DAY 10: Thanks to Memorial Park Presbyterian, St. Teresa of Avila RL, St. Mary of the Assumption, Weirton Catholic Churches, Sidewalk Advocates, Shift Buddies, and Individual Volunteers


The virtue of humility is often confused with poor self-esteem or with false modesty.  As Christians, though, we know humility is really just awareness that our loving God has given us so much despite the fact that we have not earned any of it.  It’s also an awareness that He loves each of His children just as deeply as He loves me.  Humility calls us to look outside ourselves and to understand our place in relation to God and to His children.

That place is one of both honor and servitude.  We see it best in the life of Jesus Christ, Himself.  The very Son of God, present from the beginning of time, creator of all that is, deserves all honor and glory forever.  Yet He stooped to wash the dirty feet of His friends.

Jesus calls us to serve one another, just as He did.

Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant: whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all.  For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mk 10:43-45

Humility lets us be aware of the needs of women and men caught up in difficult situations, of unborn children in danger of being aborted, of post-abortive sisters and brothers in need of healing.  Please join us on the sidewalk as we intercede for them in prayer and offer them help and hope.

Here is the link to see when your presence is most needed or to sign up for a particular time:  You are also welcome to just show up any time between 7 AM and 7 PM from now until November 4th.

Check below for pictures and reports from today’s vigil.  And if you missed it, go back to the Day 9 post to read Helen’s joyful report of a life saved yesterday!  


7-9 AM, Barbara and Richard:

Paul, Terri, Kathy, and Trish from Memorial Park Church
Richard, Steve, Sally, and Al


Kathy and Terri kneeling
Once again as we crossed the Veteran’s Bridge, we could see the Catholic Church far away above the Fort Pitt Bridge shining brightly.
The thin moon slice weakly but steadfastly lit a tiny part of the sky to the left.
All is right in the world!
Diane drove up and we sorted our supplies.
Kathy and Terri arrived promptly at 7.  Paul and Steve arrived soon after.
And then, Al and Sally.
The cast for prayer and witnessing was assembled and praying.  As you can see, Kathy and Terri spent time kneeling.
One young man stopped to “Praise the Lord.” The six of us joined hands and prayed the Lord’s Prayer.
It was a beautiful morning shift.

9-11 AM, Kathy:

Prayer warriors from St. Theresa parish
Sue to the rescue!
Thank you to the group from St. Theresa’s parish who came to pray during my shift.  Sue and Eileen answered the plea to come for the open last half hour.  Thank you ladies.
Many pedestrians were receptive to accepting the fetal development brochure.  Some PP patrons accepted literature but still entered clinic.  One older woman, who accompanied her daughter into PP blessed herself making the sign of the cross, turned to Sue and said, “What am I going to do, my daughter has MS?”  She entered before we could tell her about Pittsburgh Palliative and the name of a high-risk obstetrician.  Please pray for this family.




11 AM-1 PM, Marie:

We had two St. Mary of the Assumption participants during my time and three to four other individuals who stopped to pray. Relatively peaceful day.


1-3 PM, Dave and Noreen:

Noreen, David and Beth
Anna Marie and Debbie

It was a pretty good day with lots of positive comments.


3-5 PM, Pat:


This was the most ideal weather I think I’ve ever had for a shift.  Thank you Lord.  And thank you Fran for being my faithful shift buddy once again.  For most of the shift it was just Fran on one side and me on the other.  Although John (I didn’t get where he was from) did stay for a while at the beginning of my shift and SM David came early for his, so Fran and I did have company for part of the time.

The one thought that came to me while I was praying (I’m trying to do it on my knees as much as is practicable), was that you really can’t pray AND attempt to distribute literature to those going in and out of PP or passing by at the same time.  While I find this to be frustrating, and it makes me feel divided, I also reflected that this is something to be accepted by me in humility.  It’s a reminder to me that God is God and I am not.

The highlight of the evening for me was as I was praying on my knees next to PP on the “bar” side of building and looked up to see a woman at the top of the circle about to cross the street.  She had turned towards me, but didn’t say anything.  When I made eye contact with her, she gave me a big smile, blew me a big kiss, and said good and loud:  “Thank you.”  Now this would have been good enough in and of itself, but the woman behind her waiting to cross the street was (I believe) an employee of PP who had just walked out.  I wonder what she thought of that.


5-7 PM, David:

Lori and Mary (Sacred Heart of Mary), Bridget (St. Joseph the Worker), MiMi, and Benson

Tonight I was joined by some great prayer warriors! Weirton, WV was well represented by Lori, Bridget, and Mary. I can tell you, during Lent, Sacred Heart of Mary has the very best food!
Mimi and Benson, our rocks, were there like clockwork.
As they all signed in, a young man expressed his agreement with us and told us of a girl he knew in his youth who had an abortion. We all could see how he still carried the burden of that abortion. We all huddled together with him and prayed for him, the baby, and his healing.
Nikki and Joe came. She knelt and prayed the Rosary!
It was a beautiful evening, and God brought people together and worked through us! Thanks be to God!

Check back soon for more reports from the sidewalk!

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  • October 5, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful day! Beautiful prayer warriors and witnesses! Beautiful stories of the day! Thank all of you for your great work today. God bless you.

    • October 5, 2018 at 10:18 pm

      Thanks, Joan–God bless you, too!


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