Day 6: Finley United Methodist, St. Mary of the Assumption, St. Ursula and CMF Mother of Sorrows

It’s now time to sow seeds of truth and love.

Farmers know when it is time to sow the seeds and so do we.

As our campaign gets underway our job is simple: sow the seeds of truth and love. Sometimes we don’t have to do a lot to have a big impact. The reason is we are not alone. We have God on our side. We just need to show up and sow the seeds. God will do the rest. He will make them grown despite the harsh conditions.

We must do our small part so God can do His . As He does with the plants in the field, He will make our seeds grow abundantly. Chances are we won’t see how the seeds grow, we won’t see the babies saved. We won’t know of the cars that passed by and kept going, nor those women who just kept on walking nor those who come out before their abortion. Sometimes we do find out that we saved a life. Maybe it’s when they leave and tell us or when someone stops and thanks us for saving their child years ago.

What seeds do we sow and how do we do it? It starts with our peaceful and prayerful presence. It’s our smiles and kind words. Our witness to those passing by on the sidewalk or driving down the streets states “every life is sacred, we care and we can help” and contrary to what many in the world say, we are saying by our presence “abortion is evil and wrong”. And of course there are the seeds of our prayers which I know are heard.

Well it’s time for us to do our small part and sow some seeds. We sow them and He’ll make them grown. Like the farmer we just need to trust.

Get your group or a few friends to come to witness and pray outside pp. So sign up or just show up. You and God will make a big difference. Tim B.

Here are the recaps from today at the vigil. Stop back as this will be updated throughout the day.

From Sue 7-9am:

I read Sunday’s blog before heading to the sidewalk this morning and I have to say, I felt the same way as Pat. But it was good to connect again with my shift buddy Rose. We said the Joyful mysteries and than Rose just started looking around and thanking God for every little thing that came into her line of sight. ie… public transportation (the noisy buses!!). Being grateful definitely pulls you out of the slump! Fran, whose birthday is today, showed up to stand with us in honor of her mother who at a young age,  chose life for Fran! Now I was definitely out of my slump!! Than I passed the badge to Donna and her sister who came early to stand for the next shift!

From Donna 9-11 am

It was a beautiful sunny cool Monday for our shift. My shift buddy and sister, Diane and I were joined by Fran and Findlay United Methodist Church members; Renate, Marsha, Paula & Pam and Evangeline Grace (3 mos) who made her first appearance at 40 Days For Life with her mother, Rachel and Grandmother, Suzanne. Mark also stopped by to pray the rosary and to welcome Evangeline Grace. It was pretty uneventful. We had a few nasty looks but several “thank you’s”. My sister was a little apprehensive since this was her first time but was thrilled to meet so many wonderful people and is excited to come back next week. God loves to take us out of our comfort zone. Thank you to all who came out to pray today and stand for life. While praying today all I could think of is “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. I relate things to music and that is a MercyMe song “Greater”. After that I thought of Chris Tomlin’s song “Resurrection Power”. Hearing those words from those songs turned into prayers today. May the Holy Spirit empower us, fill us and equip us to combat the enemy of our day and end this modern day holocaust of abortion. To God Be The Glory


From 1-3 pm From Beth:

We weren’t doing anything unlawful so we wondered why the fire department official was headed our way.  He said, “Thanks, keep up the good work.” What a nice surprise on a cold day.  Charlie stopped on his lunch break, as did Pat.  Chris and Dan came and prayed with us as PP had a slow day from the amount of clients that entered.  Let’s hope tomorrow morning is twice as slow.  Rose and I turned everything over to Marie and Peter.  Only one negative from a man who said that if it wasn’t for PP there would be more abortions and all we had to do is check the “stats.”  Too bad he didn’t stop, just to get the true stats that even one abortion is one too many.

From Marie 3-5pm: PP was quiet. Had some positive comments and jestures  from passers by. Marie

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  • March 12, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you, Tim! The truth you shared brought the tears! We just have to show up and God will do the rest! So true, and yes, even in harsh conditions! Thanks everyone for keeping on showing up!


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