40 Days for Life begins NEXT WEEK…HELP NEEDED!!!

40 Days for Life kicks off NEXT TUESDAY evening at 7pm inside St. Paul Cathedral’s SYNOD HALL, and the 40 day prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood begins at 7am NEXT WEDNESDAY!

As of right now, just 64 churches have signed up for a time slot.  There are still 25 churches that took part last time that have not signed up yetIf you have not yet signed up, please look at the schedule HERE and email me to take your slot.Out of 480 hours, only 320 hours are now filled with church groups.  That leaves 160 hours that we need to fill!  Of those 160 hours, there are 48 hours that are absolutely critical because the shift manager has no one to stand with them!

I understand people’s reluctance to do this…I really do!  If God wasn’t giving me the motivation and the strength to do this, there is NO WAY that I could!!!  No one wants to go to Planned Parenthood.  Not the prayer volunteers, not the women going for abortions…not even the workers.  It is a dismal, depressing and dark place.
But the truth is that our presence and prayers are important!  Lives are saved from abortion, hearts are changed and souls saved!

My heart melted yesterday when a woman, whom I now call my friend, texted me photos of her little girl on her first day of school.  This woman went to Planned Parenthood a few years ago…scared and thinking abortion was the only answer.  Because we were there to give her hope and courage…little “A” is now a happy little pre-schooler.  It was just what I needed to see yesterday, as the stress and discouragement of trying to persuade and beg folks to give up a few hours of their time to come to pray was starting to weigh on me.  Seeing this little girl, alive and with a whole lifetime of promise and possibilities ahead of her…and seeing how much my friend has grown closer to God and is being blessed in her life…I was reminded of how important this work is. 

It is a stark, cold fact that if no one had been in front of Planned Parenthood that day, my friend would not have her beautiful daughter, but would have only an empty hole in her heart instead.

I have learned that when we trust God and step out of our comfort zones, out of love for Him, that HE blesses, restores and fills us with everything we need!  He is always ready to fill us with his grace…but like a pond already filled…the water becomes stagnant and can no longer receive any more unless we have outlets for that water!  It is only when we give ourselves away to others that we have room for God to fill us with fresh grace.

So please help us as you can!  Click HERE to see the schedule and let me know when you can come.  And please consider helping by taking the MOST CRITICAL hours, when shift managers are alone.  They are:

Mondays from 3-5pm
Tuesdays from 3-5 and 5-7pm
Wednesdays from 1-3pm
Thursdays from 1-3pm and 3-5pm
Fridays from 1-3pm

Help to spread the word at your church by using the FLYER and BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT (both linked) in your church bulletin, and join us at our KICK OFF EVENT (linked).

I hope to see you on the sidewalk!

In Christ,

Nikki Bruni


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