Day 7: Thank you St. Alexis and St. Paul Seminary!

What drives a woman who deems herself strongly pro-life to consider having an abortion? According to an article in Celebrate LIFE magazine by a strongly pro-life woman, who found herself pregnant….FEAR.

Fear of Judgement, Fear of Responsibility, Fear of losing friends and a fun, carefree Life. Fear’s grip is exceptionally strong. It made her question everything that she inherently knew was wrong.

We all have fears. There is a great song that you may have heard that is about “breaking up” with fear. It has over 9 million downloads, so I’m guessing fear is a pretty common emotion. We can all relate!

But there is hope, because there is a perfect antidote to fear….LOVE

1 John 4:18: Perfect LOVE drives out FEAR

So when she told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, he responded with such LOVE and tenderness, that she became brave enough to choose what is right over what seemed easy. She was still afraid about the journey ahead, but her LOVE for her preborn child replaced her fears.

She says “don’t allow fear to drive your decisions, Trust in the Lord to help you choose the path that is right! Be brave and step out in faith!

The theme chosen for this spring campaign is LOVE. May we always show the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the sidewalk and everywhere!

7-9: Charlene and Dick
Dick and I expected to be the only prayer warriors on the sidewalk this morning but were pleasantly surprised to be joined by Ed. Ed has been coming very regularly early Tuesdays…handing out brochures and warm greetings on a cold morning.

We talked about how we love to come to the sidewalk and we know God has everything under control. Ed said he sometime wished God would “let us in on His time line”. My Mom’s favorite prayer was the Serenity Prayer, it hung in our living room. 

“God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change…courage to change those things I can and wisdom to know the difference”. On the sidewalk we need to add a lot of Faith…God knows we can change the world…and he is with us to prove it!!!

Dick and I and the babies!

9-11: Beth, Mary Jane and Beth Ann
Cold feet, cold hands, brisk wind but warm hearts.  Shift managers Charlene and Dick were on duty along with Ed who handed out quite a bit of pro-life literature.  Mary Jane came to pray along with two wonderful gentleman, John Paul and Thong.  God’s blessings can take many disguises; today His blessing came as handwarmers which Diane included in the equipment box: much appreciated. 

 Unfortunately, business was also brisk at PP, lots of clients.  One woman tried to enter PP through the gallery next door.  But she would not change her mind; it’s heart-breaking.  Her friend just kept saying as she laughed that we couldn’t help her and hustled her inside PP.

From St. Alexis, Beth Ann, Diane and Marilyn came as John Paul and Thong finished their time and went to get warmed up. People passing by mostly hurried to get out of the cold.  At 933 Liberty Avenue, the greatest coldness  is inside not on the sidewalk.
Thanks to new shift manager Fran for coming right on time and taking over like a pro.

11-1: Fran

When I arrived for the shift I was greeted by the ladies from St. Alexis who had been with Beth through most of her shift.  I saw Beth on the opposite side of the circle talking with a gentleman.  I soon found out that he was not a part of our group but that he had brought his own sign that indicated he is against abortion but he wished to stand alone.  He remained at the vigil on the opposite side of the circle almost to the end of my shift and he was very kind to pick up our signage after a man walking by deliberately knocked it over.  After Beth left, Diane, Beth Ann and I prayed the Rosary.  When Donna arrived she and I prayed the Prayers of Petition that are typed on the reverses side of some of our signs.  The doors to PP were somewhat active but mostly to admit individuals, not many couples (of course, that would not be the time we would see the couples).  On the sidewalk most people hurried by not accepting literature; some smiled and blessed us while others expressed some form of disagreement.  Then Nikki arrived with three beautiful sunflowers and, not far behind her were 3 seminarians who were prepared to offer prayers for the well being of all those who are in need of hope and guidance and also for the judicial decision that would result in the permanent closure of the doors that lead to so much pain and suffering. Grace & Peace, Fran

Nikki with the Seminarians

1-3: Nikki
I  was very blessed to share the sidewalk with a large group of seminarians from St. Paul’s Seminary today. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, the sky was a brilliant shade of blue, but in contrast to the sunny weather there was a darkness on the sidewalk, I thought. Many of the seminarians remained on their knees  which made a powerful statement of the seriousness of the reason that we do this. Although we got very few positive comments today and some negative, I believe that seeing people pray on their knees does go a long way to defuse anger. 

 It was obviously a very busy abortion day, sadly. Many couples went in while I was there, and also many couples came out. It seemed to me that when we do this, although it is very sad and we see no good results,  that it is necessary. God is putting up with so many people who don’t love him and don’t know good from evil. We are like little lights bouncing around in much darkness. It is hard, but  it is necessary. 
In addition, Frank showed up to pray,  along with John and towards the end of my shift Kim and Mike came. They are the shift buddies for the 3 to 5 shift manager, Mike.  I am very grateful to everyone who sacrificed and prayed today!

Michael and Kim

3-5: Michael
I was accompanied by shift buddies Kim and Michael who prayed and kneeled for most of the shift.
What tremendous prayer warriors for Life!!!  Nothing eventful to report. Many passerbys gave positive
body language to indicate approval and agreement with what we are doing. One person spit on the
baby display and a young woman said we should get out of here with our stuff.  The sun shined brightly
and Spring is in the air. Every time I am at PP, I am reassured that we need to be there, especially on days when they
are doing abortions. LORD HAVE MERCY!!! 3

5-7pm Lisa and Johanna

A Quiet Evening
For as much as I am sorry for the WHY we go and pray and witness at 933 Liberty Avenue I found myself very much looking forward to praying today.  I tend to be anxious about the thought of Johanna and I being alone but she reassures me that God and his angels are with us.  I had no need for any anxiety today as we were joined by two wonderful couples to bolster our ranks.  We are very appreciative of Connie and Marc and Audrey and Jim being with us tonight and with promises of coming back on future Tuesday evenings! Blessings, Lisa

Audrey, Jim, Marc, Connie, Johanna, Lisa

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