Day #1…St. John’s (Burry’s Church), Guardians for Life & many dedicated individuals begin our 40 day prayer vigil!

Is God using 40 Days for Life to save the FUTURE SAINTS of the Church?

In a Mass last week, held especially for our Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life team, Fr. Thomas More Sikora reflected in his homily these words;  I have no doubt that the babies saved during these 40 days will be the future saints of the Church.”

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks.  Really.  Let them sink in.  Remember them when you are standing on that cold, wet, depressing, dreary, dirty, noisy sidewalk…in front of the place that ends the lives of 3,000 human beings each year.  Think of their significance when couple after couple ignore your witness of hope and walk through the doors of death.  Be encouraged by these words when angry, wounded people lash out at you for standing for life and truth.

“I have no doubt that the babies saved during these 40 days will be the future saints of the Church.”

It makes it all worth it…doesn’t it?

I need add nothing more.  Please scroll down for photos and reports from the first day on the sidewalk…

and click HERE for photos from the kick off event last night.

First time shift manager, Mary, along with veteran shift-buddy Peggy, were on the sidewalk at 7am to greet Pastor Win and his group from Burry’s Church as they began our 40 day prayer vigil!  Here is Mary’s report:

Diane and Peggy arrived bright and early before 7 AM to deliver and set up our material for the day. Pastor Win, Ronald, and David  from St John Unit.Evan. Protestant Church arrived at 7. Together we prayed the opening prayer for day 1 of 40 days. Most people passed by without acknowledging us. Sarah heard on the radio that we were here and stopped to say thank you. Michael, a young teen stopped and asked if the babies being aborted looked like our models. He said that his Aunt worked at an abortion clinic but she really doesn’t want to. I talked to him about Abby Johnson and gave him some literature. Shatera stopped  to show her 5 year old daughter, Serenity, what she looked like in Mom’s belly. I gave her the little model that I got at the kickoff yesterday. Evangelist Bill Lang joined us for an hour and passed out literature. Peggy brought a beautiful rose to lay on the ground. Pastor WIN knelt in prayer for a long time, next to the curb with his head down,like the Fatima children. At one point, an alarm started going off and a dozen people came out for a few minutes before filing back in. Maybe it was a fire drill. There were a lot of people going into planned parenthood today. Most of them wouldn’t look at us. I hope that our prayers saved some lives. If not today,then down the road because I know that we planted some seeds.

Pastor Win with two men from Burry’s Church, along with shift buddy Peggy
Street Evangelist Bill Lang stopped by to witness

Our long-time team member Cathy had the 9-11am shift today and wrote:

Had a quiet shift, hardly anyone went into PP.  Had a few friendly comments, and a couple not so friendly comments, from passersby.  I did give out a number of “Everyone’s Biography” and the resource cards (tucked inside).

First time participant Theresa, with long-time shift manager Cathy
Pastor Win spends much of his prayer time on his knees…a powerful example of humble trust in the Lord!

Hank was the shift manager from 11-1 and he writes:

It was a very good 1st day of the 40 Days.  The Good Lord held off the predicted rain at least during the 11-1 shift and there was a lot of sidewalk traffic.  Much of the sidewalk traffic came from the international convention of Emergency Room Nurses being held at the convention center. We engaged nurses from Texas, California, Arkansas, and other states as well as some from West Africa and Iceland.  There were an abundance of prayer worriers  throughout the shift.  Fr.Tim and Fr. Thumma and the Guardians for Life (Ray, Nancy,  Irene, Gail, Rita, Donna, Brian, Celest, Terri, Mary, Lisa, Dot) and Tom F. and Tom P with the K of C.  Additionally,Theresa from the Salvation Army and Edith from St.James Swickley along with Dan from Stubenville.  If you’ve ever had the privilege of being at the vigil with the Guardians then you know the 2 hours were filled with prayer and song….alleluia, alleluia praise the Lord!!!!!  

We distributed a goodly amount of literature and received many “thanks” and “God bless you.”   One woman did challenge the accuracy of the fetal models and another was verbally abusive, but the day was overwhelmingly positive.

Faithful Knights of Columbus

Chris had the 1-3pm shift.  He wrote:

When I drive downtown for the first shift of a new campaign, I sometimes feel a little trepidation.  All that melts away when I’m greeted by the faithful Guardians for Life and Hank, the 11am shift manager.  The weather held for the first hour and then the heavens let loose.  I was joined by John, Dan from Steubenville, Nicholas, and Dianna.  Edith was lovingly relentless in offering pro-life literature to passersby and clients exiting PP.  We received more than a few “God bless you’s” from people walking by and I got to meet some babies with their Moms and Dads.  One of the women who stopped to talk is four months pregnant and was radiating happiness and joy.  Not a single negative comment was heard.  Now, if I had just remembered to bring my flower…

Dan came all the way from Steubenville OH to pray today!
John is a long time pro-lifer from St. Valentine parish
Nicholas and Dianna

Jeannie was the shift manager from 5-7 and was very grateful that a dedicated individual signed up so she didn’t have to be alone!  Thank you Joe!  Jeannie writes:

We had all three seasons out today!!! All of them lovely—- and,  I might be one of the few people that is happy to have the new street  arrangement outside of Planned Parenthood. Certainly for times when there aren’t abortion -bound women, the ability to stand right in front of the entrance is a real bonus. Joe and I were happy to use the waterproof cards and pray a few scriptural rosaries snack – dab in the view Of the main doors !  No incidents of displeasure and several thumbs up from the passersby

Thank you Joe for making sure shift manager Jeannie wasn’t alone!!!

Joe K. had the 5-7pm shift and wrote:

Starting Day #1 / Shift #1 with a reflection for the campaign – Ephesians 4:2

…with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another through love…

The weather looked a little ominous to start the 1st shift, but it all held off…yeah!!!

I was blessed to be joined on the inaugural shift with my shift buddies Jim and Audrey from Holy Child in Bridgeville.  We prayed, shared, and talked.  A couple of passerby’s stopped to talk about their views and ask questions about the vigil and our views…

Audrey talked with a woman who was obviously impacted from a prior abortion and Roger engaged us in a respectful and meaningful discussion of his opposing views, but seemed open to listening – Folks that often want to “talk” to us also don’t often want to listen, Roger did – With God’s grace I believe we handled it all with humility, gentleness, patience, and love!  

The very busy / early foot traffic faded quickly – Jim F., as usual, stopped by on his way home. 

We were also joined near the end of the shift by Lynda and some of Audrey’s students from Duquesne U. It’s always a joy and blessing to have the next generation present – it’s hope, a sign to me, that the next generation is queued-up and that God’s Will will be done – Victory is assured (though no one said it would be easy)!!!

The evening ended peacefully and thankfully to all who became a part of this evening…

Benson is a high school student who is extraordinarily dedicated to defending human life! He commits to come to the vigil nearly every day during the 40 days! With shift buddies Audrey and Jim
Some of Audrey’s students from Duquesne University join her on the sidewalk


Thanks to all who prayed and witnessed today!  May God continue to keep His  Mighty Hand upon us and use us for His Good purpose!

In Christ,



3 thoughts on “Day #1…St. John’s (Burry’s Church), Guardians for Life & many dedicated individuals begin our 40 day prayer vigil!

  • September 26, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Thank you to all who began the new campaign so faithfully!
    The babies that will be the future saints will be ever grateful for your perseverance.

  • September 26, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    Thank you to all who witnessed against murder today. May the entire 40 days be as effective! G-d bless.

  • September 26, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    We drove by between 3:00 & 4:00. Jeanie and her friend were wrapped up in the long, snaky line of people waiting for their bus. I wanted my first picture for the PCUC Newsletter, and I got two excellent faces.


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