Day 11: Thanks to St. Ann/Castle Shannon, Holy Trinity/Robinson Twp., and Living Hope Church/Greensburg

“For My Dear Joseph, waiting for me in Heaven – your Mother”


I  recently returned from a trip to Columbus, Ohio which is home of the Ohio State Capitol.

There is really nothing like a trip to a State (or National) Capitol to see how strongly GOD figures into our nation.  You need only look to see the immense number of Godly references etched into the beautiful stone and marble of these monuments.   Visit the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Park, or our own State Capitol in Harrisburg to see that our founding fathers knew, as we do today, that all of our success finds its origin and direction in the Almighty.     FUN FACTS :      During the first meeting of the Continental Congress in September 1774, George Washington prayed alongside the other delegates, and they recited Psalm 35 together as patriots…. …. …... Lincoln’s second inaugural address is etched in his memorial.   It mentions God fourteen times and quotes the Bible twice…….. …. …… …….  The cornerstone of the Washington Monument includes a Holy Bible, along with copies of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  ………. …… ……  the  Jefferson Memorial includes his words: “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

But last weekend on the grounds of the Ohio State capitol I saw an even more timely, and  relatively new memorial:

“IF YOU SAVE ONE LIFE, IT IS AS IF YOU SAVED THE WORLD”   The memorial was a tribute to a holocaust victim who, like the Catholic  St. Maximillian  Kolbe sacrificed his own life to save another from sure death in the Nazi concentration camps.  I read his story and thought about our movement.   This is true for EVERY PRO-LIFER.  The idea is PERFECT for the 40 Days for Life Movement.  JUST THINK- ONE LIFE can really change the world, so if our actions save JUST ONE LIFE, we are truly part of saving the whole world.

Abraham Lincoln famously pronounced : ” I know that the Lord is always on the side of the right. But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side.”  

By the time you read this, the honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh is likely to be Justice Kavanaugh.  We celebrate that this man of honor, faith, and integrity will be a part of the judicial arm at the highest levels.        GOD BLESS AMERICA     – French off the Bench

7-9 Shift Report from:  Tim

Betsy and Jill : Showing Moms their Babies every day!

It was truly a blessed and joyful morning.  The faithful from St. Anne’s arrived before the vigil got underway and they were joined by Fr Tim and the Guardians for Life, the Knights of Columbus and the team from Holy Family Steubenville. Betsy and Jill brought the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram to offer alternative services. We had a strong presence and made a powerful witness and perhaps we chained a few hearts and minds. Tim B.   

Knights of Columbus: Faithful Pro-Lifers
Guardians for Life and Holy Family Steubenville,  OH REPRESENT!



9-11 Shift Report from: Sue & Sue







9-11 Shift Report from Sue:

We were blessed with many prayer warriors during the 9-11 shift today:  the Guardians for Life were there in full force along with representatives from St. Anne, Holy Trinity in Robinson, and St. James in the West End.  Also, Bernadette from St. John XXIII, along with one of her daughters and one of her little grandsons, stopped by to kneel and pray.  The foot traffic in and out of PP was about average for a Saturday morning, at least during the time I was there.  We prayed and shared information with those who would accept it.  Although the wonderful Choices ultrasound van was parked across the street for the entire shift, we unfortunately were unable to direct anyone to it.  So it was a seed-planting day spiritually –

St. Ann Castle Shannon brings the “A Team” to PRAY

praise God for all of the uncountable future plants and flowers we know He is tending!!


Prayer Warriors from Holy Trinity in Robinson Township – AMEN!!







11-1 Shift Report from: Dean


This was a fairly quiet afternoon. Thank you, prayer warriors of Holy Trinity for standing strong. The Ultrasound van was just finishing up as I arrived.

1-4  Shift Report from: Billy


Bridget from Our Lady of Grace and SM Billy

Hey its Billy   — Today’s shift was a great way for me to get back into being shift manager. I was with three members of Holy Trinity church Helen, 

Jim and Kathy. We were lead in a beautiful prayer period. It started out sunny and everything seemed great,  no problems.  All of a sudden a man came over and said to us he wants to pray to end abortion protesters and I thought on it and pondered. I didn’t feel the need to engage. They don’t want  to see the end of abortion protesters gone the same way we do— we want to end protesting only when abortion is gone!!!         It began to rain and we were praying the entire time we were praying. Then the sun came out and then we took a break from praying and   —-  began praying again and then the rain came there was some thunder but we did fine and we finished praying at 3.      Before I forget to mention a young gentleman came up and asked if he could pray with us and  I told him he could join us.    At 3 Holy Trinity church members left,  and I was joined by  Bridget of the South Hills from  Our Lady of Grace.   She was there with me for my last hour. We talked,  had a couple of people pass by and a few come and stop us for some nice comments,  and Bridget and I talked about this campaign’s theme:   Humility.      I referenced Luke 18  —-the Pharisee and Tax Collector.     

Jessica, Jackie and Kevin from Living Hope Church in Greensburg- AMEN!

Shift manager Joe came at 4 and he took our pictures.                      Its good to be back. 


4-7 Shift Report from: Joe   

You can not out give God, how true!

Authentic Christian Warriors ( those pictured, and our rock Nikki) came to inspire and spread the love of Jesus
With me.
Praise and Glory be to God.  – Joe

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