to be there to pray.   
Thank you, Grace & Peace, Fran

1-3: Nikki

It was actually a very prayerful and peaceful shift today. I was blessed to stand with Fr. Thomas More, John and Patty from Saint Titus Parish and Aliquippa.

John and Patty from Saint Titus, Eve and Nick from Franciscan University and shift manager Mike

They were here for an entire four hour shift, shivering in the cold, standing the whole time. They silently prayed, it was very solemn and beautiful. We had many positive comments, and hardly any negative. I was surprised at how many people went out of their way to thank us for what we were doing. As always, the baby models attracted a lot of attention.


One young woman who was headed into Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test, accompanied by her friend, stopped to receive the information about Pro Life alternatives. I called Women’s Choice Network from the sidewalk and they agreed to see her right away. They left to go there instead. Praise God for a turn away today! Keep up with the prayers and the fasting everyone! God is using us for his good purposes!

Silent prayer warriors Silent prayer warriors from Saint Titus, Father Thomas More, John and Patty

Mike, Kim and Mike 3 to 5 shift






3-5: Michael and Kim

It was a sunny, peaceful and serene afternoon at the vigil. No negative gestures or comments. Several positive ones.

Passerbys gave thumbs ups, two men made the sign of the cross and one man thanked us for what we are doing.

A woman stopped with her young son and asked for a way to purchase baby models so she could educate others about pre-born babies. We gave her literature to assist her. Our shift buddies, husband and wife Kim and Mike, were stellar leading us in prayer for the entire 2 hours. What a beautiful role model couple!!! Dan from Mother of Sorrow in Murrysville joined us in prayer and vigil. I am so grateful to have 40 Days for Life in our city and at PP.

I see so much good come from this humble and peaceful movement. 

Dan from Mother of Sorrows parish

5-7: Lisa and Johanna

Tuesday, March 19
Solemnity of St. Joseph
………His betrothed is pregnant.  An unplanned pregnancy.  THE unplanned pregnancy that became our salvation!
Thank you St. Joseph for your YES to be the foster father of the Son of God.
We witnessed today for all of us, ALL children of God.
Thank you my dear Johanna and Dan, a member of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship and Our Lady of Sorrows church in Murrysville.
We had a prayerful and peaceful evening.  All Blessings of God. 

Dan and Johanna

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