Day 4: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti, Bloomfield and many wonderful Individual Volunteers

Like many of you, I have been involved in the pro-life movement for more than a few years. My sainted mom, God rest her soul involved the whole family in prayer and witness for the cause of life even before 1973. Several of us remain actively involved today…. 46 years later.

I always thought once the country realized the humanity of the unborn child, and therefore the injustice of Roe v Wade, laws would immediately change to respect life ….. but I was wrong. — It is 2019 and we are seeing both the most liberal and most conservative abortion laws introduced by states throughout our country…

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Why ? Because Abortion is a Civil Rights issue and like any historic struggle of this nature, when the Rights of one group of Americans need to be expanded, other groups push back in fear of losing their rights… Changing civil rights laws requires Changing Hearts, which takes time.

Consider these Civil Rights timelines:

1619 : A Dutch ship brings the first permanent African settlers to Jamestown, VA.
1651 : Rhode Island declares that an enslaved person must be freed after 10 years of service. — the first legal protection for people of color in the United States.
But, it was not until 1868: — A full 217 (two hundred and seventeen) years and a horrible war later that the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified granting human rights to Black Americans.

And :
1848: the first Women’s Rights Convention is held at Seneca Falls, NY with Pro –Life feminist heroes Elizabeth Cady Stanton  & Susan B. Anthony leading the way.

1920: ( 72 years later)  the Nineteenth Amendment giving American Women full voting rights is ratified.

And even more recently with the advantage of mass media, although 43 million Americans have physical or mental disabilities, it was only 1990 that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed prohibiting discrimination in employment, public services, public accommodations, and telecommunications!!

So here we are 46 years after Roe v. Wade and the Abortion issue continues to divide us. THANK HEAVENS!!! Abortion is still an issue because someone is being denied human rights, and it tears at the conscience of Americans. Praise be to God that the issue is NOT SETTLED.

The time for reasonable debate and dialogue about this civil rights issue is…. NOW. The abolitionists (who labored for 217 years to end slavery) and suffragists (who worked for 72 years for voting rights) would be PROUD.

-Jeannie (proud pro-life feminist)


7- 9 am Shift Manager Virginia says:

This shift was quiet. Tom dropped off the materials, and Joe, David and myself were present.
Joe had the “baby display”  (designed by Jeff) so David was in from of the Condo/offices with that.
There were 3 couples [male-female] that went in but took no literature, and ignored any verbal greeting.
About 8:30 a fellow came (Dan) and was shortly joined by a friend, Lawrenceville parishioners.
There were many PP escorts, about 11. A fellow passing by and taking a yellow card, suggested we try and hand these cards out at AA meetings.

9-11 am Shift Manager Sue reports:

The weather was so nice this morning, I almost didn’t need hand and feet warmers inside my gloves and shoes. When I arrived, there were sidewalk advocates, a group from Erie as well as Dan and friends from St. Maria Goretti’s! Quite a few people went into PP but we did our best to offer our yellow resource card. The group from Erie spent the entire shift praying on the other side of the circle. On our side, Dan lead us in the Divine Mercy then Jared and Mary came around 10am and lead the rosary. Sue

Married couple Jared and Mary joined the prayer team advocating for Adoption!

1-3 pm Shift Manger Billy says:

I was shift manager from 1 to 3 today and I stayed with Joe and Katie until 4 in case they needed any extra help. We had a gentleman (I didn’t get his name) and Mary Jane there until 2:30, I was with Bridgette and Nadine until 3 o’clock, and Joe came a little earlier than his shift today. We prayed. I saw about 8 people total come out of planned parenthood, got a bunch of compliments and a few negative comments. Lisa K was there praying for an hour. We had also a gentleman asking about War today. It was a very eventful start and from 3 to 4 I helped Katie out for a bit.

Thanks for coming today!

3-5pm New Shift Manager Report from Katy:

My first shift as a shift manager started with being greeted by Billy, Joe, Nadine, and Bridget. Billy stayed an extra hour to pray with us, which was wonderful. Joe was a great example of Christ, saying Hi to everyone that passed us on the street. The greeting was often unreciprocated, and there was the occasional individual telling us to “get a life,” but periodically there was someone that would ask how we were, or offer encouragement. We were greeted by a Messianic Jew witness who shared with us his hopes of Roe V. Wade being overturned. There was a man who turned after already being down the road to speak to us about how “we will be living on the moon soon because the world is overpopulated,” and then continued to hop around on viewpoints, stating views such as more people should adopt, so we were ultimately unclear on his position. Despite that, I was thankful that he felt compelled to turn back around and engage with us. Lastly, there was a cute moment where a mother walked by our display model with her son and said “you were that small once,” to which the son excitedly responded “really?!”

I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to witness for life!

Shift Managers Billy and Katy and Personable Joe
Shift Managers Billy & Katy & faithful Joe

From 5-7 Shift Manager Nikki:

We arrived for our 5 to 7 shift tonight to find two very chilly prayer warriors, Katy and Joe. They had faithfully prayed and witnessed during the 3 to 5 shift. Shortly after they left, a young man from Saint Sylvester‘s parish was  walking past and he saw our signs. He stopped and told me that he had heard about 40 days for life from his men’s group at his parish. He kindly offered to get us something warm to drink. I told him I did not need anything, but invited him to stay and pray, which he did. We prayed a rosary, then he left to go to the festival of praise at Holy Apostles parish tonight. After that it was just Joe and I praying by ourselves. One  older couple stopped to talk. The husband was an obstetrician, although he is now retired. He said he has delivered 7000 babies. He is so angry about the governor of Virginia’s comments and about the terrible laws which now permit infanticide. He was so visibly angry, he said he will be speaking about it on the Christian radio station this coming week. He thanked us for being there. We got Many, Many, Many  thank you’s and positive comments. I did not hear a single negative one. In fact, at one point, somebody from the bar threw another person out, yelling and swearing at him, telling him never to come back again. Then he looked at us and saw us praying, and he apologized to us for his bad language! Isn’t that something?  Finally, a prayer volunteer named Mary, coincidentally also from Saint Sylvester Parish, came for her assigned 6 PM hour. We prayed together until faithful Diane and Tom arrived to pick up the materials. Thank you everyone for praying today! 
 – Nikki

So there was this young man Jack just passing by …… Welcome to the Prayer Team Jack
from St. Sylvester in Brentwood.

Lovely Mary joined for our last hour of prayer on the sidewalk. Blessings, Mary!

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti, Bloomfield and many wonderful Individual Volunteers

  • March 11, 2019 at 8:06 am

    That was REALLY good, Jeannie. Thank you.

  • March 11, 2019 at 8:28 am

    Thank you for showing us that many, many years elapsed before black people were treated as human beings.
    Who would believe that people could have such cold hearts?
    But then, people legally kill babies today.
    Great reflection.


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